8 Tips to Getting to Sleep at Night

Tips on getting to sleepgetting to sleep at night has been a problem for me as long as i can remember, i am just one of those people that would rather be doing things than sleeping. late at night is when my mind races, thinking about new ideas, projects i would like to do, or things that need to get done. when it’s finally time for me to go to sleep, no matter how tired i am, i feel wide awake. if this has happened to you, then you know how terrible this feels. tossing and turning all night just trying to finally drift off into a sound sleep. that is why i am excited to have partnered with P&G’s Try it & Love it program.

when it comes time to go to bed each night, i have found that there are a few ways that actually help me get a more restful night. when i skip any of these methods, i usually pay the consequences in the morning and wake up not feeling rested. here are some tips that have help me capture the sleep i need each night:

1) nicely made bed – starting my night in a clean and tidy bed is so much better than getting in a bed with twisted and mangled sheets. i like the smooth cold feel of laying in a nicely made bed. the pillows need to be flat, and one foot outside of the covers. i know this may sound weir, but having one foot out keeps my body temperature just right…not to hot and just a little cool.

2) putting down the phone, tablet or computer – when i work late on my computer or play on my phone just before shutting my eyes to go to sleep, i find it very difficult to fall asleep. the bright light keeps my mind awake. i usually try to put down the devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

3) watching television – when my mind is racing with thoughts and ideas, i never get to sleep. when i watch a show on television, i tend to focus on that instead of my thoughts. if that isn’t working, i make sure the show is boring or a rerun, so i get bored and fall asleep.

4) meditation & relaxing – laying in a comfortable position, breathing deeply, wiping my mind clear of all thoughts and imagining that my body is completely relaxed and sinking into the top of my bed is one way i try relaxing and falling to sleep. this is usually my first method of trying to fall asleep. if this doesn’t succeed, i usually resort to the boring television method.

5) making the room dark – turning off the lights in every room of the house, closing the window blinds, and covering the lights on the electronics in my bedroom, and making it as dark as possible is the best thing i can do to make my sleep environment sleep-friendly. sometimes i even wear a sleeping mask.

6) exercise – whenever i exercise, i tend to be more tired at night because i used more energy during the day. even just taking a walk after dinner seems to help.

although i find it hard to go to sleep most nights, did you know that Sunday is often the night of the week Americans find it the most difficult to fall asleep? after a fun weekend of exciting activities, many people lay in bed hoping for a good night’s sleep so they can wake up refreshed Monday morning for the start of the new week, but struggle to actually fall asleep. i myself find it harder to fall asleep on Sunday nights compared to any other night of the week.

try it and love it program

P&G’s Try it & Love it program has created a Sleep Soundly Sunday program with products that can make falling asleep on Sunday nights easier (or any night for that matter). with the help of trusted brands, Febreze and ZzzQuil, Americans suffering from occasional sleeplessness can fall asleep more easily for a peaceful night’s sleep.

7) Febreze Sleep Serenity collection is the first line developed by Febreze for the bedroom to create a peaceful environment that promotes sleep. advanced technology eliminates odor and long-lasting calming scents fill the bedroom for an ideal sleep atmosphere. it comes in two calming scents; Moonlight Lavender which features sweet vanilla and a hint of sandalwood, and Warm Milk & Honey that fills the senses with hints of a warm glass of milk swirled with honey and a touch of creamy vanilla, the perfect recipe for sweet dreams.

8) ZzzQuil, a non-habit-forming sleep-aid helps you get exactly what you need—a good night’s rest so you can wake up feeling refreshed. it is available in liquid and LiquiCaps®. ZzzQuil is meant to be used for relief from occasional sleeplessness, not everyday, and helps people fall asleep easily and sleep soundly on those particularly hard to sleep nights.

i am very excited about these products, and am looking forward to using them on occasion for the nights when i just can’t get to sleep. when i don’t get the sleep i need, the next day is usually really hard. not only do i suffer, but my family as well. i get frustrated easier with the kids, and my husband usually has to pick up the slack of what i don’t accomplish because i am too worn out.

i look forward to sharing with you how my sleepless nights have been going in the next few months. and hopefully, if you suffer like i do with restless nights, some of these tips can help you as well.

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{ This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of P&G’s Try it & Love it Program.}


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