you know….i really never thought i’d be the mom of 3 boys. i kinda always figured i’d have girls. i like the girly stuff. i like to sew. i like doing hair. i like pink. but now that i have all boys….i have had to come to the reality that there isn’t going to be any pink around this house. instead i have Legos, Hot Wheels, Star Wars and Bakugans (i still don’t even know what these are or what they do). but although i am not in love with all the boy toys, i really love having boys. and i now consider myself a boys mom.

anyways, in my attempt to bring some sort if toy into this house that wasn’t an action figure or transportation related, i bought a wooden kitchen set a while back. it sits in the corner of the family room, and pretty much never gets played with, unless i have little girl visitors. 

well the other day, my boys were playing with all the wooden kitchen food. i thought YES…it was a nice change that they were playing with something else. they were playing nice so i decided to go do some work across the room, when my youngest yelled over to me. “MOM, don’t step on the BOMBS (aka wooden food) you’ll get hurt!” what???

 i guess i have to accept the fact that all toys in this house will become boy toys.


  1. that is a great post! i love it!

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