Build Your Own Tart Station

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Fun Food Ideas for Easter or Mother's Day

spring events are coming up – Easter, Mother’s Day and bridal showers. it’s my favorite time of year to host parties because there are so many possibilities of yummy food to serve. fresh fruit and vegetables are in abundance – which i love to serve in beautiful arrangements. i’ve had the idea of having a “Build Your Own Tart Station” for a while now, and when i was asked to create a recipe that uses C&H® Honey Granules, i knew it was the perfect opportunity to finally create it.

i am so glad that i did, because my “Build Your Own Tart Station” turned out adorable. but what i didn’t expect, was how much fun and yummy it would end up being. my boys especially love it. they made the cutest little tarts with fruit patterns, sprinkled with toppings..they looked like they belonged in a bakery. i am now definitely going to create this again at my next party. let me share how i set it up – it’s really easy to do and your guests are going to be impressed.

first, i purchased a bunch of different berries and fruit that would taste great in a fresh fruit tart – raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, kiwi and bananas (which you will want to cut at the last minute to prevent them from turning brown). i found these great berry baskets at my local craft store to display them in.
Easy Fruit Dessert RecipePie Barnext, you will need the pie shells for the tarts. you can make them, or grocery stores sell these mini graham cracker pie crusts ready to go. they are perfect for a “Build Your Own Tart Station”. i placed them on a cake stand under a glass dome just because i thought it looked pretty.

Desserts with Graham Cracker Crusts

for the tart filling, pudding works great. i just made boxed banana and chocolate pudding. but any flavors you like would be great…lemon curd or jam would also make great fillings.

Build Your Own Pie Station

then i included toppings. i chose C&H® Honey Granules, shredded coconut and sliced almonds.

Easter and Mother's Day Dessert Ideas

what i love about using C&H® Honey Granules is that it let’s you Sprinkle a Taste of Honey!  which is the perfect amount of sweetness to add to the tarts. C&H® Honey Granules is a free-flowing mix of granulated pure cane sugar and honey that can easily add a sweet honey taste to teas and cereals, or can be measured for recipes. it also comes in an easy-pour canister with a recloseable flip-top lid, but for my tart station, i poured it into a decorative bowl. did i mention how good it tastes? it’s really yummy. the sweetness of C&H® Honey Granules is equal to 1 ½ x that of honey – 1 ½ tsp. of Honey Granules = Sweetness of 1 tsp. honey. and it can often be substituted for fluid honey by using this conversion: 1 cup liquid honey = 1 cup C&H® Honey Granules + ¼ cup additional recipe liquid.

C&H® Honey Granules is sold where i live, but if they don’t sell it in your area, look for Domino® Honey Granules, the sister brand of C&H®.

C & H Honey GranulesHoney Granules

and finally, don’t forget the whipped cream. i made homemade…which i love best. but you can also use whipped cream in a can.

Build your own Pie Station idea

i’m thrilled with how the “Build Your Own Tart Station” set-up turned out!

Build your own Tart Station idea

and for the tart making…it’s easy. have your guests fill their pie crust with their favorite filling…

Fun Dessert Ideas

then add some fruit…

How to make a Fruit TartEasy DIY Fruit Tart

then, they can add a sprinkle of C&H® Honey Granules.

C&H Honey Granules Recipe

top with whipped cream, and some of the toppings.

Tart with Graham Cracker Crusts

Mini Fruit Tart Recipe

your guests are going to have so much fun making their own tarts. my boys are already begging me to do it again, and being as easy at it was to set up, i can see many more “Build Your Own Tart Stations” in the future.

Fun Mini Tart Station


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Make the Cutest Personalized Card for Mother’s Day

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

mothers-day-ideasi would say becoming a mom is one of my biggest accomplishments in life. although some would say it’s one of the hardest jobs you could ever have, it has been the best job i’ve ever had. staying up through the night with a sick child, worrying that i made the best decisions for them, homework, and driving them to all their practices and events may be tough on me, but just having one of them whisper in my ear that they love me, makes it all worth it. i wouldn’t trade the job of “mom” for any other job in the world.

the “world’s toughest job” by American Greetings. have you seen this video?

American Greetings decided to create a job posting for the “pretend” company, Rethom Inc. (the word “Mother” spelled backwards), based on everything moms do under the title ‘Director of Operations’ and posted it online and in printed ad spaces across the country. it resulted in 2.7MM impressions, however the Cardstore only had 24 inquiries for the job. the job description outlined all of the tasks of a mother without revealing the job was indeed a mom. watch as you see the job applicant’s reactions as they are being interview….and be sure to watch till the end!

the first time i saw this video, it was very emotional for me. for one, it’s always great to be reminded that we need to appreciate our moms for all they do and have done for us. i know my mom has sacrificed a lot throughout my life for me…and until i became a mom myself, it was hard to comprehend what all that meant. and two, many times i feel like i don’t do enough…that i am not a good enough mom for my boys…i have written some of my thoughts about that here. but that’s not the case. we as moms sacrifice our lives as we knew it, for our children. the job may be hard, but it can be the most rewarding one you will ever have.

