those of you who know me, know that i absolutely love the Pioneer Woman’s blog. she has the best recipes and the best step by step instructions for me (a cooking challenged individual), not to mention fantastic giveaways, photography tutorials, home schooling tips and much more.

i made these little gems last year, and they are so, so good and so, so simple. apple dumplings. and they even have a secret ingredient…Mountain dew (from my experience, i would suggest using a little less than a whole can). the one rule is, is you have to eat them with ice cream. so go and make them now! and do me a favor, don’t count the calories. these are meant to be enjoyed.

and make sure to visit the Pioneer Woman’s blog….you’ll like it.

happy cooking,
jill, jack & kyle
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  1. Michelle says

    oh my looks so yummy! Can’t wait to make this this week! Even if the weather isn’t cooperating!!

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