Red Cross Giving Day

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Red Cross. All opinions are 100% mine.

natural disasters are no strangers to us Californians, we’ve definitely had our share. from earthquakes to fires to floods – natural disasters can be devastating. just last October, California was ravaged by fires. up north, neighborhoods were completely wiped out. down here in Southern California, we not only got the fires…but then there were floods that tore through already burned areas. in fact, i was evacuated from my home with these recent fires. something that is not new to me. this was the third time we were evacuated due to fire. it’s extremely scary. three times experiencing something like this…

these pictures make my heart skip a beat because i remember how scary it was. the 2008 Freeway Complex fire almost took our home, so close, that our friends just a block away lost their homes. with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few items they were able to grab, they came running to warn us to get out of the area before emergency responders came to our aid. after the fires had past, they were left to put back the pieces of their lives. it was heartbreaking to watch, but in the end, they received the help they needed – not only from friends and family, but also from organizations including the American Red Cross….who gave them blankets, food and other essentials. i was able to see first hand the help they received, and have come to trust and support the American Red Cross when i am choose which organizations am going to support.

when you are part of a disaster like my friends, you need the support and resources of organizations like the American Red Cross. did you know an average of 91 cents of every dollar that the American Red Cross spends, is invested in humanitarian services and programs. rest assured, when you donate to the Red Cross, your donation is used efficiently. that is something to feel good about. and when i feel the need or have the means to donate to a disaster relief fund, the American Red Cross is one of my top picks.

Red Cross Giving Day

nearly every eight minutes, the American Red Cross meets a family that has lost everything to a home fire or other disaster—the roof over their heads, their clothes, and their most cherished possessions. but you can help during those first devastating hours with a monetary donation on Red Cross Giving Day. Red Cross Giving Day is just around the corner! March is Red Cross Month, a time to recognize heroes who help those in need in their community all year round. and on Thursday, March 28th, thousands of people will unite to make a difference. by donating the gift of $88.50, you will be providing a family with a day’s worth of food, plus blankets and other essentials they need at this difficult time in their lives.  “your donations now will support Red Cross Giving Day which is raising money to help support families after disaster big and small”. remember, although it is thoughtful to donate clothing and food to disaster victims, it’s more to give monetary donations. the American Red Cross will spend your money effectively and efficiently…it’s in good hands. if we each #help1family, imagine the good that we could do. GIVE NOW

here is a short video clip that sums up Red Cross Giving Day. i encourage you to watch and then GIVE NOW to this great cause. join me in Helping families after disasters big and small.

March 28th….Don’t forget!!!!!

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