Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts from Michaels Craft Store



when you are out shopping this holiday season, don’t forget to stop by your Michaels Craft Store or check it out online. i love shopping at Michaels for my boys…(and myself) because i like my boys to be creative and not on those electronic devices all the time. Michaels has great activity kits for kids and a whole lot of great stocking stuffers. this Gift Guide for Gift from Michaels Craft Store share some of my favorite items that i personally have tried and loved.

Rainbow Loom – Rainbow Loom was all the rage last year…and is still pretty popular this year. the new Monster Kit Loom is sure to spark some more ideas in your kiddies looming skills, and a few packs of replacement bands will make great stocking stuffers. the kids will need something to do during winter break…Rainbow Looms to the rescue.

Carnivorous Creations – how cool is this! grow your own collection of feared and famous meat eating plants. this set has seeds from more than ten varieties of carnivorous plants, so you can watch these fascinating plants grow into bug-eating monsters. this rare and unusual collection of carnivorous plants will flourish for years in this specially designed terrarium with proper care.

Tulip Body Art Kit – i love these body art kits by Tulip. you can make temporary tattoos and fun face paint designs that don’t smear off. there are jewels and glitter to add to your designs. this is a great kit for kids who love designing, makeup or fashion.

Kinetic Sand – out of all the Kinectic Sand i have tried, i love the Creatology Brand. it is less messy than the other brands, and is fun for all ages. i find myself playing with it while i am on conference calls and all my boys play with it for long periods of time.

Science Kits & Smithsonian Science Kits – do you have a little scientist or a curious child who like to see how things work? Smithsonian, Sciencewiz and Green Science kits are great. they make learning science fun and easy to understand. they are a great way to build your kiddies knowledge.

Friendship Bracelet Maker – i remember loving to make friendship bracelets as a little girl. this kit has directions and the the tools to make some fantastic bracelets.

Perler Beads – what i love about Perler Beads is that they entertain my kid for hours and let them be creative. although there are a million pieces, you can pretty much contain them while being played with. and i often find myself joining in the fun with the kids.

Creatology Art Kit – this Art Kit is one of our favorites. my son own it, and really enjoys the variety of art supplies it includes. i also love the carrying case that makes it easy to store all these supplies that would else wise end up all over the house.

Duck Tape – believe it or not, Duck Tape makes a great gift. there are so many things that you can make out of Duck Tape, from wallets, to bracelets to even clothing! kids can find all sorts of tutorials online for fun projects. so don’t forget to stuff a roll or two in those stockings.

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