Dinosaurs Around the World at Discovery Cube OC

Discovery Cube OC has a new exhibit – Dinosaurs Around the World!  we love dinosaurs, so the boys were especially excited to go and check it out last weekend. and wow…we had a GREAT time.

Dinosaurs Around the World is an exhibit that is fun for dino-lovers of all ages. grab your prehistoric pass to Pangea and step into a world before our time – even before the continents existed…172 million year ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. what i like about this museum exhibit, is that it brings to life dinosaurs that i have never heard of before and shares the different locations on Earth which they lived. through a multi-layered narrative, visitors can learn about the dispersion of dinosaurs during the splitting of Pangea, and features a variety of dinosaurs from various regions, such as the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex of North America or the swift Velociraptor of the Gobi Desert.

when you enter the Dinosaurs Around the World exhibit, make sure to pick up an Explorer Journal, this make the learning extra fun. now, get ready for some dinosaur fun. there are lots of things to do….we sure did learn a lot!

the boys loved that you get to experience the Age of Reptiles through cool, life-like animatronics, check out life-sized fossils, have some hands-on activities, and read fun facts about new and exciting dinosaurs.

even little Dani had a blast. she was intrigued by the animatronics, and a little scared that the dinosaurs seems so real. they had an area where she could ride a jeep, and even costumes to dress up like an explorer.

young learners will get to discover more about the geologic time scale, geology, geography, and climatology. it provides them the chance to experience the pre-historic era while also learning and enjoying the amazing story of the dinosaurs. there are fun fossil puzzles and archeological crafts to do. i couldn’t keep Vann away from this dinosaur bone puzzle.

of course, we could leave without getting a scary selfie with the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex. yikes! he was ginormous and very life-like.

the Dinosaurs Around the World exhibit at Discovery Cube OC was perfect for our dino-loving family. i recommend checking it out if your kids love dinosaurs. we even learn a few new facts…and i thought that we new most everything about dinosaurs. and before we left, we headed out to the outside area of The Cube and playing the giant dinosaur. such a fun day….we love Discovery Cube OC. it’s one of the best places for kids in Orange County.

if you wanna see the dinosaurs too, they will be at the Discovery Cube until September 3, 2018.

{Disclosure: We were invited gifts at Discovery Cube OC. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}

Healthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery Cube

Healthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery Cube if you don’t know that Discovery Cube OC has kids cooking classes…you do now! my kids LOVE to cook, and ever since we started watching Master Chef Junior as a family, they’ve wanted to learn how to be little chefs. so we certainly were very thrilled that the Petersonville Healthy Kitchen has opened at Discovery Cube OC.

the Healthy Kitchen offers 1-hour long kids cooking classes at Discovery Cube with a new recipe each month. there are multiple time slots offered on certain days of the week. you can make reservations or just ask the front desk at the Cube if there are any openings. most classes are $20 for a party of 4, so you can have up to 4 children or children and adults participate together. this includes the class and food that you will be making. the class is in addition to your admission into the Cube.

the class begins with putting on an apron and a good hand washing.Healthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery Cube

an instructor will help the kids with every step of the recipe and teach them not only how to prepare the food, but also the science behind each process. it’s like a bunch of science experiments. i love how the kids can see the instructor in detail on big television screens above and also in person in front of the class. i also like that there are only 6 stations, so the classes are small and intimate.Healthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery CubeHealthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery Cube

i think the class is great because the kids get to learn many different techniques on how to prepare food and also get to prep it, prepare it and eat it. at this class, we made Rainbow Wraps! we have also made gingerbread cupcakes in another class. both classes were equally fun.

here are some photos of the boys cooking up their food…

Healthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery CubeHealthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery CubeOrange County Kids Cooking ClassesKids Cooking Classes at Discovery Cubeyes! they learned how to use a blender…Kids Cooking ClassesDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OC

kids not only learn how to cook, but also how to use real kitchen tools.

Discovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OC Cooking Class

and the best thing is….that they are usually willing to taste what they made. i probably would have never been able to get Vann to eat a Rainbow Wrap at home. but since he made it, he was willing to try it. AND he liked it!!!!!

Discovery Cube OC Cooking Class

we have been loving the Healthy Kitchen at Discovery Cube OC so much, that we want to go back every month to try each new class. you can click here to get more information and for a list of classes and times. hope you have a fun time!!!!Discovery Cube OC Cooking Class


Extreme Dinosaurs at Discovery Cube OC

Extreme Dinosaurs at Discovery Cube Orange Countyi’ve got a couple of dinosaur lovers at home who were really excited to hear about the new exhibit that has come to Discovery Cube OC. it’s called Extreme Dinosaurs, and it will be at the Cube from May 28th – September 5th, 2016.  of course we headed over to check it out a few weeks ago, and it didn’t disappoint. the life-sized animatronic dinosaurs were amazing and HUGE!!!! this wing of Discovery Cube OC has been transformed into naturalistic landscape with 17 fantastic animatronic dinosaurs that can roar, snarl, move their limbs and more.

