DIY Rainbow Doormat Tutorial

DIY Rainbow Doormat instructions - #DIY #rainbow #doormat

a couple of years ago i received the Lowes Creative Ideas magazine in the mail and saw this great rainbow doormat. i told my husband that i wanted it, and he promised to make it for my birthday. he decided he not to use the directions, and tried to make it on his own. needless to say…it didn’t go very well. flash-forward two years later to the present, and he still hasn’t finished my rainbow doormat. and with my birthday last weekend, i decided i was finally going to get a rainbow doormat!

so i came up with plans for a more simple doormat. it would just be 2 x 2’s strung together with ropes, and stainless steel nuts to act as spacers, keeping the boards separated. i figured that we could accomplish making this doormat in just a few hours. and we did…and i love it.


i thought i would share how we made it, since many people have been asking. so continue reading below for the complete instructions on how to make it. i was able to buy everything i needed at my local home improvement store.

to make this doormat, here is what you will need:

•  (4)  2″ x 2″” x 8′ Lumber cut into (16) 23-1/2″ boards
•  (30) 5/8″ Stainless steel nuts
•  7′ of Rope (i used cotton clothesline)
•  Drill with 1/4 – 3/8″ drill bit
•  Sandpaper
•  Paint  (i used Plaid FolkArt Acrylic paints from my local craft store. i like the range of colors they offer. but you could also use spray paint or house paint)
Clear Polyurethane Coating (i used Krylon Clear Polyurethane Coating Spray)


first, cut the 2″x 2″ x 8′ lumber into (16) 23-1/2″ boards. you can probably find inexpensive pine for $.99 per 8′ board. however, i felt that the soft pine wouldn’t be durable enough to withstand all the foot traffic at my house, so i opted to buy the more expensive kiln dried wood. even though it was about $8 per 8′ board this was the best decision. not only is the wood smoother and straighter, it also doesn’t dent or ding as easily.

also, it was awesome that home improvement store cut all the boards for me…i didn’t even have to make a mess with the saw at home.

next, drill two holes in each board by measuring 4 inches down on each side of the (16) boards, and marking the center point. drill all the way through.


once all the boards have been cut and drilled, use sand paper to sand all the rough edges. you can now paint the boards any color that you want. i recommend two coats of paint.

when the paint is completely dry, spray two coats of clear polyurethane coating to seal the boards. you can use gloss or matte. whichever you prefer. let the spray completely dry.



now is the fun part….putting the doormat together.

start by tying a knot at the end of the rope, and wrap masking tape on the other end of the rope to make it easier to thread through the boards. lay the boards out in the order that you want your finished doormat to be. thread the rope through the first hole, then add a nut spacer.


 repeat threading the rope and then a nut spacer until you have used all the boards.


finish by tying off the rope and cutting it leaving 1″ tail.

repeat these steps with the other set of holes at the other end of the boards.


here is the finished product.

How to make a Rainbow Doormat

i am thrilled with how it turned out….and everyone who has come to my front door has commented on how great it is. people have even offered to pay me to make them one. luckily, they can just come here and learn how to make their own.

DIY Rainbow Doormat tutorial

i just love my RAINBOW doormat.






  1. This is Soooo cute. Even though I like rainbows, it’s a no go for my hubby, so I think I’ll do one with
    A very dark grey on the center 2boards and then gradually go out a shade lighter on each side. ( I’m starting with the darkest in the center area cause that’s the part that will get the dirtiest the fastest.) you could even do a checkerboard or other pattern this way. So many possibilities with this great construction ! Thanks again.

  2. Rosanne R says

    I love this!!

  3. Super cute!!! I have been in full nesting mode as I approach baby’s due date and wanting to make changes all over our house, unfortunately, I am the only one in this house that is down for the change. This doormat is something I would love to add to front of the house. Thanks for the tutorial!!

    • The only power tool you need is a drill because they will cut the wood for you at the store. You could totally make this. And p.s. Sorry you have to do all the home improvements.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Sharon Garvey says

    Oh your rainbow door mat is so creative and innovative! I’m trying to make this with my daughter but I cannot figure out the names of the Plaid FolkArt paint colors that I need to use to get a similar rainbow color progression that you mastered! You have an eye for color! If you happened to note the paint colors or paint color numbers that you used, would you possibly be able to help me? I’m struggling with this craft but I’m not going to give up! Thank you for your inspiration! ???? Warmly, Sharon


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