Magic ink.

wow….i just blinked and it’s already august! due to us being out of our house until now, there has been very little time to take the kiddies to some of our favorite summertime destinations. but, now that we are moved back in(yippee), i’ve decided i needed to get the kiddies out on some adventures….and i need a break from unpacking all the boxes (only 27 left!).

so, to make the day a little more exciting, i gave the boys this piece of paper. i told them that it would tell them where we were going.

but it’s blank!!!!!!!

no boys….it’s not blank….it has magic ink.

magic ink?!?!?!

yep….a little ironing can take care of that!

tada! we’re going to Adventure Playground…one of your most favorite places in the world!

simple…..yet so much fun.

Magic Ink
all you need to make your own secret messages is:
• lemon juice
• brush, q-tip or your finger
• paper
• hot iron

write a message on a piece of paper with the lemon juice. let dry. to make your message appear, use a hot iron. and tada! magic ink.


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