Extreme Dinosaurs at Discovery CubeAwesome Dinosuar Exhibit at Discovery Cube

it was great to enjoy a fun afternoon at Discovery Cube OC. late afternoons mean smaller crowds, and most of the school groups have headed home, so we practically had the exhibit to ourselves. we were able to step into the prehistoric world and observe some of the most unique creatures that have ever walked the earth at the Extreme Dinosaurs exhibit.  it’s a very family-friendly exhibit that transports you back to the Mesozoic Era to showcase the world’s strangest dinosaurs with life-size animatronic dinosaurs along side full-scale skeletons and real and replica fossils.

Dinosaurs at Discovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube DinosaursDiscovery Cube Dinosaur FactsDinos at the Cube

the dinosaurs look so real, and the boys really enjoyed reading facts about each of them. some of the dinosaurs have buttons that make them move or make noises. the exhibition features some of the newest, bizarre dinosaur finds from the current “Golden Age” of paleontology, so it was fun to see some dinosaurs that we aren’t as familiar with.

Discovery Cube Robotic DinosaursTriceratops at Discovery CubeOrange County Dinosaurs

in addition to the life-size dinosaur animatronic models, there are also life-sized skeletons, a variety of real and replica fossils, the exhibition features interactive activities including a children’s dig site for young paleontologists to explore. there are also “Make Me Move” consoles that boy were able to  initiate movement of the animatronics, and hands-on learning areas that have touch panels and a Dinosaur Detective quiz. it’s all very educational….but very fun too!

Dinosaur Bones at Discovery CubeDinosaur Education at Discovery Science CenterInteractive Dinosaur Exhibit in Orange CountyLearn Paleontology at Discovery CubeLooking at the Dinosaur Exhibit at Discovery Cube

we really enjoyed the Extreme Dinosaur exhibit, and if your kids love dinosaurs, i recommend taking a trip to Discovery Cube OC before it is gone. there are also lots of other great exhibits to enjoy, especially with the expansion.

Discovery Cube Dinosaur Exhibit Review

we will definitely be taking another trip back to visit this guy….he was our favorite, and was even able to scare me for a second. the boys would love to see that again!T-Rex at Discovery Cuber

The Amazing Bubblefest Show at Discovery Cube

Making Bubbles at Bubblefestfor my boys and myself, spring break means going to Bubblefest at Discovery Cube. Bubblefest happens every year during spring break, and for the last couple years, it’s been two weeks long. we always have a tradition of going on opening day, it is my personal favorite event that takes place oat The Cube. when you see bubbles, you just have to smile….there is just something about them. and Bubblefest sure does make a lot of smiles.

Bubblefest has two parts to it. first there the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show and then there are the Hands-on Bubble Exhibits. the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show is performed by the talented Deni Yang, a magical bubble show that’s unlike anything we have experienced. this year’s show takes place inside the brand new expansion of Discovery Science Center – in the state of the art auditorium that was especially designed for the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show.

as always, the show was awesome! we enjoyed….The Best Bubble Show in the World

giant mega bubbles….

Southern California Bubble ShowAmazing Bubblefest Show
snow bubbles….

Snowing Bubbles at Bubblefest
lasers and bubbles….

Amazing Bubblefest Show at Discovery CubeLaser Light and Bubble Show at Discovery Cube
lasers, fog and smoke bubbles…

Bubble OceanThe Best Bubble Show in Southern California

kids inside bubbles…

Deni Yang Bubble Show

and even bouncing bubble balls that danced around the audience!

Fun things to do on Sprink Break in Orange County

people of ALL AGES love the bubble show….even my grandma who wanted to come back with us this year since she loved it so much last year.

Grandparents Love Bubblefest

the Bubblefest Show is simply magical. you won’t believe how many bubbles there are. plus there are bubble tricks, a bubble movie, and bubbles dancing to the music…all of it being performed of course by Deni Yang. the coolest bubble show we’ve have seen.
Deni Yang Show at Bubblefest
after the show we headed to the other part of the Bubblefest experience – the hands-on bubble exhibits. this year, the set-up is different from years past. everything is inside The Cube except for the bubble blowing. this is nice because you don’t have to wait out in the hot sun for the bubble spheres. this is a favorite of many of those at Bubblefest.
Playing In the Water Bubble SpheresKids Having Fun at Bubblefest
the boys also enjoyed racing against each other on the bubble house obstacle course.
Bubblefest Bounce House
some of the other interactive exhibits included making a bubble wall, learning about bubbles from the bubble scientist, making shadows on the bubble light wall and trying some cool laser tricks.
Bubble WallMaking a Bubble Wall at BubblefestBubble ScientistBubblefest Light ExhibitLaser Game at Bubblefest
outside in the Discovery Cube courtyard, the boys had the most fun making their own giant bubbles. they had these great bubble wands with the perfect solution to make enormous bubbles. i was pretty impressed at my boys ability to blow bubble out of the hands. it was so much fun to watch the joy in their faces as they created amazing bubbles.
The Best Bubble Solution at BubblefestFun things to Do During Spring Break in Orange County
and before you leave Bubbliest, be sure to get your photo inside a giant bubble, and if you want to take home some bubble making supplies, there are lots of kits to choose from in the gift shop.
Getting A Photo in a BubbleBubblefest Merchandise
Bubblefest made for a nice and relaxing afternoon with my boys, and inspired some fun new ideas for my boys to think about. my oldest now wants to design laser shows. thank you Discovery Cube Orange County for hosting this fabulous Bubblefest experience…it was AWESOME!!!!!!  and if you would like to see if for yourself, which i highly suggest, hurry. it all ends on April 10th. click here for the details.

