Tips for Staying Hydrated On Your Summer Road Trip and Beyond

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Brita Filter Water Bottles for Travelthere are a few phrases parents DON’T want to hear from kids during long distance road trips….any kind of road trip for that matter. the dreaded, whiney voiced “are we there yet” “i have to go to the bathroom” and “i’m thirsty” are among the top ten statements you don’t want to hear along the way, especially when you still have hours of travel ahead of you. and although, it is really hard to not stop the car and let the kids out to use the restroom, you can definitely cut down on the “i’m thirsty” stops. you can do this by stocking up the car with water and drinks. but if your family is anything like ours, all those water bottles and drink pouches trash up the car quickly. i cringe every time that mini van door slides open and trash falls into the street. it’s like we’re a bunch of pigs. plus, a cluttered car can caused cluttered minds. kids get grumpy and the parents are frustrated because you can’t find anything in all that mess. on top of that, many times there is very little room left for extra snacks and drinks in the car when you have it packed it to the brim with all the other things you need for a vacation.

Best Road Trip Tips

that is why i have turned to Brita Filter Water Bottles to keep my family hydrated on our road trips. Brita Filter Water Bottles allows you to have filter water at your fingertips anywhere you go. that means no more plastic disposable bottles trashing up my car. everyone has their own bottle and is responsible for keeping it filled with water. these water bottles have a built-in filter that reduces particulates as well as the taste and odor of chlorine, often found in tap water. so you can fill them up at any drinking fountain or water faucet you come across while on your travels. now we can enjoy great-tasting water anywhere, plus we are SAVING MONEY!!!!

Brita Filter Water Bottles Filters

bottled water can get expensive on trips, especially when you are buying it at overly priced tourist traps. just fill the squeezable Brita Sport Water Filter Bottles, screw on the cap, pull up the nozzle and hydrate with cleaner water for pennies per gallon. they are BPA-free and dishwasher safe on the top rack, making cleaning easy. you only need to change the water filter every 40 gallons or about every 2 months. so you will only need about two filters for the entire summer.

Brita Sport Water Bottles FiltersBest Filtered Water Bottles

on our road trips, we tend to make lots of stops along the way to our destinations. we love explore and find unique experiences along the way. whether it be a hiking trail, discovering a historical monument or visiting a museum. having our Brita Filter Water Bottles by our sides makes keeping hydrated super easy.

Best Travel Water Bottles

 it’s great that we can fill them up at drinking fountain found at a rest stop or any of the places we may have traveled to. so that instead of having to find a store or gas station that carries bottled water or filling up on sugary drinks we can spend our time enjoying stops like this….Best Road Trips for Familiesor hiking on trails like this….Easy Road Trip Ideas for Families

or views like this.Yosemite Painted Pots

people always ask me for tips on how to make road trips easier with kids.

well, this is one of those tips. save money, cut down on extra stops and have great tasting water at you fingertips every mile of the way by using a water bottle with a built-in filter such as Brita Sport Water Filter Bottles.

i found my Brita Water Filter Bottles in the hardware section of my local Walmart. there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from such as the soft-side sport bottle for under $10 and the hard-sided water bottles for under $20. summer is here, so start planning that road trip.

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  1. Tim Jones says

    That water bottle looks really great for travelling. I’d like like to purchase too for my family. I like the designs and colors too. I think that my child will definitely drink a lot of water with these Brita water bottles.

  2. Lily de Grey says

    Hey, Jill! Thanks for sharing this article with us! I think it’s important that our kids are staying hydrated, and what better way than having cool-looking water bottles! We’re planning on traveling to my family’s house in Minnesota next month, so I’ll be sure to look into this before we leave. Do you know how long the water stays cold in the Brita water bottles?


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