Towel Thingys!

look what i made….towel thingys! (aka hooded towel…or hooded poncho) ha ha. i really wanted a towel that i could put on my son that would NOT fall off. i already have enough stuff to carry around now that baby is here, and i want less thing to worry about.

let me tell you, so for it has been wonderful! Kyle just loves it. he calls it his Jedi towel….i guess it looks like a Star Wars robe. it has been to the pool, to the beach and even to the OC Fair (we forgot his jacket…).
towel thingys are easy to make. i made up the pattern, although i am sure there is a similar one out there. made only from one bath and one hand towel. costing me only about $9.00 for the supplies. i will post a tutorial in another post this week!


  1. Looks awesome. I love that it goes all the way around them and is not open in the front!

  2. SUPER CUTE!! Can’t wait for the tutorial!

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