Our Visit to SeaWorld in San Diego

a few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to take the kids to their first visit ever to SeaWorld in San Diego. we were invited to check out the park, the new improvements, shows and rides, plus take a tour of the SeaWorld Animal Care center. my boys were so excited because they love animals so much…and being up close to animals not only is amazing, but inspiring. these kind of experiences are what make people want to help the animals…and that is exactly why my kids love them so much. (make sure to read to the bottom for a great giveaway!!!!)

we started the day at the touch tank in the front of the park. there you can experience hands-on with the sea life. there are tiny fish that will suck on your hands and sand sharks. plus we got to see shark eggs with baby shark growing inside.

next up we met some land animals that were rescued by SeaWorld. a penguin and a screech owl. we were not allowed to touch the screech owl, but she was sure cute.

after learning about the land animals, we headed over to Dolphin Days, the dolphin show at SeaWorld. it wasn’t so much a show, but a learning experience about dolphins. we got to see different varieties of dolphins and pilot whales, and also learned how the animals are trained and cared for. did you know that the animals are only taught with positive reinforcement. there is no punishing them for not doing what the trainers want. everything the dolphins do is because they want to…and they looked so happy!

after the show, we got a special experience. we got to meet one of the dolphins…and wow, he was such a character. he let us feed him, take a picture with him….

and then he gave the kids a surprise LOL. SOAKED!!!!!!

when it came to eating and meals at SeaWorld, there are a lot of dining options including Dine with Shamu. our family got the All-Day Dining Pass which was perfect. you can get an entreé, a side dish and a non-alcoholic drink as often as every hour if you want. it’s a great price too. the kids were excited to get treats like these Shamu cookies!

one of the kids favorite parts of the day was visiting the SeaWorld Animal Care Center. they got to learn about the amazing things the SeaWorld team does to help animal around the world.

the goal of the SeaWorld rescue program is and has always been to medically rehabilitate and return all animals back to their home in the wild. on average, SeaWorld San Diego comes to the aid of over 300 to 400 marine animals every year – including sea lions, seals, dolphins, whales, sea turtles and sea birds.

we learned how it is important to keep garbage and plastic out of the oceans, and to make sure it is properly disposed of. when sea life ingests it, they can become sick. we also met one of the dolphins who was being rehabilitated.

SeaWorld San Diego has rescued more than 17,000 animals over the history of the park, and all the SeaWorld parks have rescued more than 30,000 animals in the last 50 years. the SeaWorld rescue program is a primary example of the passion SeaWorld has for the lives of all animals, and it was such a treat for the boys to ask the SeaWorld staff  questions about the animals.

you can’t go to SeaWorld without seeing the SeaWorld Orca Encounter. it takes place in a ginormous amphitheater where you learn about the Orcas, their history and behaviors. it’s not a show, more like an informative discussion. Orcas are so beautiful.

there is so much to see at SeaWorld, i can’t believe that i haven’t taken the kids until now. they learned so much and are developing such a respect for the animals. we really enjoyed the Shark Encounter, the penguin exhibit and Wild Arctic.

we also had fun exploring the Sesame Street Bay of Play. there are things to climb on, games, rides and more.

finally, our last stop of the day was riding Atlantis. i had to stay off with the baby, but the boys loved it and rode it twice.

during the summer, if you stay till dark, you can experience SeaWorld’s All-New Summer Nighttime Celebration. there are 8 new experiences, including 2 shows inspired by playful sea creatures – Illuminght and Cirque Electric. there’s a glowing dance club with a world-class DJ, Laser Reef and Electric Ocean™, an all-new nighttime event. as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean the sea reveals its playful side with dazzling lights, pulsing dance music, live performers in sea-inspired costumes.

sooooo much fun!!!  we had the best day at SeaWorld. i encourage you to check out the park for yourself and see how much SeaWorld loves its animals. every visitor that goes to the park helps SeaWorld be able to have one of the most robust rescue programs in the world. and that is very important in keeping our animals and sea life safe.


  1. Cassandra D says

    Looks like so much fun.

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    Love sea world!

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    Who ended up winning?

  4. Jessica says

    Love the behind the scene look you guys got!

  5. Lauren says

    I want to see the dolphins.

  6. Donna W. says

    I would love to see all the shows and interactive areas. Looks like your family had an amazing time!

  7. Kalynn carter says

    The dolphins!

  8. Nichole says

    We haven’t been to Sea World in a few years and would love to go! The shark encounter looks amazing!

  9. Mike Peyer says

    the whales.

  10. I kids love dolphins

  11. Mrs Sebas says

    Would love to take my girls!! ????

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    My kids love seeing the sea turtles!

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    We would love to see the sharks.

  14. Karen Craven says

    Your pics are great! Ready to go now

  15. Karen Craven says

    Love Seaworld but haven’t in long time. Current goal is to share the experience with the grandkids

  16. My child’s smiles????????
    The new updated Sea World

  17. Andrea says

    Dolphins and sea lions!

  18. the dolphins. i just love them!

  19. Kristy Hurt says

    My two little boys would absolutely love to visit sea world. My hubby & I would love to take them and see all the animals. What a fun giveaway.

  20. Sarina Gallon says

    Great pictures!

  21. Amanda bryant says

    We went about a year ago and had so much fun, totally ready to go back!

  22. Carey Cole says

    The funny walrus/sea lion show!!

  23. Crystal says

    So great to read about the new and fun things! We’re going in a couple weeks with our 2 year old and infant. So excited to try one of those cute Shamu cookies!

