Gift Guide For People Who Like Spending Time in the Kitchen

gift guide for kitchen cooks and bakers

getting gifts like cookbooks, fun kitchen gadgets and serving dishes are my personal favorite gifts to receive. i am a home cook and also like to host get-togethers, so any gift that involves making tasty treats or yummy recipes is up my alley. i’m also eclectic when it comes to kitchen nicknacks and decor, so fun and colorful trinkets are fun to get.

the following Gift Guide For People Who Like Spending Time in the Kitchen includes items that i personally have and love. the cookbooks have great family-friendly recipes that are not complicated to make. the recipes are tried and true, and most of them were written by fellow bloggers which i really admire. the rest of the items make great staples for serving food at get togethers or just fun to look at.

1) Homemade Decadence: Irresistibly Sweet, Salty, Gooey, Sticky, Fluffy, Creamy, Crunchy Treats by Joy the Bakerthis is my favorite cookbook of the year. Joy the Baker knows her desserts. she is one baker i follow on instagram and practically lick the screen when i see the desserts and foods she’s been baking. if you know a home baker with a sweet tooth, this is the cookbook for them.

2) Weelicious: 140 Fast, Fresh, and Easy Recipes: do you love kid-friendly recipes that adults love AND are healthy. Catherine McCord is the cook behind the popular blog Weelicios, that shares her awesome lifestyle and recipes of homemade baby foods, toddler foods and kids foods that are made from whole fresh foods that kids actually eat. i am currently going through this book and making these great recipes and really enjoying it.

3) Mason Jar Salads and More: 50 Layered Lunches to Grab and Go: this book is perfect for any mason jar obsessed person or anyone who wants to eat more salads, more healthy and/or make some great to-go meals. i just recently received this book and the salads look really good.

4) Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book: since 1930, home cooks have turned to Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book for guidance in the kitchen. the new edition of this cookbook includes more than 1,200 recipes, 1,000 color photos, and more how-to information. the special “Secrets to Success” feature in each chapter shows cooks the key ingredients or steps to making each recipe successful. i think everyone should have a copy of this cookbook in their kitchen

5) The Picky Palate Cookbook: on-the-go moms like Jenny Flake know how tough it is to keep family meals interesting day-in and day-out, so she did something about it. on her blog, Picky Palate, she serves up fun, super-tasty family meals that will please even the pickiest little eaters. and now you can get them in her cookbook. Picky-Palate is know for her candy and cookie stuffed cookies and comfort food meals. the recipes are crowd pleasers and easy to cook.

6) Bountiful: Recipes Inspired by Our Garden: this cookbook is written by Todd Porter and Diane Cu, photographers who publish the immensely popular food, gardening, and lifestyle blog White on Rice Couple. it is inspired by their love of cooking, growing vegetables and fruit in their suburban garden. the recipes are fresh and seasonally simple, and offers 100 seasonal, flavorful, and approachable recipes, each featuring a vegetable or fruit as the star of the meal. Blueberry Frangipane Tarts, Wilted Mizuna Shrimp Salad, Blood Orange Bars are just a few examples of recipes that are inspired from their garden bounty.

kitchen items
7) White Martha Stewart Cake Stand: on of my best purchases long ago was buying 6 white cake stands in various sizes and shapes. they are so versatile, and i have been able to use them so many times at parties and events to display treats, cakes and even decor in my home for the holidays. i would love any of the Martha Stewart cake stands to add to my collection. you can never have too many.

8) Jumbo Stacking Mugs: these are my all-time favorite item in my kitchen. they look so bright and cheery sitting on my countertop, and the boys use them everyday for cereal, soups or ice cream. the sky’s the limit with the versatility of these Jumbo Cool Ombre Stacking Mugs. they also come in lots of color choices, and the price is great.

9) Calypso Basics 3 Quart powder coated Colander: i love me a brightly colored colander. it just make me happy to have something brought and cheery to cook with. i also have a small one sitting next to my kitchen sink, where i place wet sponges, soap and dish brushes. it add a pop of color to my kitchen which i love.

10) Sur La Table Ceramic Mixing Bowls: i have 4 sets of these rainbow nesting bowls, each set in a different color scheme. the different sizes are perfect for setting out different foods during a gathering or meal, and the different colors allow you to pick and choose different bowls to match your color scheme. these make a great staple in any kitchen, as well as a great wedding gift or housewarming present.

11) Hedgehog Measuring Cups & Toad Stool Measuring Spoons: i put these in the guide just because i like them, and because i think they are cute. i always feel happy when i see them in my kitchen. you can find all sorts of themed or fun measuring cup/spoon sets at places like Cost Plus World Market, Pier 1, Mod Cloth or Homegoods.

12) Truffle Shuffle Shaker Set: i also included these “just because.” i love the toad stools. but i also love that you can find salt & pepper shaker sets in all shapes and themes. you can practically find a set that will match anyones likes. it’s your chance to show them that you really thought about what they like.

13) BELLA Rocket Blender Sport: i have written about this little blender before. a sleek and stylish sport blender that serves smoothies, blended drinks and juices in an on-the-go sport bottle. the blade is powerful and can handle fruit, veggies and small ice pieces for great blended beverages in just seconds. it’s perfect for anyone who loves making smoothies or shakes, and the price is right!

and with that, my Gift Guide For People Who Like Spending Time in the Kitchen is complete. i really could go on for days with many other kitchen items, but i wanted to just share the ones that i use all the time. any of them would make great gifts for bakers, home cooks and people who love spending time in the kitchen. what items do you like or recommend?

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