Happy President’s Day Craft | Photo Booth Prop Tutorial

Presidents Day Photo Booth Props | Tutorial  #presidentsday #craft Happy President’s Day! 
i hope that you all had a fabulous president’s weekend. just for fun i made these president photo booth props with my boys, because of course you need to dress up like a President on President’s Day. they love taking photos, so they were excited for this craft. these presidential photo props were VERY easy to make…and i was able to make them with supplies i already had n had. it can be a great President’s Day craft to do with the kids. here’s how to make your own….

Abe Lincoln Hat
you will need:
1 sheet of black card stock
1 strip of grey card stock
wooden stick
glue gun and/or glue

• cut a 1.25″ x 9.75″ piece off each side of the black cardstock to make the hat
• glue a 2.75″ x 6″ band of grey cardstock onto hat
• glue wooden stick to back of hat

George Washington Wig
you will need:
3 sheets of white cardstock
wooden stick
glue gun and/or glue

• cut white cardstock into wig shape.
• cut 2 sheets of cardstock into 4.25″ x 1″ strips. (that makes 44 strips)
• staple the ends of 22 strips together to make flat loops
• glue 22 strips into circles
• glue the loops to the bottom half of wig shape
• glue the circles onto the top half of wig shape
• glue wooden stick to back of wig


once you are finished, be sure to take some fun pictures. i set up our pictures in front of the flag we fly at our house just to add that patriotic touch.

say cheese!


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