DIY Frame Craft | David Tutera Casual Elegance

This is a sponsored post on behalf of David Tutera Casual Elegance.

David-Titera-frame-craft (650x432)

tutorial by contributor Dinah from DIY Inspired.

David Tutera has a beautiful wedding craft line at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores that marries rustic charm with modern flair.  It is called the Casual Elegance collection in the bridal section; however it can be used for so much more! David Tutera Casual Elegance collection has warm naturals like burlap, tin, stripes, and lace.  It has a sweet vintage spirit and can easily be coordinated with any color scheme.

David-Tutera-Casual-Elegance (1) (601x650)

Today I wanted to share an easy craft that you can do using these gorgeous accents.   Here is what you need:

  • Wood frame
  • David Tutera Casual Elegance burlap ribbon
  • David Tutera Casual Elegance lace ribbon
  • David Tutera Casual Elegance hemp cord
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Craft flower embellishments
  • Buttons

Start by cutting and hot gluing the lace ribbon around one side of the frame.

easy-embellished-frame-craft (2) (650x432)

Cut and glue the burlap ribbon on the adjacent side.

easy-embellished-frame-craft (3) (650x432)

Wind and glue the hemp cord around the center of each ribbon.  I wound it five times around.

easy-embellished-frame-craft (4) (650x432)

Add a cluster of craft flowers and buttons for a feminine touch.

easy-embellished-frame-craft (1) (650x441)

There you have it! A simple and pretty frame perfect to give away or keep for yourself.

David-Titera-frame-craft (650x432)

easy-embellished-frame-craft (5) (650x432)

This frame would make a great personalized handmade gift.  You can frame a black and white photo, or an inspiring quote.

You can connect with David Tutera Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Back to School: No Backpacks on the Floor

four years have gone by, and i have never even thought up a solution for the “come home from school and drop your backpack on the floor” problem. this was one of those “why didn’t i do this earlier” ideas i saw around Pinterest. i would always just shove the backpacks in the corner or on the couch. what was i thinking? of course coat hooks would have been the answer.
so i found three frames that i already had and made them into bulletin boards. i found wooden initials of each of my boys and spray painted them in fun colors. then i glued them to the bulletin board. 3 coat hooks were installed below each frame, and secured with anchor bolts. above everything, i hung this fun sign i got at a baby shower. perfect!
what you need
picture frame for each kid (mine were 10″ x 12″)
 piece of cork board, cut to fit your frame (found at most craft stores)
 coat hook for each kid
 anchor bolts (unless you are screwing hooks into a stud)
 wooden letters
 glue gun
•  place cork board into frames. (frames don’t all have to be the same size, you can spray paint different frames the same color to create a unique cohesive look.)
 measure where you want to place each frame and hook, and then attach them to the wall.
 glue a wooden letter onto each bulletin board
 kids….hang up your backpacks!
and the awesome thing is….there hasn’t been a backpack on the floor since i installed this! yippee…one less reminder to my kids to pick up after them selves and one less job for me!

DIY Homework Supply Caddy Tutorial

DIY Homework Caddy to Hold all your Homework Supplies -
i have to admit that i am pretty lucky when it comes to homework time. my children always get it done without too much complaining. however, i was starting to get pretty annoyed by the daily whining “where is a pencil” “where are my colored pencils” “i need a glue stick” “where is the sharpener!” i decide some organization tactics were in order!

i saw a bowl full of school supplies on one of my friend’s dining room table during a visit, and thought….”why didn’t i think of doing that?”…….now that i think about it, i bet i am the only one that doesn’t have some sort of homework supply bowl or caddy of such. so, i decided to make a really cool one to put on my kitchen table….where the boys do their homework everyday.  i wanted it to be fun and colorful, i wanted it to spin, and have enough space to put everything they could need to do their homework. yes…i was going to make a homework supply caddy!

i ended up using empty cans from our canned food, a wooden circle plaque, and a lazy susan. a coat of colorful spray paint and a few screws later…..whala! a cool homework caddy.

what do you think?!?!

it’s colorful!

it spins!

and it sits on the table ready for homework time!

