Halloween Boo Mix Recipe and Free Printable Bag Topper

Halloween Boo Mix! perfect for my silly kiddies. they’ve been soooo naughty lately, that for their afternoon snack i gave them Boo Mix. only a mixture of ghost poop, witch warts, monster scabs & goblin teeth. and i even forced them to eat it. i guess mom was feeling a bit witchy today…hee hee hee!!!!

and your in luck….if you have naughty little children, i have included the link for my Halloween Boo Mix Bag Topper!  (it’s about time that i got another fun & free printable up on this blog.)
to make your own Halloween Boo Mix you need:
• chocolate chips
• mini marshmallows
• candy corns
• sandwich baggies
• double stick tape or glue
• free printable Halloween Boo Mix Bag Topper printed on cardstock or heavy paper. click here for printable.
mix all the food ingredients together. fill your sandwich baggie halfway up & seal. cut out bag topper. use an exacto knife to cut the top of the ghost out. fold bag topper in half. glue or tape to the top of your  Boo Mix filled baggie.
and for those of you who have kiddies who are sweetie pies all the time…i have included a“nice” version of my Halloween Boo Mix Bag Topper just for you. see, i’m not witchy all the time!
happy halloween!!!!!
{p.s. i really didn’t force my kiddies to eat my Halloween Boo Mix, actually they ate it at their own will. Boo Mix isn’t really made from actual ghost poop, witch warts, monster scabs or goblin teeth. those are just silly names i gave to normal foods. if you don’t think it is silly…just ask a bunch of boys.}

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  1. http://Brooke says

    May I use this for my son’s class? Also, I was wondering if you possibly had a way to get 2 per page of the Naughty Print?

  2. http://Katrina%20Ortiz says

    Hi! This is fantastic! I want to make these for my girls school class but i need 42 of them. May I please have your consent so that may take it and make copies of it.

  3. http://Sue%20Lavene says

    Hi! I just wanted to thank you for posting the link to the Halloween boo mix bag topper. We printed them out for our own boo mix for my daughter’s school Halloween party and they turned out adorable!!! We were able to give the kids something really neat and not have to spend a lot of time on them. It was a win-win!!

  4. Hi
    I can’t get the printable to load?

  5. http://Vanessa says

    I love boo mix. It is a great idea. My schools’ KTO made it for the fall fest. Thank you very much!



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