10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Kids to Adventure Playground

Huntington Beach Adventure Playground Mud Park

After 8 years of sharing fun places to go in Orange County, I’ve decided to stop promoting a particular summer attraction. I’ve have received numerous emails throughout the years about why it is not a great place to take kids, and I have finally been convinced to side with the naysayers. Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach is an awful place for kids and here are the reasons why:

1. It is so dirty. Why in the world would kids want to play in dirt, step in mud or get their clothes dirty? Gross. This is the kind of fun kids had in the olden days when electronics were unavailable. Why would we want to go back to that? Plus, YOU will most likely also be coerced to play in the dirt with your kids and there is NO WAY that you could handle this. Letting loose and letting your five year old yoga pants get dirty and playing with your kids is no fun at all. It might actually cause you to relieve some stress! That’s just too much. And you know, washing machines and bathtubs are so hard to come by these days, you might never get clean.

see. i got my shoes dirty when i was forced to play with my kids.

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2. Your kids might get exposed to germs. Who knows what kind of diseases are lurking in that nasty muddy pond? Germs have no place on or in kids! It’s probably everyone’s personal toilet. I heard, from someone who knows someone who went there, that they allow kids to pee in it, right there in front of everyone! Yeah, your kids definitely shouldn’t be playing on those neat Tom Sawyer rafts floating around in muck that is treated with chlorine everyday. What’s about that even sounds fun at all?

yep. no fun at all.

Tom Sawyer Rafts Huntington Beach Adventure Playground Mud Park

3. There are real tools just hanging around. Letting your kid play with real saws and hammers is extremely dangerous. They might cut off one of their fingers or smash a thumb while building an amazing tree house fort. Or worse, they might get a splinter and get gangrene. They shouldn’t be able to learn from you or the staff about how to use such dangerous tools as these until they are at least eighteen years old. Actually, better make it thirty years old. Even when they are under the supervision of highly trained playground counselors that explain the rules and show them the proper way to use the tools, something terrible could totally happen.

so dangerous.

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PLUS…if the kids don’t follow the rules….

4. They might get put in time out. The trained Adventure Playground counselors will give your kid a time out if they don’t follow the rules. How dare someone else discipline my child?! Children should be allowed to cut in line and swing saws in the air, or do whatever they want whenever they want. It’s so annoying that these playground counselors keep such a close eye on all the kids to make sure they follow the rules to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. The nerve!

5. Your kids might get Hypothermia. The water that is used on the water slide comes straight from the hose and it’s freeeeeeeezing cold! you should ONLY let your kids go on water slides that use heated bottled water, preferably of the mountain spring variety. Their delicate bodies can not handle the cold, unfiltered tap water. Especially on a super hot day. Watching your kids slide down a makeshift black tarp water slide into an 18″ deep freezing pool of water and screaming in terror would never be satisfying for a parent to watch…not even after all those Legos you’ve stepped on in the still of the night.

OMG….he is going to freeze.

Huntington Beach Waterslide

6. Letting your child pick up trash is degrading.  Why should my children have to do something constructive and helpful in order to earn nails to build something cool with wood? They should get unlimited nails for free without learning how to earn them. Life lessons such as these are so useless. This place is supposed to be fun.

7. They might get hurt on the rope bridge. Rope bridges are not for kids! They could get a rope burn or lose their balance and fall into that dirty pond while trying to cross the rope bridge. This would be the end of the world! Why would you want your kids to learn skills such as balance, patience and perseverance? Climbing is also not really fun for kids when they have video games and computers at home.

Huntington Beach Bridge

8. You might have to use a Port-a-potty. Yep, the bathrooms there are of the portable variety. They are so gross! You have definitely never had to use one in your entire life, and you can probably hold it, but what about your kids? What kind of parent would you be if you subjected them to something so…so classless? Yuck!