Make Your Own Homework Supply Caddy

• wooden circle plaque (i used an 11″ wooden round from Michael’s Craft Store)
• empty canned food cans  (i used 7 medium and 1 large)
• 1/2″ Self Drilling Screws
• Spray Paint
• lazy susan (i got one at Home Depot)
• little rubber feet thingys  (i got them at Home Depot next to the chair floor protectors)
• screwdriver (electric is best)

• clean your food cans, making sure there aren’t any sharp edges
• spray paint your cans and lazy susan in the colors you like.
• affix the lazy susan to the bottom of your wooden circle
• place the rubber feet on the bottom of the lazy susan to prevent sliding
• arrange your cans on the top of the lazy susan
• screw the cans onto the lazy susan. the self drilling screws are so easy and go right in.
• whala! you now have a cool homework caddy. fill it up with your homework supplies.

• i placed small cans inside of the medium cans to create a little riser, so that shorter school supplies would show
• a magnet is a great why to affix a pencil sharpener

happy homeworking,
jill, jack, kyle & vann

12 days of crafts: Snow Globes!

i have exciting news for sandy toes and popsicles….

have you ever been to Ucreate with Kids blog? well if you haven’t, you need to go check it out! there are tons of fun projects and inspiration for activities to do with the kiddies. and the exciting news is that today, sandy toes and popsicles is a guest blogger over at Ucreate with Kids!!! i am super flattered to get to get to be a guest over there.
so if you want to check out my tutorial on how to create these fun Baby Food Snow Globes, head on over to Ucreate with Kids. there are step by step instructions on how to make them. me and the kiddies had so much fun.
{participating in Made by You Mondays!}

Tutorial: Hooded Towel Thingy

so, i posted a while back the “towel thingy” (aka hooded towel, or towel ponch0) i made. and i promised a tutorial….finally here it is. sorry for the delay. it’s so great that i am posting this at the END of summer, isn’t it! i am sooooo behind. anyways… it is:

now, i made this pattern up, so if you have any questions, let me know. i will leave my measurements that fit my son who is a size 4T. you can adjust it to fit your child by trying on the hood at each step.

supplies needed:
1 hand towel
1 bath towel
1 yard double-fold bias tape

step 1
• measure your child’s head. (my child’s was 22″)
• measure from your child’s shoulder, over his/her head, to the other shoulder and add 5″. (my child was 22″ plus 5″ = 27″)

step 2
• cut hand towel. i cut mine to 22″ by 27.” use the hand towel’s finished side as one of the sides. that will be the front edge of the hood. (I have been emailed a couple of times about hand towels not being big enough to cut to 22″ by 27″. it is okay if they are a little smaller. i made some smaller too. just make sure that the hood fits your child before you sew it to the towel.)
• plus, cut a 4 inch piece of bias tape and fold in half.

step 3
• fold your cut hand towel in half, right sides together. place folded piece of bias tape inside next to the top of fold on the raw edge side (see picture), and pin along raw edge.
• sew pinned side of towel together using 5/8″ seam allowance. (see red dotted line).

step 4
• turn right side out.
• create a 3 inch tuck in the back of the hood (see picture).
• pin and sew (see red dotted line).

• measure hood on your child to make sure it is a good fit. you want to make sure that it is not to deep that it falls over your child eyes, but no too shallow that it slides off. and that the sides have are a couple inches below the top of their shoulders so that when sewn, the bath towel will rest on their shoulder’s. (hope that makes sense???)

step 5
making hole in bath towel:
• measure the bottom of hood and divide that number by 2 and then add 1″.
(mine was 18″, so now it will be 9,” plus 1″ = 10″)
• now, cut a 10″ slit lengthwise into the middle of my bath towel (see picture).
i folded my towel in half, and cut a 5″ straight cut on the fold, which it very easy to center my cut.

step 6
sewing hood to bath towel:
• right sides together, match up sewed seam on hood to the end of slit you made in the bath towel.
• pin each side of hood to each side of slit. sew hood to bath towel. (see red dotted line)

step 7
• turn your towel right side out. try it on your child’s. it probably won’t go over their head. cut the front slit on bath towel longer, until your towel can easily go on and off your child’s head.

step 8
• to finish off the towel, sew bias tape around opening of the hood. use a zig zag stitch if you’d like.

whala! you’ve got your hooded “towel thingy”.

i have to say, that this has been such a nice thing to have this summer. it never falls off, soooooo much better than the other hooded towels that just wrap around you. i am so glad that i finally made it.

p.s. please let me know if any of my instructions are unclear. i made up this pattern, an am not an expert on creating a tutorial!