Sand Footprints

last week we spent the entire week camping at the beach. i had planned a few crafts for the kiddies in case they got bored….which they didn’t.  they rode their bikes, played at the beach, went surfing, played in the dirt and did a few of the crafts i brought.

i thought it would be fun for them to make footprints in the sand and to pour plaster of paris into them.  we found the idea on Tori Spelling’s blog. love it.

it ended up being a little trickier than i thought, but by day two, i figured it out.  after realizing that you can not use ocean water (i should have followed the directions on using CLEAN water) and that you can not just keep on adding water to keep the plaster pliable, i managed to get the cutest little footprints of baby.

the boys made handprints and round thingy-m-jiggys that they added shells and sea glass too.  they had fun, and unfortunately i didn’t get a pictures of the creations they made.
here is how to make your own print in the sand:
Sand Footprints
what you need:
CLEAN water
disposable cup or bowl
 rope or twine (optional)
shells, rocks & sea glass (optional)
 make your footprints, handprints or shape in the sand, making sure it is deep enough to hold your plaster. (slightly wet sand makes the best prints)
 if you want to add shells & rocks…nows is the time. place them along the bottom of your sand print holes. sea glass makes pretty fingernails in handprints.
 in a disposable cup or bowl, mix your plaster of paris according to the directions. you only have a very short window of opportunity to make your prints before it hardens up, so be ready to pour!
 carefully pour the plaster into the sand molds you made.
 gently press in rope into each print to make a hanger (optional)
let the plaster sit for at least 20 minutes to completely harden.
whala! sand prints.
the baby prints turned out adorable….much cuter than i thought. i am going to hang them in our travel trailer to remind us of this years camping trips. hope you can try this fun project….you could do this at a park as well.  but beware….it does create a bit of a mess (or maybe i am just messy).
happy crafting,
jill, jack, kyle & baby
(p.s. did you see the sneak peak of my new kitchen cupboards….the only good thing that came out of the house flood.)

National S’mores Day | 9 Fun Smore Recipes

today is National S’mores Day. and since we are out camping this week, it is perfect. we’ve been making s’mores everyday, and the regular old way can get a bit boring, or should i say that i just like a little variety. so check out some other ways to enjoy s’mores.

last year i shared these yummy s’mores….

candy bar s’mores

and how about these fun s’more recipes from around blogland…
my absolute favorite….starfish s’mores by hungry happenings
s’more stuffed chocolate chip cookies by the picky palate…OH MY!
s’mores on a stick from the idea room
caramel apple s’mores by hoosier handmade
s’mores cake in a jar by how sweet it is
and mmmmm…..s’more ice cream sandwiches by 52 kitchen adventures.
no matter how you make them….s’mores are pretty yummy. so go on…..celebrate National S’mores Day.
happy eating,
jill, jack, kyle & baby

Red Velvet Popsicle Recipe.

we love popsicles around here. remember these fun rainbow ones? so i thought….how about a popsicle for adults. ones the kiddies will pass up (although baby just loves these). how about a Red Velvet Popsicle! my all-time favorite cake flavor….chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.
so, here is what i came up with……i just love them. and i used those small little dixie cups, they make the perfect little afternoon indulgence on these hot summer days.
how to make red velvet popsicles
1 – large boxes (5.1 oz) chocolate instant pudding mix
8 oz. cream cheese
3/4 cup powder sugar (or to taste)
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
red food coloring (optional)
Dixie Cups (3 oz.)
popsicle sticks
• prepare pudding according to the directions. add red food color to make it the red velvet color.
• in another bowl, soften cream cheese.
• add 3/4 cup milk, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla to the cream cheese.
• whisk cream cheese mixture until smooth.
• layer the chocolate pudding and cream cheese mixture into small dixie cups. i did the pudding first because i didn’t want to wait for the cream cheese mixture to harden.  this way the pudding was thick enough to hold the cream cheese and make the popsicle stick stand up.
• cover with tin foil. insert popsicle sticks.
• chill in refrigerator 2 hours, then place in freezer to completely freeze.
to eat, peal off dixie cup paper and enjoy your pudding pop!
• makes 10 – 12 popsicles
Red Velvet Popsicle Recipe
happy eating,
jill, jack, kyle & baby

Magic ink.

wow….i just blinked and it’s already august! due to us being out of our house until now, there has been very little time to take the kiddies to some of our favorite summertime destinations. but, now that we are moved back in(yippee), i’ve decided i needed to get the kiddies out on some adventures….and i need a break from unpacking all the boxes (only 27 left!).

so, to make the day a little more exciting, i gave the boys this piece of paper. i told them that it would tell them where we were going.

but it’s blank!!!!!!!

no boys….it’s not blank….it has magic ink.

magic ink?!?!?!

yep….a little ironing can take care of that!

tada! we’re going to Adventure Playground…one of your most favorite places in the world!

simple…..yet so much fun.

Magic Ink
all you need to make your own secret messages is:
• lemon juice
• brush, q-tip or your finger
• paper
• hot iron

write a message on a piece of paper with the lemon juice. let dry. to make your message appear, use a hot iron. and tada! magic ink.

The Great American Backyard Campout.

join the Great American Backyard Campout on Saturday, June 26, in your backyard, parks, campgrounds or even your balcony! no site is too big or too small to spend a night sleeping under the stars. what is better than spending quality time with the family!

camping out in the backyard is an all-time special treat my kiddies love. in fact they just did a backyard campout about two weeks ago. they pulled out the tent and sleeping bags and enjoyed a night under the stars with dad. (no, i did not camp with them! )

i think in honor of the “Great American Backyard Campout” i will make it an extra special backyard campout….with s’mores, flashlight stories and stargazing!

checkout the National Wildlife Federation’s website here, to find out about the “Great American Backyard Campout.” on their site you can find fun games, songs, recipes and camping tips. and if you want to do the real thing an go to a campground, email me for some recommodations. don’t own a tent? make a blanket tent in your living room!