10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Kids to Adventure Playground

Huntington Beach Adventure Playground Mud Park

After 8 years of sharing fun places to go in Orange County, I’ve decided to stop promoting a particular summer attraction. I’ve have received numerous emails throughout the years about why it is not a great place to take kids, and I have finally been convinced to side with the naysayers. Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach is an awful place for kids and here are the reasons why:

1. It is so dirty. Why in the world would kids want to play in dirt, step in mud or get their clothes dirty? Gross. This is the kind of fun kids had in the olden days when electronics were unavailable. Why would we want to go back to that? Plus, YOU will most likely also be coerced to play in the dirt with your kids and there is NO WAY that you could handle this. Letting loose and letting your five year old yoga pants get dirty and playing with your kids is no fun at all. It might actually cause you to relieve some stress! That’s just too much. And you know, washing machines and bathtubs are so hard to come by these days, you might never get clean.

see. i got my shoes dirty when i was forced to play with my kids.

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2. Your kids might get exposed to germs. Who knows what kind of diseases are lurking in that nasty muddy pond? Germs have no place on or in kids! It’s probably everyone’s personal toilet. I heard, from someone who knows someone who went there, that they allow kids to pee in it, right there in front of everyone! Yeah, your kids definitely shouldn’t be playing on those neat Tom Sawyer rafts floating around in muck that is treated with chlorine everyday. What’s about that even sounds fun at all?

yep. no fun at all.

Tom Sawyer Rafts Huntington Beach Adventure Playground Mud Park

3. There are real tools just hanging around. Letting your kid play with real saws and hammers is extremely dangerous. They might cut off one of their fingers or smash a thumb while building an amazing tree house fort. Or worse, they might get a splinter and get gangrene. They shouldn’t be able to learn from you or the staff about how to use such dangerous tools as these until they are at least eighteen years old. Actually, better make it thirty years old. Even when they are under the supervision of highly trained playground counselors that explain the rules and show them the proper way to use the tools, something terrible could totally happen.

so dangerous.

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PLUS…if the kids don’t follow the rules….

4. They might get put in time out. The trained Adventure Playground counselors will give your kid a time out if they don’t follow the rules. How dare someone else discipline my child?! Children should be allowed to cut in line and swing saws in the air, or do whatever they want whenever they want. It’s so annoying that these playground counselors keep such a close eye on all the kids to make sure they follow the rules to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. The nerve!

5. Your kids might get Hypothermia. The water that is used on the water slide comes straight from the hose and it’s freeeeeeeezing cold! you should ONLY let your kids go on water slides that use heated bottled water, preferably of the mountain spring variety. Their delicate bodies can not handle the cold, unfiltered tap water. Especially on a super hot day. Watching your kids slide down a makeshift black tarp water slide into an 18″ deep freezing pool of water and screaming in terror would never be satisfying for a parent to watch…not even after all those Legos you’ve stepped on in the still of the night.

OMG….he is going to freeze.

Huntington Beach Waterslide

6. Letting your child pick up trash is degrading.  Why should my children have to do something constructive and helpful in order to earn nails to build something cool with wood? They should get unlimited nails for free without learning how to earn them. Life lessons such as these are so useless. This place is supposed to be fun.

7. They might get hurt on the rope bridge. Rope bridges are not for kids! They could get a rope burn or lose their balance and fall into that dirty pond while trying to cross the rope bridge. This would be the end of the world! Why would you want your kids to learn skills such as balance, patience and perseverance? Climbing is also not really fun for kids when they have video games and computers at home.

Huntington Beach Bridge

8. You might have to use a Port-a-potty. Yep, the bathrooms there are of the portable variety. They are so gross! You have definitely never had to use one in your entire life, and you can probably hold it, but what about your kids? What kind of parent would you be if you subjected them to something so…so classless? Yuck!

9. Your kids’ clothes will get ruined. You know that obnoxious character tee or shoes that the grandparents gave your child? The one that they insist on wearing every. single. day? Yeah, that one! Well your kid might insist on wearing it to Adventure Playground–where it will get so dirty and stained that you have to throw it out. Darn. That would really suck.