9. Your kids’ clothes will get ruined. You know that obnoxious character tee or shoes that the grandparents gave your child? The one that they insist on wearing every. single. day? Yeah, that one! Well your kid might insist on wearing it to Adventure Playground–where it will get so dirty and stained that you have to throw it out. Darn. That would really suck.

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10. It’s way too expensive. $4 per child is definitely too much to spend on an outing with the kids. Especially since it’s an all-day activity. And especially since the parking is free. Such a pricey activity.

Adventure Playground is a place you really want to avoid during the Summer. Don’t go there. Just STAY HOME. Kids should stay indoors playing video games and watching television all day, and should definitely not let themselves get dirty underneath the beautiful OC sun. Plus, there are just too many kids having fun there. I don’t want the playground to get too crowded for my children who will be busy there not having any fun at all. That’s why we go multiple times each summer – so I can torture them.

Still Want to Go to Adventure Playground?

Just in case you want to make sure that Adventure Playground is as horrible as I say it is, you can find the information on How to visit Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach here.

And just in case you didn’t get my SARCASM, Adventure Playground is SUPER AWESOME. take your kids there at least once this Summer. The dirt and germs are worth it. And I suggest going after lunch when the day camps have left. It’s less crowded then, which means even more fun.

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U.S. Tacos Co. in Huntington Beach: Taco Bell Concept Restaurant

us-tacos-menuU.S. Taco Co. has now unfortunately closed.

last week the boys and i were able to preview Huntington Beach’s newest taco shop, U.S. Taco Co., the much anticipated craft taco concept restaurant from Taco Bell Corp. it was really a treat to get to try it out and see what the hype was all about…i had no idea what to expect. was is going to be like Taco Bell?

well no….not at all.  the best way i can describe it is, that it’s more like a gourmet food truck in the form of a boutique casual restaurant, with foodie quality food, and a great vibe steps from the Pacific Ocean.

us-tacos-restauranti just love the design and decor of the restaurant, it features a fresh a take on the traditional American color palette, with vibrant neon reds, whites and blues that are fused with decor that is definitively Mexican-inspired. brightly colored subway tiles, fun mason jars, and an open kitchen that allows diners to watch as food is freshly prepared. #eattacos-us-taco-co us-tacos-co-taco-belli especially love that they brought in hints of decor inspired from the Mexican holiday of Dia De Muertos.us-tacos-Huntington-beachand now about the food! it’s really exciting and different from anything i have had.

U.S. Taco Co.’s menu was designed by U.S. Taco Co. Executive Chef, Rene Pisciotti. the menu includes ten premium tacos that are American-inspired from places across the United States, such as the Philly cheese steak inspired “Brotherly Love” and the real Texas brisket filled “Not My 1st Rodeo,” but they all have a Mexican twist.

us-tacos-taco-bell-menu i got to try some of the tacos…they were pretty much awesome. my oldest son and i gobbled them up.us-tacos-taco-bellhere i have the Crispy Chicken with jalapeño gravy, Carne Asada with roasted poblano queso and Pulled Pork with peach jalapeño BBQ sauce and corn cake. so unique and VERY tasty!foodie-tacos-orange-countyand the fries! i am a french fry connoisseur…or at least i love eating them. U.S. Tacos Co. has some of the best fries i have ever had. the have a special “scoop” shape that makes them nice and crispy on the sides and perfect for dipping. you gotta try them with all the special sauces; like the jalapeño ranch, ghost chile ketchup or roasted chile queso dip. they taste perfect with just plain ketchup too.us-tacos-scoop-friesus-tacos-HB-OC the boys really enjoyed everything including the small batch, craft sodas which were a big treat to them…us-tacos-hand-crafted-sodas and they also the kids meals, which you can order on request.us-tacos-orange-county and you are not going to want to miss out on the milkshakes or Leche Shakes as they are called at U.S. Taco Co.  yummy! they are SOOOO GOOD! the flavors are unique and served in a large mason jar. i haven’t enjoyed a milkshake like these for quit a long time.us-tacos-orange-county-bestbest-us-tacos-taco-belli mean common! Friggin’ Fried Ice Cream with cinnamon toast crunch, Coco Loco with spiced chocolate sauce and chocolate flakes, and Shut Your Pie Hole with strawberries and pie crust.


talking to the owners and creators of U.S. Taco Co. it was great to learn about how the restaurant came to be.