Bubblefest Discovery Science Center Spring Break

Reminiscing of Discovery Cube in 2015

Discovery Cube Entrance the Discovery Cube OC is near and dear to my heart. i have been taking my boys there since they were just toddlers, and we have created many memories at The Cube. every year we purchase an annual membership to the Discovery Cube so that we can enjoy a year full of awesome exhibits. we never want to miss a single one. this year was especially amazing because i was able to be a Discovery Cube Mom Ambassador. it was such a privileged to work with Discovery Cube and learn all about the exciting programs it has to offer the residents of Orange County. Discovery Cube Yellow Wall this year there were lots of great exhibits…as there are every year. i wanted to share with you all of the memories our family had this past year at Discovery Cube. first up for the year of 2015 were the Lego Travel Adventure and National Geographic Earth Explorers exhibits. you don’t have to ask us twice to play with Legos or ride in a real life jeep through the rain forest. Discovery Cube Lego AdventureDiscovery Cube Lego Adventure ExhibitDiscovery Cube National Geographic ExhibitDiscovery Cube National GeographicDiscovery Cube National Geographic Shark next up was Bubblefest!!! my favorite exhibit of the year. it was the first time that it would be held in Discovery Cube’s Showcase Theater. it was the best show yet. we can’t wait till this year. read our experience here. Spring Break Ideas Orange CountyBubblefest Discovery Science Center 2015 half way through the year, the most exciting thing happened at Discovery Cube…the new expansion was complete and with that, some fun new exhibits opened and the center doubled it size, making the Cube better than ever. read our experience here. The New Discovery Cube The New Discovery Cube Expansion New Discovery Cube Expansion the permanent exhibits that opened with the Discovery Cube expansion are – the Sun exhibit, the Water Center, helicopter simulator, Inspector Training Course, and the Mission Control Center. The Discovery Cube Sun Shadow ExhibitDiscovery Cube Orange County Helicopter Simulator The Discovery Cube New Water Exhibit The Discovery Cube Exterminator ExhibitThe Discovery Cube Vermin ExhibitDiscovery Cube New Mission Control exhibitDiscovery Cube Build a Satelitewe had to say goodbye to Taco Bell, because Bean Sprouts cafe opened, which has some great healthy and fun food choices. The Discovery Cube Healthy Bean Sprouts FoodDiscovery Cube Healthy Food Restaurant my oldest loved the Sherlock Holmes exhibit. it was pretty fascinating and the attention to detail and creating the perfect mystery experience was awesome. Traveling Sherlock Holmes Experience at Discovery CubeThe Discovery Cube Sherlock Homes Exhibit the Hot Wheels: Race to Win was the first exhibit to come to the Cube expansion. it didn’t dissappoint my car loving boys. read our experience here. Hot Wheels Exhibit at Discovery Cube OCNew at Discovery Cube Hot Wheels every year we look forward to two annual Discovery Cube events…Spooky Science and the Pumpkin Launch. it is a tradition of our family to attend each of these events. they never disappoint. read about our experience here. spooky-science-discovery-science-centerDiscovery Cube Pumpkin Launch Eventthis year was the first year we actually entered a gingerbread entry into the Science of Gingerbread gingerbread contest. what a neat experience to share with the kids…and then to see our entry on display inside the center was extra special! read about our experience.

Discovery Cube Science of GingerbreadDiscovery Cube Gingerbread House 9

we ended the year with Winter Wonderfest, Discovery Cube’s first ever snow experience. sledding, snow play, and science of snow exhibits made it one of of favorite exhibits of the year. read about our experience here. Winter Wonderfest at Discovery Cube OCSnow Sledding at the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana what a great way to end a year of Discovery Cube adventures. and there are more to come! this year there are some great exhibits coming to the Cube.

Dora and Diego: Let’s ExploreFebruary 6, 2016 Bubblefest 20th Anniversary – Spring Break 2016 Spooky Science The Pumpkin Launch Science of Gingerbread Noon Year’s Eve and more!!!!!

it’s very exciting for what the future holds for Discovery Cube in 2016!