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thought it would be fun to go outside and enjoy the last of the warm weather. we sat outside on the grass and did Milk Art. so simple….but super cool. i even found myself addicted to it.

all you need is:
• milk
• a toothpick
• plate or shallow dish
• liquid food coloring drops

then, pour the milk in the plate. scatter a few drops of food coloring in the milk. let the kiddies take a toothpick and let the colors begin! very slowly swirl the milk around. beautiful swirls of color will appear.

let the kiddies try different variations of colors & different swirling motions. try adding more milk. try adding cream. try non-fat verses whole milk. every which way causes a different reaction. it’s mesmerizing.

happy swirling!
jill, jack, kyle & baby

since we were using food coloring, i did this activity outside. but we have done it inside too. just be careful, food coloring stains, so take the necessary precautions.

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  1. http://Anonymous says

    If you put the milk in a glass pie plate, drop on a few drops of food coloring,(a few different colors in various places scattered around) then put just a drop of food coloring on the rim of the plate to let it flow into the milk – as soon as the detergent hits the milk, the colors explode into movement all on their own. Try it! You’ll like it!!!!

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