Valentine’s Day Strawberry Milk Gift | Free Printable

Free Valentines Day Gift Tags Printablethis month i participated in a dollar bin challenge with a group of bloggers. we found these glass test tubes at Michael’s Craft Store for $1.50 each in the dollar bins. each of us could do whatever craft we wanted with them, so i decided to make a Valetine’s Day gift with a free printable. i call my project, Valentine Strawberry & Hearts Milk Gift.

so you start off with a glass (or plastic) test tube that you can find at the craft store. make sure it has a lid that closes pretty good.valentines day test tube craftfor this Valentine Strawberry & Hearts Milk Gift, you need the test tubes, string or ribbon, strawberry milk powder, sprinkles, and the free printable tags and wraps printed on card stock and cut out.easy valentines day crafti used white card stock to print my tags and wraps out on, and then used a 1-1/12″ circle punch to cut the circle tags out, and a paper cutter to cut the wraps out. i also used a small hole punch to punch a hole at the top of the tags.
Valentines Day Gift Tags Free Printables

now, all you do is fill each test tube with the strawberry milk powder leaving about an inch of space at the top, then fill the rest of the test tube up with sprinkles. make sure to leave enough room for the cork or lid to seal the test tube, but make sure not to leave any extra space at the top or the sprinkles and strawberry milk powder will start to combine.

finally, tie the tag to the test tube, and stick the “just add milk” wrap around the test tube with double sided tape.Valentine Free Printablesthe final product are cute little Valentine Strawberry & Hearts Milk Gifts that you can give to friends for Valentine’s Day…or for any occasion for that matter.popsicle blog test tube strawberry milknow your friend can enjoy some festive pink milk with floating hearts or sprinkles to celebrate Valentine’s Day. i am so thrilled with how these turned out! pssst….i have included the free printable for you to download, enjoy!
valentine strawberry milkclick here for the Free Valentine’s Day Strawberry Milk Tags Printable

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  1. Cassandra D says

    This is so beautiful.

  2. This is way too cute! And I must say, strawberry milk is VASTLY underrated.

  3. Hi there…I am making the final touches to my strawberry milk test tubes and can’t seem to get my bow quite as pretty as yours. Do you do something special to it when you tie it to make it lay flat?

  4. Oh my gosh, these are just too cute! What a creative and unique Valentine! I would love if you would drop by and link this up to Celebrate It! blog party. It’s all about sharing how we celebrate the big and small moments of our everyday lives.

  5. Donelle Anderson says

    Seriously adorable!!! Totally going tomake these! You’re so creative!

  6. I. Can’t. Stand. The Cuteness! I love this! The pink strawberry milk is such a great alternative to hot chocolate. SO cute!!


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