and although, i feel the job description on the video was a bit severe when it came to never being able to rest or having time to eat…there are times when this can be the case on many occasions. you never get to rest at being a mom, you always hold that title, and constantly have your children on your mind. a mother’s mind never rests…but i am pretty sure most moms would have it any other way.

you just might want to make her a card for this Mother’s Day. and you can do so at the Cardstore.

i made this personalized Mother’s Day card at the Cardstore for my mom. it’s not an e-card. it’s a printed greeting card that gets mailed. it was my first time ever ordering a personalized greeting card online. now i’m hooked! it was so much fun picking out the card template and SO EASY to add my own photos that i can’t imagine not making an adorable card like this for every special occasion.

i was able to connect to my online social media sites, such as my instagram account, and choose photos to add to my design, straight from the Cardstore website. when i have to search for photos, i tend to not get projects done. that is why i loved this service.


plus, i was able to customize the entire card…the front, the inside, and even the back.


and even better, the Cardstore prints and mails your card for you. that’s right…they add the postage, your return address and the address of the recipient to the envelope and mail it right out for you…or on the date you request. any day of the year…you can even schedule an entire year of cards at once. talk about being organized. and the price? $3.69 or less plus postage. what a deal.

plus, here’s a special deal….use PROMO CODE CCF4249 to get your Mother’s Day Card for only $2.49

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.
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Hash Brown Station for Easter Brunch with Free Printables

This is a sponsored post.Hash Brown Brunch Idea with Free PrintablesEaster is just around the corner and it is time to start planning what to make for Easter brunch. one of my family’s favorite foods is hash browns, so i wanted to find a really good hash brown recipe for my brunch menu. but then i came up with an even better idea. it would be really fun to make a hash brown bar, where guests could add different toppings to their hash browns.  i decided to do a test run for my kids to try them out this week during their spring break, and it was a complete success.

since the Easter holiday is a really special day for us, i want to make the the hash brown bar really pretty. i love making printables as you know, so i made some pretty tent cards to label all the toppings. then it was time to do all the food shopping.

i picked up a more than a few bags of Ore-Ida Shredded Hash Brown Potatoes at Walmart. i really suggest stocking up now, because when holiday come around, they are hard to find. everyone buys them up because they are the best kind of hash browns in my opinion. for the hash brown toppings, i decided to buy; shredded cheese, bell peppers, bacon, tomatoes, sour cream, chives and ketchup. when i serve brunch on Easter, i am also going to add a platter of scrambled eggs, because those would be marvelous atop hash browns.
i put all the toppings into pretty serving dishes, and put the hash browns on a nice platter. i decorated the table to match the tents cards that i made earlier, and also made a 5 x 7″ sign to label the Hash Brown Station. flowers, a blue mason jar, Easter eggs, Easter grass and a colorful table mat made the set-up especially perfect for the Easter holiday. however, i even think this would be pretty for a baby shower or bridal shower brunch as well. ( i have included the printable at the bottom of this post)

WOW. i just love how it all turned out. and i really think my guests will love it too.

Hash Brown Brunch Idea with Free PrintablesHash Brown Brunch Idea with Free Printables Hash Brown Brunch Idea with Free PrintablesHash Brown Brunch Idea with Free Printables

not only did the table set-up turn out amazing, the food did as well. YUM! hash browns make the perfect base for all those toppings. the perfect amount of crispy, tender, and savory with the freshness of the veggies. my kids and i had the best time filling up our plates and gobbling it down.

Hash Brown Brunch Idea with Free Printables

i can’t wait till Easter morning, where i will be creating this yummy hash brown bar again. i have a feeling it is going to be a big hit with everyone.

Hash Brown Brunch Idea with Free Printables

Free Easter Brunch Printable Cards
click here for the free printable tent cards and 5 x 7″ sign. i have also included blank cards if you need them for any additional toppings i didn’t have. enjoy!

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Kiddie Painted Canvas


so i thought it would be fun for the kiddies to make the grandmas Mother’s Day presents this year instead of just going out and buying something. i always love the gifts they make much more than anything they could ever buy.

i found these wooden canvases at Walmart for under $4.00. you could also use any sort of canvas or wooden plank you find at any craft store.


then i cut the letter “G” out of a piece of sticker paper. (we call our grandma “G”) i actually just used the label that was already on the canvas. but you could use avery label paper or even painter’s tape.  and it can be any letter you want. even a star or heart would be fab!


after i made sure the sticker paper was pressed down really good, i let the boys go to town painting the entire canvas. we used just regular acrylic craft paint.


even the little ones can participate. a fingerpainting would be just as beautiful!


they made it very colorful with flowers, dots and smears.


after the paint was completely dry, i removed the sticker paper to reveal the blank wood below.


and there you have it… awesome piece of kiddie artwork that is perfect for a gift or to display on your very own wall.

Hoppy Mother’s Day

hoppy mother’s day to all the mommies out there. i hope that you are all having a wonderful day. you all deserve it….for all the sleepless nights, the dinners and laundry done, the teaching, the kisses and cuddles you have given…..and much, much, more. you all rock!
it has been exactly 1 year and 7 days since i welcomed my third baby into the world. what a great gift. these three boys have given me the gift of being a mommy. and it is impossible for me to imagine what it would be like not to be a mommy. it is the best thing in the world. thank you boys…..i love being your mommy.