  24. This looks amazing! So much new stuff! I haven’t been to Sea World in years! I would love to take my daughter!

  25. Patti Titus Beltran says

    We haven’t been to Sea World in years. Infsct, my 4 yr old has never been. I’m excited to see all the new improvements and new shows. Best of all….seeing the excitement in my kids eyes!

  26. This would be SO amazing to win! My son is obsessed with the ocean and everything in it. He would be over the moon excited about this. We used to live in California and this would give us a chance to visit people we haven’t seen in three years. It would be an awesome trip!

  27. Teri Martinez says

    I would love to see the shows!

  28. Amanda says

    Just moved to CA! Can’t wait to visit Sea World for the first time!

  29. Melissa says

    We would love the shows!!

  30. Valerica says

    What a fun adventure you had! Would love to have this same experience for my kiddos ❤️

  31. Carrie Kleckner says

    Amazing giveaway! My boys would love to go on the Journey to Atlantis ride! Love that ride!

  32. Sandy Anderson says

    I would love to take my grandchildren to see all the animals!!!!!

  33. Sonia Stech says

    I want to see the Dolphins I lOVE Them

  34. Ana Azpeitia says

    What we want to see most at Sea World are the touch tanks!

  35. I want to see the dolphins. They have been my favorite sea animal since I was young.

  36. Jamie Mendell says

    Looks like a ton of fun!! I hope we win!

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    I’d love to win these tickets. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

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    Sea World is in our upcoming vacation plan. It’d be awesome to get free tickets!

  40. Kailee G. says

    Sea World is probably one of my all time favorite places. As a kid I would get to go once every few years and I always looked forward to it. I’ve always been fascinated with dolphins and whales and now my daughters have the same love for them so we would probably be spending the most time watching them.

  41. Vivian says

    Orcas!!!! Would love to see them !! ????????????

  42. Vivian says

    Orcas!!!! Would love to see them !! ????????????

  43. Valerie Boadt says

    I haven’t been to SeaWorld in over 20 years. I would love to take my 2 boys. I loved the interactive attractions and would love to see the Shark Encounter

  44. Maria Gregorio says

    Oh my god I’m planning to take my daughter to see the fishes. I am so excited to see all the animals (orcas, penguins, dolphins. I can’t wait to do the touch tank with my 2 year old princess I can’t wait to see her reaction of the fishes sucking her fingers LOL. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity.

  45. Melissa says

    Wow, it looks like your family had an amazing visit!! I’d love to take my kids there!

  46. Teri F says

    What a great giveaway! I haven’t been to Sea World since I was a child. It would be fun to see my experience Sea World for the first time with my husband.

  47. Erica Liu says

    We love Sea World! I always enjoy the shows, and I’m looking forward to going on the new ride!

  48. Surbhi K. says

    My daughter was just asking to go see Seaworld, she wants to see Ocean Explore!

  49. Ashley says

    We haven’t been since I was pregnant with my first and now I’m pregnant with my fourth. I would love go show the kids the sharks!

  50. Julie Falda says

    Looks like a blast!

  51. Megan Guess says

    Would love to take my boys before school starts back up! The new rides and shows look awesome!

  52. Melissa Estrada says

    Looks like you all had a fun day! I like the tip about the food pass! I’d love to take my son! He’s turning 6 soon & hasn’t been yet!

  53. Nidia Hinojosa says

    What a great giveaway! I haven’t been to Sea World in a long time.

  54. Anthea Cotton says

    Thank you for this great giveaway! I would love to see the dolphins! My Fave!

  55. Merri Bjoralt says

    My son loved Sea world. We have only gone once and Shamu is his favorite. Sleeps with him every night. We were blessed with a friend to get us in and eat with Shamu. If we were able to go back is love to do the behind scenes your.

  56. Vanessa Pulido says

    So much fun!

  57. Florianne says

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway! Always enjoy seeing your adventures ????

  58. Jasmine Hartwell says

    I love your photos! It’s been forever since I’ve been to sea world and I am impressed how they have really upgraded the place to feature their rescue and conservation efforts.

  59. Kathryn Harvey says

    What do I want to see most? Dolphin show – it’s my fav!!

  60. Katy says

    Love your photos!! Looks like a wonderful time

  61. michelle says

    we would love to see the new orca show!

  62. Catherine Yates says

    We LOVE Sea World. But we haven’t been since they built orca encounter. So I’m really excited to see that. We love the dolphins though, there’s one there that my youngest really bonded with. Still loving your blog, Jill!

  63. Tenoka says

    IS Seaworld a good place for toddlers or would you wait to they are a bit older to take them?

  64. Joyce says

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  65. Heather Talley says

    I’d love to bring my family! I’m curious to see how they have changed the orca show.

  66. Jon Ganahl says

    The kids are obsessed with seals. Would be amazing to see one up close.

  67. Swooz says

    We haven’t been to Seaworld for years – thanks for showing us all the great changes they have made!

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    We moved back to CA two years ago and haven’t been to Sea World yet. Would love to take my daughter and a friend of hers in the fall.

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    I would love to win for my family We never been there.. Hopefully we get a chance soon..

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    I would love to see the orcas and dolphins!

  76. Melisa Kimball Engel says

    I enjoyed your positive write up about Sea World. It’s a great family park that everyone can enjoy and learn about the animals! We love the sea turtles!

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    I hope we win! My boys love Sea World and my 4 year loves dolphins and sea turtles!

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    I haven’t been to Sea World in years! They’ve added so much!

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    We love the dolphin show.

  81. Linda says

    Such a fun giveaway. My kids love seaworld!

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