12 Survival Tips for Busy Moms of Boys

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survival tips for moms of boysWhen I partnered with Honey Maid to write this post about “tips for busy moms,” right away my boys came to mind. We are a very busy family, and most days I’m just trying to survive until the end of the day. Being a mom of boys can definitely be challenging. Boys can be rambunctious, destructive, and full of energy. Sometimes there is no way around it, and you just have to roll with it and even join in on their shenanigans.

I want my boys to grow up happy, in a wholesome environment, so I try to let my boys be boys, even if I’m exhausted. I’ve learned a few tricks over the years to help lessen the chaos in my house full of little men. If you’re a mom of boys, you’re probably on your toes from morning until bed time, just like me. I’ve got 12 tips to help other busy moms of boys survive too.

Breakables – From ages 1-18 years, you might as well just put all your breakables away. They won’t stand a chance to the destruction of boys. Family heirlooms are toast if they’re anywhere within arms reach. Even up high – boys can climb! Just get a storage unit somewhere far away if you ever want to have nice things. I should have listened to myself years ago….I have nothing left.

Lego – When you have boys, Legos are EVERYWHERE, you will surely find a pile of these little building blocks anytime you are vacuuming, doing the laundry or cleaning out the kids drawers. This is why I must insist that you wear shoes at all times.  Steel-toed boots would probably work. You don’t want to experience the unfortunate encounter of stepping on a Lego piece in the still of the night. If you’ve never had this happen, you are the luckiest mom on Earth. Trust me, it’s no fun.

mom of boys legos

The Bathroom – Oh yes, the bathroom. It’s a constant battle over two things, the first of which is the toilet seat. There is always a chance these little guys (and possibly even the big guy too) are going to leave it up, so make sure you ALWAYS check before you sit down. Falling in is no fun. No one wants to dip their bottom into the toilet. Do you want to wonder if the toiler water you just fell into was clean or dirty? Yuck. Secondly, invest in some cleaner wipes and leave them under the sink. I don’t know how they do it, but boys sprinkle when they tinkle. How it gets on the walls and shower curtain and floors and trashcans…I don’t even want to know.

Food – Boys are always hungry. I don’t know where it all goes, but as soon as you buy it, it’s gone again. As they get older grocery trips become more and more frequent. I am constantly buying groceries to try and keep my pantry and fridge stocked! You never know when hunger will strike, so keep snacks on hand at all times when you are out and about. Water, fruits, and snacks like Honey Maid Go Bites are great to have on hand because kids AND moms like them. Honey Maid is a brand most of us have grown up on. it’s a snack that reminds us of our youth…and kids today still enjoy them.

easy snacks for busy moms

Jewelry – Necklaces make great jump ropes, diamond rings are fun for playing real-life Mine Craft, bracelets are good hand cuffs for bad guys. If you have nice jewelry, hide it! TRUST ME. Just hide it. They can not resist your shiny pretty things.

Shoes & Pants – Boys go through shoes and pants like no other. If they aren’t growing out of them, they are destroying them. I’m not sure what they are doing when they’re not at home, but no clothing item or shoe brand can hold up to their destruction. I think it should be mandatory that every pair of boys shoes come with steel toes and their pants have triple patched knees. Invest in durable shoes and pants (and shoe powder for those stinky shoes). There’s nothing like buying some cheap shoes and being so proud of yourself for saving some money only to have to replace them the following week because your son’s toe is poking out the front of it.

mom of boys

Fart & Bathroom Humor – Talking about farts and poop is just everyday nature to boys. They think think fart sounds are hilarious, and toys that make poop sounds are the best things on Earth. Learn a few fart jokes and you will be their hero. Buy a book of potty jokes for kids and study it. You will be the coolest mom in the world, plus it will come in hand later…

Pictures – Boys not smiling? Random fart noises will bring a smile to even the most stubborn frown. It works every single time. And getting them dressed up? It’s almost always a chore.  Most boys are not fans of button down shirts and ties. My biggest tip, don’t be above bribery. Sometimes you have to entice them to get things done. If you need some ideas on how to dress those boys up for pictures, check out this post wrote about how to style boys for pictures.

Sports – Oh, your boys want to play sports? Just call your minivan a taxi, buy jerseys for every team, and say goodbye to your Saturdays. Hopefully you have a Costco membership because you’re going to be buying sports drinks in bulk.

mom of boys tips

Weapons – You don’t allow toy weapons in your house? Boys can turn anything into a weapon. Hangers can be guns, brooms are light sabers, and hairbrushes become pistols. Oh and those Legos you have so many of? They are building an arsenal with them. The constant sound of my boys making laser beam and shooting noises fills the air. Get used to them…there’s no way around it.

Dirt – Boys are practically the definition of dirt. I don’t know how they do it, but they find dirt where you think there can’t possibly be any. They come home smelling like dirt, they get dirt on the walls, carpet and furniture, and somehow grass stains find their way to every pair of pants they own. All you can do is get some touch-up paint and learn how to get stains out.

Despite all of the broken stuff, fart noises and eating you out of house and home, boys can be super loving little guys. I’ve stopped counting the number of hugs and kisses I receive each day. One second they are taking the cushions off the couch and nose diving into the coffee table pretending to be superheroes, and the next second they are crawling up into my lap and cuddling. One day we will miss those dirty little finger nails and hand prints on the wall.


No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will. Honey Maid: everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is Wholesome.


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