The New Café Nongshim at Pretend City Children’s Museum

last week, miss Dani Kat and i took a trip to Pretend City for the Grand Opening of Café Nongshim. it is the new play cafe that Pretend City changes themes a couple times a year. we love the cafe because it is perfect for little hands to explore and create – and expose children to a different cultures. Nongshim is specialty cuisine of Seoul, Korea. so Café Nongshim has a Korean theme. perfect timing for this year’s winter Olympics.

Nongshim translates to instant noodles in English and they specialize in just that, instant noodles in a variety of different flavors and spices. their most popular dishes are the Kimchi Ramyun noodles and the Neoguri noodles. and all of their products are both tasty and convenient! here are some of Nongshim’s instant noodles…

it was fun taking baby Dani to Pretend City for the first time.  she loved everything about it – the water area, the toddler area, the garden area and Trader Joe’s pretend market were her favorite. and of course she loved the new Café Nongshim. we were there for the ribbon cutting and got to here about the Nongshim company from one of the local Nongshim partners.

Nongshim started in 1965 in Seoul, Korea, and became the #1 noodle and snack manufacturer in the country. they then had successful expansion to the neighboring countries throughout Asia. thereafter, Nongshim America, Inc. was established in 1994 as a part of the global expansion which made their noodles available consumers in North America. they have one of their U.S. headquarters right here in Southern California, in Ranch Cucamonga.

the ceremony included a drumlins with Korean drummers, and the ribbon cutting. then the kids were allowed to go into the Café Nongshim and play.

playing in Café Nongshim was so much fun. Dani thought she was so big playing in the kitchen that was stocked with “pretend” supplies to make Korean food.

there’s an area to assemble the noodles…

and then the Café area where you can “pretend” to be a customer or be a restaurant worker. it was so much fun playing with my girl. there is something about Korean Noodles that gets the taste buds going. YUM YUM.

my little niece from When In Huntington also had fun in the cafe. she served us lots one noodles.

Pretend City is so much fun for little kids and parents alike. it allows you to play with you kids in a magical make believe world. we had so much fun at the Grand Opening of Café Nongshim, and hopefully you can take your kids to check it out too.

{This is not a sponsored post. We were invited guests of Pretend City. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and Etnies come to Pretend City

Wahoo's & Etnies Exhibits at Pretend City #orangecounty #museum

there are two exciting families in town at Pretend City! Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and Etnies have joined Pretend City Town. kids can create there own yummy “pretend” food in the Wahoo’s Fish Taco Cafe and the Etnies Family has moved into the Pretend City House.


last week we were invited to attend the opening of these new exhibits, and i would have to say, this has been one of my boys favorite visits to Pretend City. i mean, how exciting to have a skateboard company and their favorite “surfing” food place take over Pretend City. they got to build real life skateboards and skate ramps in the Pretend City house garage, dine in Wahoo’s Cafe that was decorated in surf and skate stickers, hear a live tween band, skate with Etnies, and pretend they were hanging ten! it was AWESOME!


i got to have a quick chat with the owners of Wahoo’s and Etnies, and i was really impressed with their authenticity and energy. wanting people to love life and enjoy the kid in all of us. we should all take this advice.

check out this quick video clip of our visit to Pretend City… 

Halloween Fun at Pretend City

spooky creepy crawlers and cool creatures will fill the city spaces at Pretend City Children’s Museum this month!  children can explore the craggy cave, grassy meadow, and frightful farm shed to find these delightfully squirmy bugs and reptiles.
during the month of October, there will be a special activity each day of the week where families can participate in daily bug-themed activities, meet special “guests,” and create creatures in the Art Studio.
Mondays – Art Studio Sessions 

baby bugs, slimy, creepy, crawly art projects are in store for little ones every Monday! activities are geared to help children improve fine motor skills through the manipulation of art materials, like paint brushes and pencils.

Tuesdays – Engaging Afternoons

build-my-skills bugs at 3:30p.m. you can watch your child’s skills grow as they progress through bug-themed activities. each week’s activity will gradually increase in difficulty. activities will utilize social interaction to support a little learner’s development and provide the support structures necessary to get to the next challenging level or stage.

 Wednesdays: Lil’ Me Mornings 11:00 

the coolest thing to happen to bugs! stories and songs are second to none in their ability to inspire and energize children while enhancing the learning process. every wednesday children will have the opportunity to delight in a reading of a bug poem. poems will transform into songs as they are sung to familiar children’s tunes.

Thursdays: Engaging Afternoons 3:30

get an up close and personal look at incredible insects during these sensational science afternoon activities! children will be introduced to and explore specimens that they may have never known of – from a tiger beetle to a lantern fly. as your children participate in a variety of activities, such as matching and sorting, they will build their vocabulary while learning about life cycles, bug body parts, and more!

 Fridays: Art Studio Sessions

on a special night with the moon shining bright, what will come lurking out of the shadows and sights? Frightful Flyers…that’s who! all of these frightful flyers are signs of the Halloween holiday. children can enjoy using these characters and symbols as inspiration for their art projects.

 Saturdays: Lil’ Me Mornings 10:30

as children explore and examine fascinating insect specimens, they’ll feel just like real scientists making incredible discoveries! Every Saturday they can use the magnifier to investigate amazing specimens—from a silkworm cocoon and a stag beetle to a super-realistic dragonfly fossil. corresponding activities will follow to help a child remember the exciting facts that they just learned.

 Sundays: Art Studio Sessions

bring on the Halloween fun with these ghoulishly great art activities for children of all ages! there will be take home activities to help you create eerie exteriors and rooms with a boo!

Pumpkin Carving Workshop
Sunday, October 21st
1:30 – 3:30 p.m.
additional fee: $15 per child 

families will have the opportunity to learn to carve pumpkins like a pro! learn specialized tips and tricks from the pumpkin carving master, Jim Morey of VIP Carvings. the pumpkin Carving Workshop includes all of the supplies needed along with a pumpkin to take home! with the tricks learned the workshop, and a little bit of patience, this year you will be wowing your friends and neighbors with your awesome looking pumpkin carvings!

Halloween Bug Bash
Wednesday, October 31st
all day
included with admission

little ghouls and boys will have a howling good time at our Halloween Bug Bash! there’s something for every little trick-or-treater – two-legs and all! you can come dressed to thrill in our creepy, creaky critter city.  try your monster moves with Disco Dracula! you can try some spooky snacks – this year make sure your Halloween is a healthy one with sometimes-scary, no-bake, healthy, Halloween treats. Kiosk Café will offer Bug Bites like crickets, bugs and worms!  adventurous foodies should stop by for a “taste” of something exotic. and make sure to join Pretend City for a spooky storytime of Halloween Bugs. behind each door lurks a different bug! no tricks here —only treats! FREE Dental Screenings- 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon. (first come, first served) and creep and crawl your way through the city as you Trick-or-Treat at each of our exhibit spaces every 2 hours. sounds like great fun!