Milk Art Kid Craft

thought it would be fun to go outside and enjoy the last of the warm weather. we sat outside on the grass and did Milk Art. so simple….but super cool. i even found myself addicted to it.

all you need is:
• milk
• a toothpick
• plate or shallow dish
• liquid food coloring drops

then, pour the milk in the plate. scatter a few drops of food coloring in the milk. let the kiddies take a toothpick and let the colors begin! very slowly swirl the milk around. beautiful swirls of color will appear.

let the kiddies try different variations of colors & different swirling motions. try adding more milk. try adding cream. try non-fat verses whole milk. every which way causes a different reaction. it’s mesmerizing.

happy swirling!
jill, jack, kyle & baby

since we were using food coloring, i did this activity outside. but we have done it inside too. just be careful, food coloring stains, so take the necessary precautions.

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Rain art.

what do you do when it’s raining. how about “rain art“. all i did was crush up some old watercolor paints, the kiddies sprinkled the watercolor chips on their papers. then we left them outside in the rain. it was fun to go out and check on our paintings every so often to see what the rain had done. then we hung them up and watched paint run down. hopefully tomorrow the sunshine will dry our rain art.

my minimalist.
my pollock.

Marble Run.

i have spent a little time searching for fun things to do with my 4 year old once the baby comes. i plan to take it easy and stick around the house…which is sooooo not me. i love to be out and about, because that means i am not stuck at home working. but taking 3 kiddies out might be a bit of a chore. so i am collecting some fun ideas for us to do at home.

i found this Marble Run activity. i think it will be a lot of fun for the kiddies, and since the baby will be too small to grab the marbles and stick them in it’s mouth, it’s the perfect time.

check out the instructions here.

April Showers…

so it’s supposed to rain today. that means kiddies inside all day. so what to do? how about a photo scavenger hunt.

my kids love to take pictures with my camera, so i have kept a couple of old ones for them to use. there is no way they are going to use my nice one. they love it when i hive them a list of pictures to take around the house (for example):

something green
something round
something furry
something checkered
something you wear
your favorite toy
your favorite book
something you love
something that smells good
something you use to clean

this is a GREAT activity to help the younger kiddies learn about their 5 senses. after they finish the list, look at the pictures they took. talk about the pictures. it is so sweet to learn what they were thinking when they chose that object to photograph.

for older kids, make the list harder and make them have to figure out clues on what to take pictures of. put clues around the house that lead to each object.

…..and most of all have fun!

rainy day solutions.

since it’s going to be a rainy week, here is a list of activities that could keep the kiddies busy, and their mommy happy.

and don’t forget places like your local library, malls and indoor play areas like Chick fil A. and if you really daring…dress the kids up in rain gear and let them run around outside!