A Killer Time at Zombee Donuts & Bakeshop in Fullerton

Best Donut in OCa couple of weeks ago, i asked my Facebook page followers some suggestions of the best places to get sweets, treats and donuts in Orange County. everyone answered with lots of yummy places to try out, and i decided that i was going to do my best to get to all the places that were suggested. well….last saturday, the boys and i wanted to get some donuts and thought that we ought to try out Zombee Donuts & Bakeshop in Fullerton. it was on the list, and my boys are big zombie fans, so it seemed like a place we would enjoy. we went early because donut store are notorious for selling out the best donuts early on in the day, and i am glad we did because not soon after we had gotten our donuts, the line grew to the outside.Where to go for Donuts in Orange CountyDanger Beware of ZombiesZombee Donuts HoursZombee Donuts and Bakeshop in FullertonZombee Donuts & Bakeshop is so fun. of course it is zombie themed, and and there is zombie decor throughout the store. apparently they want you to kill some time with them, so it is fun to take the time and eat in the store. besides the donuts….which i will get town a moment, there is also zombie and donut themed merchandise for purchase. there are also tables and couches to enjoy your donuts and/or coffee on.

Zombee Donuts StoreZombee Donuts CoffeesZombee Donuts Merchandise
now for the donuts! they are what makes this place really fun. they are all zombie themed with fun names that remind you of the walking dead. i am not sure if they change the flavors daily, as we have only been once, but i have a feeling they have their standard themed flavors.Zombee Donuts

now check these donuts out….Cereal Killers LOL….Death by Chocolate…..Eyeballs….there are so many fun zombie flavors.

Zombee Donuts Cereal Killers

Zombee Donuts in FullertonVariety of Zombee DonutsZombee Chocolate Raspberry DonutBacon Maple Donutsthe Zombee donut is their signature donut with a glazed body, raspberry jelly filled brains and a chocolate face. they are almost too cute to eat. Zombee Donut

and how adorable are these Zombee babies!!!!

Mini Zombie Donuts

we couldn’t resist buying a dozen of the zombie donuts…are they so fun!

Fun Donut Stores in Orange CountyZombee Donuts of Orange County

the donuts of course were very yummy…better than the average donut store in my opinion. and overall, i feel the experience made it even better. fun family time, exploring new places and oohing and aahing over the fun zombie donuts. check out these amazing creations…..
Samoa Donut at Zombee DonutCampfire Smore DonutZombee Death By Chocolate DonutBleeding Heart DonutBest Donuts in FullertonCaramel Apple Donut at Zombee DonutsFun Donuts in Orange CountyMini Zombie Donutmy boys loved the Campfire Smore donut and the Death by Chocolate donut, and my personal favorites were the chocolate raspberry donut…the raspberry filling was “to die or”, and the caramel apple donut really tasted like a caramel apple. my hubby loved the coffin donut, which was a chocolate bar filled with bavarian cream. my little guy thought the mini zombies were the cutest. i agree. YUM YUM YUM.Zombee Donuts review

and that was are outing to Zombee Donuts & Bakeshop. it was a fun way to start off our saturday and weekend. we definitely will be going back…it was a “killer” of a morning.
Zombee Donuts and Bakeshop


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