Win a Stay at OC’s Great Wolf Lodge!!!!!

Great Wolf Lodge Touri don’t know who is more excited for the opening of the Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, me or the kids!!!! but i can tell you that the boys and i are counting down the days till our stay in early March. we are super excited. ย i took a hard hat tour of the property last September, and wow! the Great Wolf Lodge is going to be AMAZING. you can read all about the tour and construction on the post i wrote.

Great Wolf Lodge Orange County

first off….besides the AWESOME GIVEAWAY i will be sharing at the end of this post, i wanted to share a few pictures of what has been going on at the Great Wolf Lodge. construction is moving along, and in just a few months, Southern California is going to have its very first indoor water park along with an amazing family resort hotel. check out the latest progress on the water parkโ€ฆ

Great Wolf outside Great Wold Lodge Slide Construction Multiple slides at Great Wolf wind in and out of the building A look inside the 105,000 square foot water park at Great Wolf LodgeWhooping Hollow - Exclusively for guests under 48%22

and besides the 105,000-square-foot waterpark that is coming to GWL with all those awesome slides and attractions, the GWL Grand Lobby is continuing to take shape, including the fireplace where daily Story Time takes place with Great Wolf Kids characters; check out the antler chandeliers ready to be hung!

Grand Lobby

from the guest suites to the hallways, the family-friendly accommodations are looking more and more like Great Wolf Lodge every day…
Great Wolf Lodge Kids RoomGreat Wolf Lodge Towel Wolfand don’t forget about the Scooops spa, the Northern Lights Arcade, Ten Paw Alley, the restaurants and more.
Great Wolf Lodge Scoops Great Wolf Lodge Northern Lights ArcadeGreat Wolf Lodge Family Suite.jpgTen Paw AlleyGreat Wolf Lodge Loose Moose Family Kitchen

i hope you can just imagine how fun the Great Wolf Lodge is going to be for families. it’s all very exciting!

Palm Trees

PLUS…. good news!!!! you can already book your stay. the grand opening discount offer has been extended! Families now have until February 7, 2016 to book their stay and receive up to 20% off. click here for this special offer.

now, for what you’ve been waiting for….


Great Wold Lodge Contest

one lucky winner will win a two-night stay in a family suite at Great Wolf Lodge SoCal! a $500 value which includes water park passes for 3 days for the entire family and a family suite that can sleep up to 6 people. how cool is that! i am very excited for one of you to win.

HOW TO ENTER there are 4 ways to enter…and you can enter them all!!!! The more entries, the more chances to win!!!!!!!

1) enter via Rafflecopter below

2) enter by posting a photo on Instagram holding a sign that says “what you are most excited about doing at GWL” AND hashtag #GWLSoCal. must tag @popsicleblog & @greatwolflodge

3) enter by posting a photo on Twitter holding a sign that says “what you are most excited about doing at GWL” AND hashtag #GWLSoCal, must tag @popsicleblog & @greatwolflodge

4) enter by posting a photo in the comments of this Facebook post holding a sign that says “what you are most excited about doing at GWL” AND hashtag #GWLSoCal.

Giveaway Ended

Rules & Regulations: Winner will receive two one-night stay certificates valid only at Great Wolf Lodge Southern California. Each is valid for a single night stay in a Family Suite. Must mention the gift certificates upon making the reservation. Reservation stay is based on discount availability and not available on holidays. Some additional blackout dates may apply. Certificate expires August 31, 2016 and does not carry cash value. Recipient must be at least 21 years old.

{this is not a sponsored post}


  1. megan matteson says

    My kids would be on cloud nine! Love the water park!

  2. Wendy M says

    My daughter is super excited to bowl at ten paw Alley & play in the arcade! My son will love the pool.

  3. Nicole Sanchez says

    We’re excited for the allergy friendly chefs/restaurants! We’re also looking forward to the water park!

  4. Lindsay says

    Looks like such an awesome place!! It’s about time we got something like this in SoCal!

  5. I have never heard of this place, looks really fun. My kids would love the water slides.
    Can’t wait to go this summer!

  6. Michelle D says

    Can’t wait to go visit GWL SoCal

  7. Jennifer Galbraith says

    So excited that they are in So Cal. Looking forward to the waterslides!!

  8. Nicole Gallegos says

    Can’t wait to have my little one hit those water slides!!

