Easy Chocolate Fruit Dip

we’ve been really trying hard over here to create a routine to keep our family time less chaotic. every day we’ve been coming home and having a fun snack before we tackle the dreaded homework. a little time to wind down from school, talk about our day and be a little silly.
here is a simple and fun snack my boys we all have been enjoying.
Chocolate Fruit Dip
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
 1 can condensed milk
 1/2 stick butter
 fresh fruit
melt butter in sauce pan. add condensed milk. stir till heated through. add chocolate chips and stir till melted.  be careful not to burn the chocolate since i didn’t use a double-broiler. enjoy with your favorite fresh fruit.  (use sticks, toothpicks or forks to dip your fruit)
kiddies are in heaven. yummy!
yes, a little sugary, but they consume many more fresh strawberries than chocolate. plus, there’s a whole lotta dipping  fun……
  and you’ll probably have a little bit of a mess after…..but it’s so worth it.

Pear Bunnies….made me happy today!

this has been a strange sorta week. i have been feeling down….even though i don’t know why, and i have been uninspired to blog lately. i guess everyone gets burned out now and then, but i am used to going, going, going. i had planned to do some fun things for earth day (didn’t happen), i had planned to do some Easter projects (didn’t happen). and then this morning, i pretty much decided that i should quit blogging (okay, i’m being a little dramatic), just because i usually am full of ideas….and lately….i haven’t been able to think of anything. and all those activities around the OC i like to post about? no time.
so……..i decided to give myself an attitude adjustment. i ironed some clothes to wear and even got dressed. i cleaned up the house. i took the kiddies to the park. and then i made a good dinner. not my usual pull the tortellini out of the freezer canned spaghetti sauce kind of dinners. but one that would make my hubbie happy. steak. cheesy potatoes. and bunny salad.
okay, the bunny salad was not to make the hubbie happy…..it was more for the kiddies. and i must say, it actually made my day. because they turned out sooo sooo cute. and the cute little bunnies put a smile on everyone at the dinner table. even the hubbie. and that is what i needed. life. is. good.
how to make a bunny salad
what you need:
pear halves
chocolate chips or raisins
lettuce leaf
place a lettuce leaf on a plate. slice a pear half into wedges for the ears. place two on the lettuce leaf. then place one whole pear half on top (a large can of pears made four bunnies). carefully sprinkle nutmeg where the bunny’s mouth will be. for the nose, place 1/4 of the cherry. add pretzels for the whiskers and chocolate chips or raisins for the eyes. and whala! bunny salad.
and i am not going to quit blogging  🙂