Holiday Gift Guide for the Minecraft Lover

minecraft-gift-guidei have a bunch of Minecraft fans over here, so my holiday shopping is sure to include some sort of Minecraft apparel and toys. this Holiday Gift Guide for Minecraft Lovers has a bunch of different items i have been thinking about getting them. high on the list is the LEGO mine craft sets and the Monecraft Book set. here is a bit of information about all the items. (some of these link may contain affiliate links)

Minecraft Creeper Youth Hoodie Both my boys have this hoodie, and it’s one of their favorites. it’s lightweight, and great for everyday. you can zip up the hoodie to be transformed into a Creeper, or just wear it like a normal hoodie.

Gameband Minecraft the ALL NEW!!!! Gameband Minecraft™ is the first-ever Minecraft wearable. it lets you take your Worlds with you and play Minecraft anywhere you are, on any computer. it features ultra-fast, long-lasting hardware, and Gameband saves your Worlds and backs them up onto our secure, cloud-based servers. if you lose it, you can contact Gameband and order a replacement with all your data still intact.

Minecraft Sword Belt

LEGO Minecraft when the world of Minecraft combined with the world of LEGO, Minecraft lovers rejoiced. there are many different LEGO Minecraft sets to choose from.

Minecraft Creeper Plush with Sound Effects i don’t know why my boys love it so much, but they love their Minecraft Plushies. now you can sleep with a cuddly Minecraft pal.

Minecraft Cookie Cutter Set

Minecraft Socks 3 Pack most everyone gets socks for the holidays, they might as well be Minecraft themed.

Minecraft Grassy Block Case protect your Minecraft lovers cell phone with a grassy block case.

Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection

Minecraft Creeper Backpackthis is the ultimate backpack for Minecraft lovers. it have 3 zippered compartments and the perfect creeper details.

Jinx Creeper Beanie and complete the look with a Minecraft Creeper Scarf

Minecraft Animal Totem Tee & World of Minecraft Tee i’m always looking for fashionable Minecraft tees for the boys. i am picky, but i think either of these would look cool with a pair of skinny jeans and high-tops.

Minecraft Animal Toy & Figurines there a many different sets of the little Minecraft Figurines, and Minecraft lovers love them all. they are like collectables, and you can’t go wrong getting them for your kiddies.


  1. Justine Burgess says

    ooo- minecraft legos!

  2. Kathy J says

    Thank you! Mine Craft is another language to me. This guide has some great gift ideas for my nephew.


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