  9. I want to go!

  10. Danitza says

    I’m most excited to see the look on boys faces if we get a chance to go ๐Ÿ™‚ they’re my two little fishys, so excited for the grand opening! My little ones birthday is in Febraury!!

  11. Linnea says

    Water slides and kid-friendly hotel rooms for sure!

  12. Lisa katch says

    So fun!

  13. Lauren Goeres-Hill says

    We have been wanting to visit one of the great wolf lodges for years, so excited one will be in the area!

  14. would love to win this! We’d tear the place up!

  15. Me and my kids would have a blast!!

  16. Sarah Sherman says

    Holy moly the water park would be bomb ! Especially because of it only being open to guests!

  17. Courtenay says

    This would be the perfect spot for a family vacation with my 2 boys! Those slides look amazing!

  18. Emilie says

    Would love to win!

  19. Heather Birdsell says

    We’ve been waiting for this place to open! After just having a baby on New Year’s Eve, this would be a welcome getaway but not too far away. ??

  20. Heather Toller says

    Can’t wait to see it decorated for Christmas

  21. Jillian Berman says

    The water park for sure!!

  22. Julie Burke says

    we are so excited there is a GWL coming to So CA, we would LOVE a chance to stay there for my daughter’s 10th birthday!! thank you for hosting a give away!

  23. Jennifer says

    I want to take my son for his birthday. He would love the slides!!

  24. Megan chase says

    How cool it s this place? Never seen anything like it!

  25. Desiree Manegdeg says

    We would love the water slides!!

  26. I’m from Wisconsin, home of the Dells. I always see my cousins posting cool pics of their trips to the Dells. So cool to have something like that come to SoCal! And on a nerd note, as a water treatment operator, I would be curious to see how they manage, treat & conserve all that water.

  27. Nathan Crider says

    Thanks Sandy Toes & Popsicles for sharing this great new locale! Look forward to my kiddos experiencing the slides.

  28. marilyn crider says

    The kids would get a kick out of that ice cream sundae tub! The water slides would definitely be a favorite!

  29. Selene says

    What a great opportunity! I hope I win! Good luck everyone!

  30. Holly says

    I would love to take my family to the new great wolf lodge! My boys would love the water slides!

  31. Alma says

    This would make my kiddos sooo happy and that is priceless

  32. Tami G says

    Sooooooo excited!!!!!

  33. Jennifer says

    Awesome giveaway! My kids would love this!!!

  34. Vanessa Smith says


  35. Elizabeth says

    We are planning to go in march for our kids’ birthdays! I can’t wait!!

  36. How exciting! Looking forward to the sensory play fun my boy will have at the water play!

  37. Candis says

    The indoor waterpark looks amazing!

  38. Michelle Nguyen says

    Indoor Waterpark! So excited!

  39. Sara says

    Had a crazy hard year. My kids would love a trip here!!!!!

  40. We are so looking forward to checking this place out!

  41. Julie Schweers says

    This is gonna be awesome!

  42. Jen Emard says

    Our family (mom, Dad, a 8 year old & 4 year old) is SO excited about the GWL!! The water park, the bowling, the ice cream & pedi’s OH MY!!

  43. April says

    This looks amazing! My family would love this. Thanks for sharing the awesomeness!

  44. Danielle C says

    Oh I would love to enjoy a waterpark not worrying about getting sunburned!

  45. Jennifer Reighter says

    I love that it has everything you need in one place.

  46. Wow, this looks like such a cool and fun park and I love the room decor! Thanks for sharing the giveaway!

  47. Karen says

    Pick me! Pick me! : )

  48. Marci Bodnar says

    My kiddos have never been to a water ark yet. Really looking forward to that the most! ??โœจ?

  49. Brenda Haines says

    I’m excited to see the pool and all the fun things included their. Thanks for the chance!

  50. ben liao says


  51. Kelly Fitzgerald says

    The water slides!!

  52. Jaime Jenkins says

    The water slides!!!

  53. Linda wilson says

    My kids would LOVE the water park! I so want to take them!

  54. Lori says

    I am most excited for the amazing waterpark!

  55. Hilary Wallace says

    So excited for an indoor waterpark!! We live less than. 30 minutes away. But we will totally stay here just for a chance to play!!

  56. I’ve heard great things about the experience if staying and playing at the Great Wolf Lodge from others who have been blessed to go.

