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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Crayola.iPad Coloring Books 4Dit’s seems like it’s always hard to find toys and art supplies that are new and exciting for the boys. my house is full of crayons, old coloring books and rarely played with board games…it would be nice if they played them more often and longer. when we received the new Crayola Color Alive Coloring books, i had no idea what to expect. was there going to be something special about them that would make the kids love them more than the usual coloring books? at first they looked like any average coloring book, but they were so much more, and the boys were in for a big treat.

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Crayola Color Alive Coloring books take drawings off the pages of a coloring book and into places limited only by a child’s imagination, fusing real-world creativity with digital interactivity. currently, they are available in four coloring books: Skylanders™, Barbie™, Enchanted Garden™ and Mythical Creatures™, each book containing 16 coloring pages, each featuring a unique character and animation, and comes with seven crayons, including one Magic Crayon.

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brand new coloring books are the best. flipping through the uncolored pages for the first time and picking which one you will color first is part of the fun. but knowing these are action pages, and that what you color will come to life is even more exciting. with Crayola Color Alive, children can color dragons and then watch them take flight, breathing fire into their stories and anywhere else their imagination takes them. it’s a 4D experience. my boys couldn’t wait to get started.

Crayola Coloring Books 4D app

Toddler iPad AppCrayola Color Alive 4D Experience

iPad Crayola Coloring Books 4D after the boys were done coloring their pictures, the boys were able to bring their coloring to life. by downloading the free Crayola Color Alive app to iOS, Android or Windows device or searching for Crayola Color Alive in the App Store, Google Play, or Windows, you unlock a virtual coloring effect. Crayola has changed coloring forever.

bringing your picture to life is as easy as focusing your device on you coloring page. this is when the magic happens.iPad Crayola Coloring Books your drawing comes to life right before your eyes!iPad Crayola Coloring Book Appeach coloring book set comes with a magic effect crayon. by using the magic effect crayon, magical things happen to your coloring, just scan the Magic Crayon with the Color Alive app to unlock a virtual coloring effect

Crayola Crayons New ColorsCrayola New Colorslike… such as Fire-Breath and Pixie Dust!  plus you can also interact with and take photos of your virtual character off the page, even selfies! after you have scanned your coloring, save character in order to see, share and play later – reactivate them anywhere, no pages needed.
Toddler iPad Crayola Coloring Book AppCrayola makes the Color Alive experience exciting and fun for a great price point. the books run $5.99 for 16-page book with 7 crayons, including the magical special effect crayon or $1.99 for an 8-page bundle of coloring pages, including unlimited printing ability. considering there are 4 books with a total of 64 pages between them, these coloring books will provide hours and hours of engaging, creative fun for kids and parents.

Crayola Color Alive 4D Experience App

Crayola Color Alive Books 4D app

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