“This concept started with a team of entrepreneur-minded food lovers steeped in fusion food culture,” said Jeff Jenkins, who led the opening of the first U.S. Taco Co. restaurant. “We blended this passion for unique dishes with the inspiration that we got from the Mexican holiday of Dia De Muertos, which celebrates life and family. What we dreamed-up was U.S. Taco Co., which is about the experience of eating good food with your family, friends and community.”taco-bell-concept-restaurant

the boys and i really loved our experience at U.S. Taco Co. and can’t wait to go back. i know that it’s going to become one of our favorite restaurants to visit when we come to Huntington Beach.

keep up with the latest U.S. Taco Co. News Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

#eattacosus-tacos-HB { Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was an invited guest of U.S. Taco Co. and was able to review the food with my boys. All thoughts and opinions are a bazillion times my own. }

Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach

I know i post this every year, but this is seriously one of my kiddies favorite places to go! We are very excited that Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach is open for the summer! It’s a mud park for kids in Central Park, Huntington Beach. But before you read ahead…you may want to read this post first: 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULDN’T TAKE YOUR KIDS TO ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND

Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach

Here are pictures from one of our trips a few years ago, in case you missed it: 

We went to Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach. paradise for kids who like to get dirty, play in the mud or build things. i have been trying to take my boys there since last year. I actually remember going when i was little.

So, we finally made it to Adventure Playground. I wasn’t sure what to expect because i couldn’t find much info about it on the internet. but you should have seen my boys eyes when we arrived. rope bridges, mud slide, tire zip line, forts to build with tools, a lake with rafts to float around on. just like Tom Sawyer. Little boy heaven…..although there were even more girls there.

We got there around 1:00 when all the day camps were leaving. The weather was great…not to hot. I guess this june gloom lasting into july can have benefits once in awhile. It cost $3 per child…a great deal! We went with a small group of friends and enjoyed ourselves for almost 3 hours.

Here are some pictures from our adventurous day

This is the pond where you can float around and balance on a raft. it is not deep at all, maybe 2 feet. This was the little ones favorite activity.

Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach

Then there was the building area where you can check out real tools. saws, hammers and nails. If you use all your nails, you can earn more by helping clean up. This was the boys favorite activity. you could tell they had dreams of building grand forts. *wink*

Don’t forget the mud slide…..wheeeeeeeeeee!

And even little girls can have fun! look at this little cutie who tagged along with our group of boys. What a fun, fun day it was.

And of course, we always return a few times each summer!

Details about Adventure Playground

(Updated June 2019)
• 2019 season starts June 17 through August 16, 2019
• Open monday-saturday 10:00am – 4:00pm, play ends at 3:40 for clean-up (closed sundays & july 4th)
• $4.00 per child fee is charged.  All adults 16 and older are free. CASH ONLY
• suggested age is 5-12 (the 3 & 4 year old in our group loved it)
• There are picnic tables for eating
• There are no places to lock up valubles
• Everybody must wear closed-toe tennis shoes (no sandals, water shoes, Crocs, shoes without tongues, toe-shaped running shoes are allowed)
• You will get dirty….adults too
• Prepare for dirty kids, showers and changing area available (very rustic LOL)
• (714) 842-7442 or (714) 536-5486
click here for website.

Location of Adventure Playground
Adventure Playground is located in Huntington Beach off of Goldenwest, in the same parking lot as the Huntington Beach Central Library. Park and then walk up the hill. Click here for a map.

 P.S. Parents, plan on playing with your kiddies. some activities need parents help.