  57. Breana Delgado says

    The best part would be seeing my 3 kids’ faces taking in all that amazingness!

  58. Alexandra says

    We want to swim in gwl!!

  59. I have always wanted to take my family to the other locations but now that there will be one in OC….even better!!!

  60. Amber K says

    The rooms look incredible! And, my kiddos would love the water slides!! This would truly be a blessing!

  61. Beatta says

    Water park!

  62. My boyfriend is like over the moon about this place opening. He loves waterparks, and now that Cameron can swim mostly unassisted? They’re going to go nuts.

  63. Water Park!!

  64. Nidia Hinojosa says

    Everything! For sure the indoor slides!

  65. XENIA says

    I’m looking forward to relaxing in the luxurious guest suite!

  66. Using the waterpark in the dead of “winter”!

  67. JenniferAnne says

    My family could stay here (with us) when they come to visit and my son would be able to go on this magnificent rides! He would SOOOO love this. As would we all.
    JenniferAnne74 @

  68. SHANNONR says

    This place is so amazing. My little boys would love everything about this place. Cant wait for them to open.

  69. Nicole says

    We would love to be able to stay here. I’ve been showing my kids the progress as its being built.

  70. Annabel Powers says

    Can’t wait to start making memories and bringing my family here. So many activities for all ages to enjoy, and oh the Waterpark in the middle of winter!

  71. Karen carter says

    Oh Wow! We have been talking about GWL for a couple of years. Those cute rooms look like so much fun! It’s been a major bucket list item for our family. I am most excited to play in the waterpark!!!

  72. Devon F says

    I’m most excited to see the excitement on my kids’ face! I love that we are getting an indoor waterpark in town!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  73. Aimee says

    My family would go cuckoo over that water park! Wow!

  74. Sean Bryant says

    This looks like a lot of fun

  75. Amanda Bryant says

    This place looks super awesome. I think my husband will have more fun then the kids.

  76. Lisa T. says

    The waterslide park for sure!

  77. Lisa T. says

    My son will love this place!

  78. Heather says

    Swimming fun year round!

  79. Kim Maloney says

    This looks like so much fun! Can’t wait for it to open.

  80. Kristen watkins says

    So excited about all the water featues and slides.

  81. Shawna Bowen says

    This place looks amazing…should have been built here years ago!!!

  82. Carrie Anne says

    Those slides look amazing!!! This is exactly what makes our family of 6 happy! My 4 boys love adventures & Lodge has so many!!!

  83. Bill says

    Awesome to have something so fun so close to home!!

  84. Ummm That Lazy River!!! I could stay in that all day… then maybe a drink or two or three at the restaurant there.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  85. Rita A says

    The indoor lazy river

  86. Suzanne Parsons says

    I don’t know much about it but the water slides would be something my kids have never had the chance to try.

  87. Lauren says

    I want to see the water slides.

  88. Kayley says

    I think the Fitness Center would be my fave amenity.

  89. Sarah CHaney says

    This place looks so fun! I would love to go here with my family! The water slides and the scenery are amazing!

  90. Stephanie M. says

    I am excited by the water slides and the bowling all in one place!

  91. Nancy Delaroca says

    Excited to try the water slides!

  92. Sonia Stech says

    We are excited about the waterslides and that it is close to home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Donelle says

    How to choose…my kiddos would have a blast!!!

  94. Arlene says

    Water slides for sure!!

  95. Austin says

    I wanna stay here with the kiddos! Hope I win!!

  96. Jen F. says

    Oh my goodness; this looks like such a fun place…and close to home, too!

  97. Ashley says

    Most excited about the water park…of course

  98. Briana says

    EVERYTHING! It looks like SO much fun!!!

  99. Carol Tyner says

    Looks like a great time!

  100. Stacy says

    The water slides!

  101. waterslides

  102. Riva says

    What an amazing place….Can’t wait to take my family….I did not know about this place & now can’t wait to check it out!!

  103. Sarah Donovan says

    Can’t wait to try out the water slides!

  104. kim Brown says

    It looks so much fun! Looks amazing!

  105. alejandra Z says

    The indoor waterslides!!!! My kiddos would love it!!!

  106. Sarah O says

    I’m so excited for this place. Looks like so much fun!!

