Dinner with Elmo and the Sesame Street Parade at Seaworld and GIVEAWAY!

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a few weeks ago, we headed down to San Diego to check out the debut of the all new Sesame Street Party Parade at Seaworld. we also had dinner reservations at the new Dinner with Elmo and Friends, so we were really excited. our family was most excited to introduce Dani, our littlest to Sesame Street. it would be her first time meeting all the characters.

we love a lot of things about Seaworld, they do so much good for our oceans and environment. we visited last year and got to witness first hand some of they great things they do. we especially love that Seaworld has included Sesame Street more and more into the park. they already have the Sesame Street Bay of Play, which is filled with family-friendly fun and rides like Elmo’s Flying Fish, Oscar’s Rocking Eel and Abby’s Sea Star Spin. so adding the Sesame Street Parade and Dinner with Elmo and Friends was a perfect addition!

Sesame Street Party Parade

first up, we found some seating along the Sesame Street Party Parade route. everyone was excited to see it for the first time…and let me tell you, it was a hit! the kids loved seeing their favorite Sesame Street pals sing and dance down the street.

fun highlights of the parade included audience participation – where the kids got to run out onto the parade route and dance and play games with the Sesame Street friends, getting to wave to all our favorite characters, and a giant Elmo float at the end of the parade.

Dinner with Elmo and Friends

after the parade, it was perfect timing to head over and have a special Dinner with Elmo and Friends. did you know that you can make reservations far an additional cost and enjoy dinner and photo opps with your favorite Sesame Street Pals? neither did we. but it was so much fun and a very special experience.

Dinner with Elmo and Friends is and exclusive dinner for guests in the park to have a dinner buffet and also meet the Sesame Street characters up close and personal. there is a whole lot of giggles, hugs and dancing. the dinner buffet features a fresh salad bar, pasta, Fajitas, sides, desserts and more. there is something for everyone to enjoy – from adults to kids to babies.

everyone can find a seat in the banquet seating area and enjoy the food and coloring activities provided on the table. the kids loved the dinner buffet because they could get whatever they wanted. so that means unlimited dinner rolls and breadsticks LOL.

did i mention that there is a dessert station where you can make your own cookie ice cream sandwiches! it’s a Cookie Monster’s dream, with giant cookies of all varieties and ice cream that can be used to make a cookie ice cream sandwich.

once everyone has been seated and are eating, the Sesame Street characters begin to arrive. they come to the tables and say hi to the families and dance in the aisles. i suggest getting the kids to eat as soon as possible, because once the characters start to arrive, all the kids want to do is play with them. there is no getting them to eat after that!

we had so much fun with the Sesame Street gang…it really was a special experience. the parade was fun and really well done, i highly recommend if you have a Sesame Street fan in your home.


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{Disclosure: We were invited guests of SeaWorld. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}


  1. Tina W says

    I’ve always loved Oscar the Grouch. (starting to realize some of my issues really do go back to childhood!!!)

  2. Jenna Hudson says

    Cookie monster will always be my favorite!

  3. Cassandra D says

    Fave character would be Cookie Monster.

  4. Ae Minx says

    Big bird has always been my favorite

  5. Aaron Humphrey says

    My favorite character is Cookie Monster.

  6. Lesley Whittaker says

    I love Big Bird and Animal!

  7. I’m a Big Bird fan 🙂

  8. Donelle Anderson says

    I think that Abby is adorable! Elmo is a classic cutie though!

  9. Jen F says

    Oh my gosh; this looks adorable! Perfect for Sesame Street fans!

  10. Nidia H says

    We love Elmo! He is so happy and positive.

  11. topshelfbikes says

    My kid loves big Bird.

  12. Tim G says


  13. Heather says

    Cookie Monster!!!

  14. Uyen says

    I love the vampire!

  15. Carolsue says

    I like Cookie Monster the most

  16. cyndi br says

    my favorite is cookie monster.

  17. Eddie Lebron says

    Big bird

  18. Elizabeth says

    Our favorite character is Elmo! He is so adorable! We have so many fun memories from our family trips to Sea World ????!

  19. Denise R says

    Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird have always been my favorites!

  20. Dounia says

    We love Elmo. What a super cool giveaway ????????. My son loves sea world. ????????

  21. Vanessa Gambino says

    My favorite is big Bird

  22. Debrah Lerma says

    Looks amazing and fun!

  23. Melissa Bates says

    We love all the Sesame Street characters! But Snuffy is my favorite!

  24. Sharon says

    This looks just perfect for a summer adventure !!

  25. Oh Elmo would have to be our favorite. My second child was obsessed and we went here years ago when he was 3 just to enjoy some sesame action!

  26. i’m a fan of oscar the grouch.

  27. Julie Ito says

    We love Cookie Monster! We would love to go to SeaWorld and make cookie ice cream sandwiches! It looks delicious!

  28. Amber Romero says

    We love cookie monster and elmo but we’ve never been to seaworld.

  29. Bianca Mayorga says

    Elmo is our favorite!

  30. Joanne Lee says

    Cookie monster forever!

  31. Karen Carter says

    My fav has always been Oscar the Grouch!

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    Elmo is so much fun!! Love him!

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    Wheel of Elmo and Big Bird!

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  37. Karen V. Harrell says

    My and our favorite character has to be Zoe, love her vibrancy and character.

  38. Jenette O'Rourke says

    Cookie monster is our favorite! I’m so excited they added a parade to the park, and we love the food at Sea World so we can’t wait to try this!

  39. Olivia B says

    Elmo <3 Always!

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    We love ????Cookie Monster????

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    My favorite is Grover and my kiddos picked Elmo 🙂

  42. Katie says

    How fun

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    Cookie Monster!!

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    Elmo!! MIchael would love to see Elmo in person!! Looks like Dani loved it. ❤️

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    So fun!

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    This looks awesome. Oscar is my boy.

  47. Sandra Caballero says

    Big bird has always been my favorite character. For my 9 years old and 3 years old they love Elmo! They always love watching It Elmo’s world !! I miss those days. Taking them to Sea World would be a fun time for them and a great day to remember for the rest of their life.

  48. Heather Taey says

    Elmo and Cookie Monster have always been my kids favorites!

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    This looks awesome! We love Sesame Street and Elmo!

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    I love your giveaways! Thank you

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    love this! i have been thinking about taking my kids. everything looks so fun!!!!

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    Cookie monster is awesome!

  54. Sarah Lin says

    Favorite sesame Street character is Elmo!! Hoping we win the 4 pack to Sea world !!

  55. Amanda rincon says

    Bert and Ernie are my favs

  56. April J says

    My youngest loves Elmo! I would be curious to know how they handle allergies and gluten free at the dinner. It’s a huge challenge for us and a lot of families we know. But my kids love Seaworld. ❤️

  57. Janelle says

    Love Cookie Monster!! Your page is just the best!!!

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    We love Elmo! Such a fun giveaway. Thanks for the chance ????

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    SeaWorld is so much fun to visit! And the food is delicious too! I want to try the make your own ice cream sandwich! LOoks so delicious! Of course I can’t wait to see Elmo!

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    Elmo is our favorite character!

  61. Love Elmo!

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