Extreme Dinosaurs at Discovery Cube OC

Extreme Dinosaurs at Discovery Cube Orange Countyi’ve got a couple of dinosaur lovers at home who were really excited to hear about the new exhibit that has come to Discovery Cube OC. it’s called Extreme Dinosaurs, and it will be at the Cube from May 28th – September 5th, 2016.  of course we headed over to check it out a few weeks ago, and it didn’t disappoint. the life-sized animatronic dinosaurs were amazing and HUGE!!!! this wing of Discovery Cube OC has been transformed into naturalistic landscape with 17 fantastic animatronic dinosaurs that can roar, snarl, move their limbs and more.

Extreme Dinosaurs at Discovery CubeAwesome Dinosuar Exhibit at Discovery Cube

it was great to enjoy a fun afternoon at Discovery Cube OC. late afternoons mean smaller crowds, and most of the school groups have headed home, so we practically had the exhibit to ourselves. we were able to step into the prehistoric world and observe some of the most unique creatures that have ever walked the earth at the Extreme Dinosaurs exhibit.  it’s a very family-friendly exhibit that transports you back to the Mesozoic Era to showcase the world’s strangest dinosaurs with life-size animatronic dinosaurs along side full-scale skeletons and real and replica fossils.

Dinosaurs at Discovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube DinosaursDiscovery Cube Dinosaur FactsDinos at the Cube

the dinosaurs look so real, and the boys really enjoyed reading facts about each of them. some of the dinosaurs have buttons that make them move or make noises. the exhibition features some of the newest, bizarre dinosaur finds from the current “Golden Age” of paleontology, so it was fun to see some dinosaurs that we aren’t as familiar with.

Discovery Cube Robotic DinosaursTriceratops at Discovery CubeOrange County Dinosaurs

in addition to the life-size dinosaur animatronic models, there are also life-sized skeletons, a variety of real and replica fossils, the exhibition features interactive activities including a children’s dig site for young paleontologists to explore. there are also “Make Me Move” consoles that boy were able to  initiate movement of the animatronics, and hands-on learning areas that have touch panels and a Dinosaur Detective quiz. it’s all very educational….but very fun too!

Dinosaur Bones at Discovery CubeDinosaur Education at Discovery Science CenterInteractive Dinosaur Exhibit in Orange CountyLearn Paleontology at Discovery CubeLooking at the Dinosaur Exhibit at Discovery Cube

we really enjoyed the Extreme Dinosaur exhibit, and if your kids love dinosaurs, i recommend taking a trip to Discovery Cube OC before it is gone. there are also lots of other great exhibits to enjoy, especially with the expansion.

Discovery Cube Dinosaur Exhibit Review

we will definitely be taking another trip back to visit this guy….he was our favorite, and was even able to scare me for a second. the boys would love to see that again!T-Rex at Discovery Cuber


  1. Mark D Feldstein says

    I pass by Discovery Cube all the time and really want to see it! My daughter is all grown up though. I need a kid who will pretend to be mine for a day so I can go play, lol. When exactly are you too old to act like a kid?

  2. So cool! I was hoping to take my little ones to see the exhibit if we can make it back down to Orange County before it leaves. We are a dino loving family as well. Love all the pictures!

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