Halloween Dinner: Part 1

things have been busy lately, mostly with finishing projects i’m backed up on. a little bit of work related things and a little bit of family stuff. i haven’t been able to enjoy the Halloween season as much as i would like to have this year….however, we still have Halloween night ahead of us.

one thing i look forward to most about Halloween is the creepy, festive dinner i will make my family before trick-or-treating. i feel it is very important to get as much good food into my kiddies as i can before they go trick-or-treating and start stuffing themselves with goodies.

first off, i always get dry ice. i just love the stuff and it helps me get my “spook on!” there is so much you can do with it, and the kiddies think i am the coolest mom. last year i got a bunch of different glass containers and filled them with different colors of soda and juice to make a mad scientist laboratory. the year before we had a witches cauldron filled with rootbeer for “witches brew.” i am not sure what i will do with it this year, maybe a rotten apple swamp fog….not sure yet. but it will for sure be the centerpiece for my Halloween dinner.

here are a few tips about dry ice
• never handle dry ice with your bare hands, use gloves or tongs
• bring a cooler with you when you pick up your dry ice at the store.
• you can store it in your freezer for 24-40 hrs, but it is best to get it as close to the time of use as possible
• you need 2 – 4 pounds of dry ice for the average punch bowl (lasts about 1/2 hr)
• use large chunks, not small chunks, of dry ice in your punch bowl
• do not eat or swallow dry ice.
• during the holidays, dry ice is very popular. get yours before they sell out.
• click here for more tips.
where to buy dry ice
• some Smart and Final Stores
• some grocery stores.
•ABC Ice House in Laguna Hills
• google search you area
always call ahead of time to make sure it is available.
next up, the main dish. check i tomorrow to see what it will be!

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