The Death Star Has Come to Legoland Miniland

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in a Legoland, not too far away, an exciting new feature has come to stay. Star Wars Miniland has been expanded with the new LEGO Star Wars Death Star exhibit, and we had to check it out at the big reveal. so exciting.

the new Death Star exhibit is located within Star Wars Miniland. if you are a Star Wars fan and haven’t been to Star Wars Miniland, i highly suggest visiting. it is a truly amazing experience. the detail put into the Star Wars scenes is spectacular, it’s hard to believe they are made of LEGO.Legoland Star Wars Minilandthe boys tried to wait patiently, awaiting the reveal….

Legoland Death Star Reveal

and waited anxiously as we learned that the new LEGO Star Wars™ Miniland Death Star would be over 8-feet wide, 13-feet high, weigh more than 1900 pounds and would feature a planet-destroying super laser. it is made out of more than 500,000 LEGO bricks and includes a display of the famous trench run scene where Luke Skywalker maneuvered his X-wing fighter through the combat zone to destroy the Death Star.

Legoland Death Star Annoucement and Revealafter the announcement was made, the Stormtroopers made there way to the scene to help with the big reveal.Legoland Miniland Death Star Revealwe couldn’t wait to see what was behind the curtain.
Legoland Death Star Annoucement Reveal

and then it was revealed and we saw it…the amazing LEGO Star Wars™ Miniland Death Star!!!!

Legoland Death Star Reveal Ceremony

the LEGO Death Star was massive and sooooo cool.Legoland Miniland Death Star

is was designed from the Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and it includes six animated Turbo Laser Turrets and LEGO starship models built out of more than 20,000 LEGO bricks.Legoland Death Star Made of Legos

nestled amongst the exhibit are displays of iconic Star Wars Movie scenes…of course built of legos.

Legoland Death Star Miniland Features

Legoland Miniland Features

adjacent to the LEGO Death Star, guests are invited to use their imaginations to construct their own LEGO starships at building stations while X-Wings, TIE Fighters and Y-Wings circle overhead. i love seeing my boys get creative, and Legoland is definitely the place to do it.Legoland Star Wars AreaLegoland Star Wars Miniland Kids Building Funwe ended the evening hanging out with our favorite pals….

Legoland Star Wars Land

Legoland Star Wars Selfie R2D2.
Legoland Star Wars Miniland R2D2and Darth Vader. we can definitely say that the new LEGO Star Wars™ Miniland Death Star is AWESOME, and we can’t wait to go back and visit again.
Legoland Death Star

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