Pie Sale at Marie Callendar’s

Marie Callendars Pie Salethere are two months during the year that i always look forward to, February and November. do you know why? because that’s when Marie Callendar’s has their Pie Sale! in college, my water polo friends, Amy and Stacy and i, would head over to Marie Callendar’s after practice and get Whole Pies To-Go and eat them while watching the television sitcom, ER. ever since then, i always have to get at least one pie at Marie Callendar’s during their Pie Sale. luckily, my hubby’s birthday falls in October, so i always have an excuse to go to the Pie Sale. but i have to admit, we go more than once.

so last week, we headed over to Marie Callendar’s to get a coconut cream pie for my hubby (his favorite) to celebrate his birthday, and also to eat dinner. you don’t have to ask me twice not to have cook!

we started off our meal with warm corn bread topped with honey butter and a yummy appetizer.Marie Callendars Corn Bread Marie Callendars Appetizersthen it was time to order our meals. the hubby, my oldest and i ordered off the “Crave and Save” menu that has some great smaller bite choices that come with a side salad or soup. a great deal at only $6-9 per plate. they were the perfect size for us, and there was a good choice for each of our own flavors.

Marie Callendars Menumy husband ordered Marie Callendar’s famous shepherds pie, and my son got his favorite, ravioli!
Marie Callendars Shepherds PieMarie Callendars Dinner the younger two were happy ordering off the kids menu, and i was a little jealous that Vann got to get breakfast for dinner.Marie Callendars Kids Meals
then it was time for what we were all waiting for…PIE!!!!! we all ordered a slice with our meal to celebrate hubby’s birthday. it was awesome that the kids meals included a slice of pie. i got mine al a mode, cherry for the win….MY FAVORITE. so many slices of pie. key lime, cherry, banana cream, apple and lemon meringue were our family’s choices.

Marie Callendars Pie
Marie Callendar’s has soooooooo many pie flavors to choose from.

Marie Callendars Pie FlavorsMarie Callendars Pies
after dinner, we couldn’t leave without taking a Pie To-Go. with Marie Callendar’s Pie Sale, you can get one for only $7.99.Pie Sale
i think someone is excited.
Marie Callendars Pie to GoMarie Callendar’s pies are legendary! they make great dessert for any occasion. and with the holidays coming up, make an easy desert that everyone will love. how about taking one to your Halloween Party?!Marie Callendars Pie-to-Go

Chad left a happy guy. a Whole Pie To Go is an awesome thing, especially if it is a coconut cream one. however, i am sure that everyone will debate what is actually the best Marie Callendar’s Pie. the great thing is, you can still get any Whole Pie To Go for only $7.99 this month…so hurry soon.

Pie to Go

i’m busy eating mine in bed. hopefully i will be able to save a little for the hubby when he gets home. if i can resist that is.

Coconut Cream Pie

{ Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. My family and I were posted to experience Pie Sale for this post. }


  1. Razzleberry for the win!!

  2. My favorite pie is BOYSENBERRY…I cannot get enough of it!!! This is why I LOVE having Knott’s passes 😉

  3. Kim White says

    Coconut custard all day!!!!

  4. Desiree Patterson says

    Chocolate Silk Pie OMG!!

  5. Nataly Herbas says

    chocolate cream pie is my favorite. I never get tired of it.

  6. Emily Stout says

    Pumpkin, chocolate and egg custard!!

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