  107. Linda W. says

    It looks like it is going to be AMAZING!!! Can’t wait for it to open. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  108. Jenny C. says

    EVERYTHING! It looks so amazing!

  109. It looks amazing!!

  110. We already have a stay booked! Hoping to make this an annual family staycation!

  111. Amber says

    The indoor water slides – it’ll be a staycation for our family!

  112. Jennifer B says

    I can’t wait to see all the water slides! I know my kids will love it!

  113. Bridget says

    Absolutly everything!!!! WOW!!

  114. Michelle Nguyen says

    Love the cozy hotel and waterslides!

  115. Penny says

    My boys are always up for a water park ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Ellen S. says

    I am so excited to see the indoor water slides!!!

  117. Meghan B says

    The waterpark looks awesome!

  118. Romina says

    My kids would love the waterpark.

  119. Julie G says

    This sounds like a great family adventure! Definitely something our family can enjoy together!!

  120. The waterpark! It looks amazing!

  121. Janet S. says

    Oh SUPER fun! My 2 kiddos would have a blast!

  122. Kyla says

    Ooooh! I want to take Isabella to the cute Spa!

  123. Georgia English says

    My girls would love the endless water!

  124. Shauna says

    I am so excited to share my love of WATERPARKS and ADVENTURE with my son!

  125. Kristin Gonzales says

    Wow! Looks amazing! I am most excited about seeing my kids faces when we walk in! How fun! Thank you!

  126. A suite to house our huge growing family? Yes please!! Those are harder to come by and the big kids would love this! Actually. I think my husband more ๐Ÿ˜‰

  127. Wow this looks like so much fun!! My kids would be in heaven!! And swimming in the winter?! Yes please!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. Anagema Luquin says

    My son’s been begging us to take him here! So excited that there’s finally one close to us. He’s most excited about the water park!

  129. Marie Morales says

    What a great giveaway!

  130. cas p says


  131. Danielle Penz says

    This looks awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  132. Amy gray says

    We can’t wait! I have heard such great things about them from out-of-state friends, my kids would love this place. And I really liked them on undercover boss ?

  133. We love GWL!

  134. Katina says

    A vacation would be awesome! Especially this place!

  135. Jessica says

    I hope to take my son . I’ve heard and been watching its build up we are excited!

  136. Carey says

    This place looks amazing! I can’t wait to see all the outdoor activities.

  137. Juliane Christensen says

    I think I am most excited about the water slides!

  138. Christine N. says

    Such a cool looking place!! Would love to see our girls faces when they slide down those awesome slides!!!! The rooms look wonderful too!!!

  139. Susie says

    Wow! The construction pictures look amazing! I can’t wait to check out those water slides and whole water park. How great will it be to finish a fun day getting wet and just walking to our own room to shower and get cleaned up!

  140. Donna Larson says

    I’m so excited for this hotel to open! We’ve driven by many times to watch the progress in construction. We are most excited about the 105,000 square foot waterpatk! How awesome does that look?! Really we are excited for all of it! A new family adventure in our own backyard!

  141. Jenni C says

    Most excited about the waterpark!!

  142. Olivoil says

    I am excited about being able to enjoy my stay rain or shine! ๐Ÿ˜€

  143. Amber Romero says

    This place looks like so much fun all the activities!! The water slides are what I’m most looking forward to, hope to win!

  144. I have family in Pittsburgh that go once a year and they rave about it. It’ll be nice to have one close that we can drive to. Maybe we’ll become fans.

  145. Jenny M says

    I can’t wait to see the look on my daughter’s face when she takes it all in

  146. Lesley says

    My sons and I can’t wait to see what the biggest water slide is like! Not to mention how awesome the hotel is going to be!!

  147. Kailee G says

    Love that we will have an indoor water park! It sounds like it is going to be a fun place for all ages!

  148. jessica conley says

    Excited to see all the fun things for my 3 boys.

  149. Sandra Caballero says

    The Great Wolf Lodge looks amazing! The slides looks fun to slide on! The scoop spa so awesome for my daughter and I to relax ! Most of all the rooms looks amazing to stay and enjoy the water park for days! Your post review got me excited to go with my family!

  150. Karen says

    Water slides and just getting g away from it all for a bit.

  151. We are actually staying at the one in Washignton State for my birthday! (I am a sucker)

    I am most looking forward to mommy and daughter pedicures with ice cream!!

