Panning for Gold at Knott’s Berry Farm

did you know that Knott’s has many fun experiences that are also educational available for guests around the park. Panning for gold is one of my family’s favorites. Panning for Gold is located near the Churro Factory and in front of the Knott’s Cemetery in Ghost Town. it costs only $10 per person to pan for gold, and tickets can be purchased at the Toy Store which is located a few doors down near the Haunt Museum.

it’s fun to pretend you are traveling back in time,  experiencing the life of a prospector trying to stake their claim. it’s also a great way to have some hands-on fun with history at Knott’s.

when you arrive at the Panning for Gold area, a Knott’s Gold Prospector will show you the ropes, tell you interesting facts about the gold rush era as well as teaching you how to pan for gold. It is simple as filling your mining pan with sand and swirling it gently beneath the water. learn about how to pan for gold at Knott’s by watching this video. i recommend this Panning for Gold experience for all ages, kids and adult alike would enjoy it.


  1. Sunny Mountain Prospectors says

    Wow, for $10 you found some nice pieces of gold. Many places will seed the dirt with really fine gold, which doesn’t make it work the effort to pan.

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