Halloween Dinner Ideas: Part 2

so i finally decided on my Halloween dinner. i have decided on a mexican theme because one, that’s what i feel like, two, i can probably get the kiddies to eat it without any whining. so here are my dishes:

for appetizer, and to munch on all night while passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, this 7-layer Spider Web Dip. now for me, this could be my dinner. those of you who know me, know i could live on chips and dip (i know…not the healthiest habit). and i will be buying blue corn tortilla chips “aka witches hats” for dipping.
next up, this Eye Ball Taco Salad. my kiddies love salad…and have never had it served this way!
to go with our taco salad, i want to make these Jack-o-lantern Quesadillas, where i will probably add shredded chicken. i think they are super cute.
for side dishes, i think i will just serve corn “aka witches teeth” and fruit salad. if i am feeling up to it…maybe like these….
and for dessert…no dessert this night. there will me to many goodies already.
what are you doing for your Halloween dinner?


  1. R.N. says

    This is such a cute salad. I love the black olive eyes with the red in them. The kids are going to love.

  2. Your seven-layer dips looks amazing. How creative are you!?! My Halloween consisted of all dips — cheers to dip parties.

  3. My quesadillas turned out bad!!!!

  4. so i think i will be doing your quesadillas for sure!!


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