  152. Melissa says

    So excited about everything with this hotel. Have always wanted to visit the other locations but are so far. So happy we get one right here in So Cal!!

  153. Cheryl Dorsey says

    We can’t wait for the allergy friendly dining!

  154. Steph b says

    The waterslides and all the family fun! The whole thing looks amazing!

  155. Gwen Aquino says

    Would love to see the Game Room, water slides and restaurants!

  156. Sunny s says

    Let me just say I’ve been wanting to check out one of their hotels/water parks since I first heard about them 6 years ago. I cannot believe there is going to finally be one in my area! I just want the whole experience it seems so fun! I’ve had friends from other states rave about it.

  157. Crystal says

    This would be a place when my kids have kids they will tell them about the time we went on an awesome staycation. My boys can’t stop talking about how rad the slides look. Thats what we are all excited about. This entire place will make adults become kids again!!!

  158. Elizabeth says

    The entire place looks so amazing, but I’d have to say the waterslides I think. Or the Game Room. Or the Ice Cream shop. Or the rooms in general!

  159. Elaine C. says

    Looking forward to seeing an indoor waterpark! My severely autistic son would love being able to play in the warm water, no matter how cold or wet it is outside!

  160. JenB says

    Looks great!

  161. Rosanne R says

    Cannot wait to take the kids!!

  162. Krista says

    I can’t wait for this place to open! So excited!

  163. Amy Jorgensen says

    I am excited to see the indoor water park and watching my kids having fun at it.

  164. Monica says

    Everything! Looks amazing!!

  165. Melanie says

    Indoor waterpark?! Soo awesome!!

  166. Victoria Fallon says

    I am excited about everything! I cannot wait!!!

  167. Sonia s says

    We are excited as it just likes an amazing places for some real great family fun. The kind of fun great memories are made of. I can’t wait!

  168. Sierra Guenthart says

    This would be the most fun family vacation

  169. Hope says

    My kiddos would LOVE THIS place. We love water slides and are most excited about them!

  170. Joscelyn Wu says

    I was just telling me husband about this!!! A must!! I can’t wait to go!

  171. Stephanie P says

    I’m so excited for everything! It looks like such a great place to get away for a bit and have fun!

  172. The water park!

  173. Tina says

    Look like a great place! Would love to win so our family of 6 can try this place out!

  174. Diana L says

    The water park looks like so much fun!

  175. Heather Talley says

    My kids would love all the water slides!

  176. Brenna Zung says

    So excited to try this place!!! Been dying to go and now we can staycations there!?

  177. Genevieve Larson says

    Waterslides….getting mani pedi’s………………..

  178. Crystal says

    This would be so exciting to bring my family to. They love water slides and my daughter loves staying in hotels.

  179. Alli says

    It looks like so much fun!

  180. Mari-Kristin Gilbert says

    I’m excited about the water slides!!

  181. Reyna Gonzalez says

    So excited, can’t wait to see this place:-)

  182. kate coleman says

    the waterslides and a great place for a staycation besides disney!

  183. Asea says

    So excited we are getting one here – staycation time!!

  184. Vanessa Rodriguez says

    I would love to see my son’s face, the moment he see the indoor water park.. He would be so excited to go done the water slide.??

  185. Belinda says

    Definitely looking forward to getting on those water slides this summer! My boys would love it!!

  186. niki miller says

    this looks amazing especially the cool bunks!

  187. Tracy Hinson says

    We are excited because we love the hotel and the water slides that can be used all the time!!!

  188. Tabitha says

    This place looks amazing!! I love that it’s so close to home!!! So I can still check on pets!! Most excited about the awesome slides!!

  189. Marguerite Hoffman says

    Thanks for a great preview! Can’t wait for it to open!!

  190. Jen S. says

    I cant wait till this place opens it looks amazing. My kids would love the indoor water slides and arcardes

  191. Heather says

    Excited for great Wolf Lodge to open.

  192. Brittany says

    I believe great wolf lodge is in garden grove might need to update the city. Could be wrong.

  193. Diana says

    The whole experience! Looks amazing! Family would love it!!

  194. anne n says

    We are excited about the waterslides. We love that one will be so close to us!

  195. Cindy H says

    Oh My Goodness where to begin….The rooms the water slides the everything!!!!! Beyond excited!!

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