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  1. AvatarMeredith@A TIPical Day

    I love the look of this rubber band dying technique! Just wanted you to know that I am featuring this post in a Easter Egg Round up this week! 🙂

  2. AvatarEmma

    I can't see how you can get so many different colours on one egg if you just wrap the egg in rubber bands and then dip it in dye. Why would you not tell the truth about how this was done?

  3. AvatarAnonymous

    Agreed - there's no way that a rubber band will stay on the egg that perfectly. These had to have been hand painted or used some other method.

    If this really was done with rubber bands, I'd LOVE to see your method STEP BY STEP.

    Prove us skeptics wrong.

  4. AvatarAnonymous

    My eggs did NOT turn out this nice! I was very disappointed! My rubber bands would move as I added?removed some to put them in a new color. Would love to see a video!

  5. AvatarAnonymous

    There is NO WAY this is rubber bands. I did this today and there is no way a rubber band stays on that flat once you are much past the center inch of an egg. Upon further study and investigation, I think these are dyed a base color and then rings are painted in wax and then redyed or hand painted in several layers. I would love if someone would link up actually pulling this off with rubber bands. But do not be is definitely NOT rubber bands.

  6. AvatarLeighAnn

    Thank you! I pinned this and blogged about it here -

  7. AvatarShirley W

    How do you do the ends?

  8. AvatarMamaMay

    Ok, I just would like to know how you got the rubber bands to stick to the tops sooo well. I can't get the tops and bottoms like you have yours. Thanks!

  9. AvatarGianneCurry

    Love this~!!!! I tried it with my girls.

    Thanks! BTW, following now...


  10. Avatarthreeboogers

    These are cute. I wonder if anyone could ever get them to look like these pictures. We've done the tie dye, they are fun!

  11. AvatarTherese

    Am going to try that! Thx Jill!


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