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10. It’s way too expensive. $4 per child is definitely too much to spend on an outing with the kids. Especially since it’s an all-day activity. And especially since the parking is free. Such a pricey activity.

Adventure Playground is a place you really want to avoid during the Summer. Don’t go there. Just STAY HOME. Kids should stay indoors playing video games and watching television all day, and should definitely not let themselves get dirty underneath the beautiful OC sun. Plus, there are just too many kids having fun there. I don’t want the playground to get too crowded for my children who will be busy there not having any fun at all. That’s why we go multiple times each summer – so I can torture them.

Still Want to Go to Adventure Playground?

Just in case you want to make sure that Adventure Playground is as horrible as I say it is, you can find the information on How to visit Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach here.

And just in case you didn’t get my SARCASM, Adventure Playground is SUPER AWESOME. take your kids there at least once this Summer. The dirt and germs are worth it. And I suggest going after lunch when the day camps have left. It’s less crowded then, which means even more fun.

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  1. Brandt says

    Since my son was a few years old I have always wanted to bring him here. We never got around to it and I thought they closed the place down. It’s too late to take him now since he is 18 and leaving for bootcamp for the Army on October 19th. I always heard this place was amazing though. Please say a prayer for my son as he moves on with his dream.

  2. Morgan says

    Loved this review! Finally found a helpful park review, thank you for this 🙂 can’t wait to come play and get dirty! Awesome

  3. Philthy McNazty says

    So true, I definently would not want myself or my kids to have fun outside ( especially together) With all of the technology available and the educational and engaging television these days I can’t believe that any parent would allow their children to participate in these types of activities. Please, any responsible parent should avoid this park! My kids and I always appreciate it when there is only a few people there!

  4. Danny Ramon says

    I thought your sarcasm was for realsies.
    Kudos on the writing. Definitely, pull it back next time lmao.

  5. Is this article a joke? Many of the reasons seem sarcastic, saying one bad thing, then stating good facts as if they are backing up her argument.

  6. Briana Valadao says

    Clever! True, who wants to be coerced into playing with their kids?!

  7. Rebecca says

    Cute article. My kids love this park and can’t wait to go back. Just a tip – closed toe shoes are required my daughter was not allowed to play in “keen” style shoes because they had small openings where the material crosses. They do have a shoe pile that you can borrow from (but I would have preferred to be prepared with our own shoes).

    Also – there is another Adventure park in Irvine that is worth visiting. It’s a bit different but still has hands on, creative play (not your typical playground).

  8. I like Orange County better after reading this.

  9. Hokanut says

    I remember the original adventure playground in the 70’s. Basically a dump in a huge pit full of discarded construction materials. We built whatever came to mind including tunnels…what could go wrong? LOL. It was a blast. There was a mud slide that we could slide down on one of the walls but it wasn’t covered in plastic and sometimes there were nails (and God knows what else) in the mud but it was just part of the deal. Good to see that it still lives on albeit a more sanitized version.

  10. She sounds like an uptight person who doesn’t know hot to have fun with her kids. She’s “forced” to have to play with them. When not just let the nanny or iPad take care of it. I read this whole article in a whiny voice because that’s how I imagined her telling the story. Relax, kids are resilient and little dirt and working for privileges isn’t going to hurt them. “Degrading”, sounds like self-entitlement.

  11. katherine brady says

    OMG! Great article!

  12. Tricia says

    I took my kids here today and was SO excited to take them to a place I LOVED!! I remember going here as a kid but remember some other features that were sadly absent today.

    Anyone else remember a zip line and trees and bushes along the perimeter that you could run and hide amongst? I heard the park moved locations from where it was originally…

  13. I’m 44yo and spent many summer days at adventure playground until I moved away from the area at 10yo. These people know what they are doing. They had sleepovers and lots of staff interaction but they know how to let the kid’s run their own game. I have so many great memories. I recommend it highly. I can still feel the mud invading my tennis shoes squishing between my toes.

