Indoor S’mores…Yummy.

since i posted about the “Great American Backyard Campout,” i decided to do a couple of posts to give some fun ideas to go along with a backyard camping experience. and no campout is complete without s’mores. so, if you don’t have a firepit in your backyard….your gonna have to find a different way to make them. thank you to my friend Elizabeth for this indoor s’more recipe along with pics.

first, you put one graham down with one marshmallow on a cookie sheet.
then, you place it under the broiler for about 30 seconds. keep an eye on them because they can brown pretty quick.
then you pull them out and you can either flip the marshmallow to brown the other side, or just add the chocolate.
let the chocolate melt for just a bit then pull them out and top with remaining graham.


  1. My kids will love this

  2. Jen F says

    I’ve got a bunch of marshmallows left over from Christmas baking so we might need to make some of these this week!

  3. YUM!


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