Kiddie Painted Canvas


so i thought it would be fun for the kiddies to make the grandmas Mother’s Day presents this year instead of just going out and buying something. i always love the gifts they make much more than anything they could ever buy.

i found these wooden canvases at Walmart for under $4.00. you could also use any sort of canvas or wooden plank you find at any craft store.


then i cut the letter “G” out of a piece of sticker paper. (we call our grandma “G”) i actually just used the label that was already on the canvas. but you could use avery label paper or even painter’s tape.  and it can be any letter you want. even a star or heart would be fab!


after i made sure the sticker paper was pressed down really good, i let the boys go to town painting the entire canvas. we used just regular acrylic craft paint.


even the little ones can participate. a fingerpainting would be just as beautiful!


they made it very colorful with flowers, dots and smears.


after the paint was completely dry, i removed the sticker paper to reveal the blank wood below.


and there you have it… awesome piece of kiddie artwork that is perfect for a gift or to display on your very own wall.


  1. Super cute!!!

  2. I might have to copy this idea. Thank you for posting!

    Field Trip Mom

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