  14. C Speiginer says

    This is absolutely stupid. No wonder kids nowadays are always sick. Expose them to germs!!!!! It is not a big deal. Hypothermia? So what!!! And the beach wont give them that? It is freaking cold there too. And Yes there are tons of trash in the beach too hello???!!!! Yeah just stay at home And have your kids watch tv and play video games all day long.

    • You obviously didn’t read the whole article or don’t understand she was being sarcastic. I thought it was funny and well written.

  15. Joe D. says

    Hilarious, love this! Definitely going to visit with our 4!

  16. Leslie says

    I’m taking all the kids my child hates from basketball camp. That’ll teach them, maybe one of them will get dirt in the eye or better yet stuck in the mud!!!

  17. Jennie says

    Lol we love this place. And I’ve seen all those complaints on yelp so you totally made me actually laugh outloud. If people actually take you seriously. ..well that’s awesome because it will be less crowded then 😉

  18. Brandi says

    You want them to use bottled water that’s warm? The water from the house is not good enough and not a great tempature. Tell that to some
    Kids who don’t have clean drinking water! This was such a horrible post! This place is for kids to be kids without nagging mothers who are worried about wet shoes and warm water while going down a slide. Smh what has the world come to.

  19. BabaYotis says

    Planning out our VERY low bidget summer vacation San Clemente and Venice. Thanks for much for the insights.
    I am flipping out with excitement for Adventure Park. My boys are going to love it and I am going to laugh and laugh at how filthy my wife and I get!!

  20. CarrieAnneK says

    I am a mom of 4 boys & we absolutely loved this place!!! I’m smart enough to get your article & you are awesome!

  21. Hannah says

    Seriously loved this. I wish we had this in NJ.

  22. No I definitely don’t want to follow you lol on twitter. Haha

  23. I had no idea this existed! The kids and I are definitely going to check this out this summer…I mean not, because it’s such a terrible place.

  24. Grandma Nutty says

    OH! so this is why you give me a funny look when I buy your kids those “cute” shirts!

  25. I didn’t even know this was still around! I grew up right down the street & remember going there as a kid MANY years ago 🙂

  26. tina says

    I can’t wait to take my grandson….

    • That’s the way we played when we were young, I am now 64. So much fun. When we came home muddy and a mess, we had to take our clothes off outside.

  27. mmomma says

    I was so disappointed when I thought (for a brief moment) you had turned to the dark side…

  28. Lynne says

    That looks amazing – wish there were parks like that here in the UK

  29. Lovely piece – well written with tongue firmly ensconced in cheek. I have another reason for you – the kids might succeed in escaping from the prying eyes of adults and explore some self-directed fun. Going to post a photo and link tomorrow on PlayGroundology FB. Thanks for the end of day smile.

    Been down to San Diego a couple of times but haven’t made it to Huntingdon Beach yet. We’ll have to rectify that if we make our way down there again.

    Cheers, Alex from PlayGroundology

  30. Melissa says

    This cracked me up!! If people take you seriously, they are not the people I want to hang out with at this park. I loved going here at a kid! Haven’t taken my kiddos yet but I think I will this summer just because your reasons NOT to go were so awesome!!

  31. Austin says

    This. Sounds. Awesome.

  32. Elizabeth says

    Very clever! I definitely appreciate your sarcasm. I will definitely be taking my son when he is old enough to have these kinds of adventures.

  33. Lina says

    Hahaha I was just thinking my boy would love to get dirty 🙂 my girl I’m not sure but I’m going to try this place. My son is 4, can they play on everything? Or is an age range ?
    Thank you.

    • I think four years old is fine. He might need a little help with the tools, but other than that he can do everything. I took my 3 year old and he had a blast.

  34. Amy Neal says

    This is fan. Tas. Tic. I grew up going to the mud park every summer with my cousins and it was always the highlight of the vacation. Best place ever. I was so excited when my own kids were old enough to take them a couple of years ago!

  35. Jessica says

    This was a terrible promotion page .-.

    • Carolyn says

      I totally disagree with your comment, Jessica. I found this to be very well written, informative and hilarious.

    • Brandi says

      Yes! If this was posted on ch 7 News she would re think some of her comments. Talk about backlash


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