Easy Chocolate Fruit Dip

we’ve been really trying hard over here to create a routine to keep our family time less chaotic. every day we’ve been coming home and having a fun snack before we tackle the dreaded homework. a little time to wind down from school, talk about our day and be a little silly.
here is a simple and fun snack my boys we all have been enjoying.
Chocolate Fruit Dip
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
 1 can condensed milk
 1/2 stick butter
 fresh fruit
melt butter in sauce pan. add condensed milk. stir till heated through. add chocolate chips and stir till melted.  be careful not to burn the chocolate since i didn’t use a double-broiler. enjoy with your favorite fresh fruit.  (use sticks, toothpicks or forks to dip your fruit)
kiddies are in heaven. yummy!
yes, a little sugary, but they consume many more fresh strawberries than chocolate. plus, there’s a whole lotta dipping  fun……
  and you’ll probably have a little bit of a mess after…..but it’s so worth it.


  1. did you use sweetened condensed milk?

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