Picnic in the Park with Del Real Foods

Del Real Packaged Mexican Foodwhen Del Real Foods asked me to try out their new Al Pastor Taco Kits, of course i said yes. i have written about how much i enjoyed Del Real Foods pre-made authentic Mexican foods before, and have continued working with their company ever since. for two reasons…one, the food is great! and two, Del Real Foods is a family owned company that strives to make healthier versions of Mexican food favorites. their food is made with high-quality ingredients without preservatives and virtually allergen free.

Del Real Gluten Free Mexican Food

last week, i just had my housekeeper at my home (my monthly splurge), after she left, i walked into my freshly cleaned kitchen to make dinner and cringed at the fact it would soon be messy again after i prepared dinner. BOO!  “couldn’t i enjoy a clean kitchen a little longer?” i didn’t want to go out to eat since we try to only go out on Friday nights. i then remembered about the Del Real Foods i had in my fridge just waiting to be eaten.

i could have just made a Mexican food dinner at home, but spontaneously i decided, “let’s not eat at home, lets eat at the park and keep my kitchen clean!” what a thought! so that is what we did. since Del Real Foods food is packaged ready to heat and eat. i just warmed everything up in the microwave, packed it up in our picnic basket and headed to the park. easy peasy.

we enjoyed authentic Mexican favorites such as cheese & chile tamales, chipotle chicken tinga, rice and vegetables, and fresh made salsa.

Del Real Mexican Food Tamales

we also loved the Al Pastor Taco Kits which included tortillas, meat and salsa to make your own street tacos. you can make them even more perfect by adding your own sour cream, cilantro and pica de gallo.

Del Real Fresh Mexican Food

my boys really loved the Pupusas, which are especially good topped with a cabbage slaw and a dallop of crema fresca. we skipped that part to make our meal at the park easier. but that how i enjoyed the leftovers!

Del Real Mexican Food Park Picnic

as always with Del Real Foods, the meats were delicious and seasoned just right. all the food was great, and made our picnic just plain great. all i can say is YUM!

Del Real Mexican Food Costco

instead of spending time in the kitchen preparing food, i got to spend quality time with my boys and husband at the park. we had a great time together, which i am sure my boys appreciate more than our regular typical meals in the kitchen.

Toyon Park Anaheim Hills

Ronald Reagan Park Anaheim Orange County

Ronald Reagan Park Anaheim HillsRonald Reagan Park Anaheim

if you have seen Del Real Foods in the store and have been wondering if you should try them, i highly recommend them. it makes creating an Mexican meal much easier…and it is good! Del Real Foods has an entire line of authentic products from fully prepared meats, heat & serve dishes, tortillas and fresh salsas. if you are wondering where you can get Del Real Foods, you most likely will find them in your grocery store (they are a local Southern California company). i have also seen Del Real Foods at Smart & Final and Costco. plus….you can also order Del Real Foods online here!

{disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. i was given a box of Del Real Foods to try for review purposes. all thought and opinions are my own. }


  1. Heather W says

    I would love to try the Del Real Carnitas. It looks like you had a blast on your picnic!

  2. Kristen says

    I’d like to try their Barbacoa.

  3. Emily says

    I’d love to try the taco kit! Yum!

  4. Les Johnson says

    I would like to try their taco kit first. I love their products and I will try anything to make dinner time easier.

    katja9_10 at Hotmail dot com

  5. Karrie says

    I really woud love to try them all..they sound so yummy.. I have tried to the carnitas

  6. Kim Reid says

    I want to try the Al Pastor Taco Kit, thanks!!

  7. Donna Claxton says

    Would love to try something new!

  8. David says

    We have tried many of their products already, but I am most interested in trying their tamales. Of all of the items available in my area, those are not.

  9. Susan Christy says

    pupusas – yummy!!

  10. Stacy says

    I would like to try the Al Pastor taco kit.

  11. Lauren says

    I would like to try the Carnitas.

  12. I am always curious to try tamales from wherever as I grew up with my mom’s awesome tamales and they have been hard to compare…

  13. Genevieve Larson says

    The Al Pastor taco kit is something my kids would really enjoy.

  14. I would love to try the tamales!

  15. Katie says

    I would try the taco kit. I don’t think I’ve had it, before.

  16. Tina W says

    I’d love to try the Al Pastor taco kit. I can’t good ones here in my town.

  17. Diane Ferguson says

    I’ve never tried Del Real foods…in fact…hadn’t heard of them till now! But…..I love Mexican food , so will jump at this chance!! thanks so much!

  18. Holly E says

    The Al Pastor Taco Kit looks great!

  19. Linda says

    I would love to try any of their gluten-free products. I love that they are clearly marked…it makes it much easier to pick up without having to look all over the package. Thanks for letting us know about the product.

  20. Cachet J says

    What an awesome idea! My hubby gets home late sometimes because of traffic and it seems these dishes would be easy to heat and eat! Even better to take a trip to our local park (which finally installed bathrooms wheeeew) and have a little family picnic to end out day. I am a tamale fan and I would loooooove to sink my teeth into one! Street tacos would be tasty too I’m sure.

  21. karen says

    Omg, popusas are my favorite next to sopes. Would l9ve to win. Thk u for the opportunity.

  22. Betty says

    I would love to try the carnitas!

  23. jodi Villalobos says

    I’ve never tried this brand, my daughter has food allergies and sounds like it would be safe for her. I’ve also been looking for a picnic basket and blanket. This would be a great birthday /mothers day present. (My bday is 5-11).

  24. Tessa d'Flanagan says

    Just had their Carnitas today! I have tried other brands and I will only buy Del Real. Ralphs stopped carrying the carnitas so I have to go to Vons to get it!

  25. Alli says

    I’ve never tried any of the Del Real Foods, but they look delicious. I would love to try them all. I think I would start with the tamales!

  26. Justine Burgess says

    I’d love to try the chicken tinga! =)

  27. Kristin Gonzales says

    Al Pastor Taco kit to make my life a bit easier!

  28. Ashley says

    I would like to try the tamales.

  29. Sarah Chaney says

    My family loves this brand! We get the items from costco And we LOVE the carnitas!

  30. Melissa says

    They look good. I knowIwould want the rice bcz i can never get my home aid rice right

  31. pedro Gonzalez says


  32. monica r says

    I cant choose never tried it. But look delicious! !!

  33. Enrique Martinez says

    Tamales mmmmm

  34. Teri Martinez says

    Carnitas, yum!

  35. Heather Toller says

    Would love to try the taco kit.

  36. Linda says

    I would love to try the Al Pastor Taco kit!
    But they all sound and look delicious.
    I would love to win a party box of Del Real Food for a family fun picnic day!
    Thanks for the chance.

  37. Maria G says

    Carnitas is my favorite. But i’d say all would be pretty good.

  38. Carrie says

    Pupusas stuffed with Al Pastor? This sounds amazing. I’d love to try them!

  39. Karen says

    We have not yet tried Del Real but your review is enticing! I want to try the Al Pastor Taco Kit!

  40. Irma Vela says

    I have tried the tamales! They make me feel like I am in Mexico I want to try Al pastor tacos!

  41. Roxie says

    I love Del Real foods, so far I’ve only tried their Carnitas…we love them! I would love try either their Pupusas or Tamales.

    Fingers crossed!

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