Spreading “Extra” Kindness in Our Community | Free Printable

This is a sponsored post.extra-gum-printable-gift-tagi am always looking for ways to teach my boys that giving to others is important, and not only makes others feel special but also yourself feel good as well. knowing you brightened someone else’s day is a great feeling. i have been reflecting a lot this Thanksgiving season, and have been feeling so much gratitude for my life, and decided i wanted to spread some kindness to those in my community that make it such a nice place to live. i got together with my boys, and we decided it would be fun to leave happy gifts all over our community to random people in order to brighten their day. our plan was to wrap up packages of Extra Gum with a cute tag and leave them anonymously in places that strangers would find them. i would call this giving Extra in a fun and exciting way!

so i ran to the store and grabbed a bunch of Extra Gum in a variety of yummy flavors. extra-sugarless-gum

i designed a little gift tag to tie onto our Extra Gum packages. it says “A little something EXTRA to brighten your day.” short and sweet to go with the EXTRA theme. click here for the free printablekindness-free-printable-tag then cut the tags out with a 2-1/2 circle punch and got some bakers twine

kindness-free-printablewe tied two boxes of gum together and tied the tag to the top. i love how it turned out.charity-free-printable and we didn’t only make one, we made a whole bunch. at least 20, but i forgot to count.extra-gum-free-printablethe boys were “EXTRA” excited to leave our special packages all over our city. this is where the fun began.spreading-kindness we left them on people’s cars….extra-gum-random-act-of-kindnessin friend’s mailboxes…extra-gum-printable on people’s porches….extra-gum-free-printable-gift and in shopping carts at our local shopping center.spreading-kindness-in-the-worldit was so much fun spread kindness and GIVE EXTRA happiness to those in our community. i definitely think i am going to make some more of these to have on hand, just to give someone who looks like they could use a little cheerfulness in their day….especially during this Thanksgiving season.
extra-gum you can find varieties of Extra Gum at your nearest Walmart on the candy aisle or in the checkout lines.

 click here for the free printable


  1. What a fun idea! It’s great that you were able to involve your kids in helping to spread a little “extra” love. Thanks for sharing! #client

  2. Johanna says

    This is such a wonderful idea! How fun, and a great way to spread good cheer and brighten other peoples’ days!! A fabulous way to teach your children that doing kind things for others is fun for them, too! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Lauryn Thornton says

    This is SO adorable… I LOVE it!!

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