Happy Birthday Dr. Suess: with guest blogger Jen

it’s Dr. Suess’s birthday today! and how better to celebrate it than with one of our favorite guest bloggers, Jen and her adorable twins! last year she treated them to a day of Dr. Suess fun. i am amazed with her creativity, so i thought i’d have her share!

“We love Dr. Seuss at our house, and we make sure to celebrate his birthday every year. I love to do fun things with my kids, and get their imaginations flowing, and Dr. Seuss’s Birthday is a great day to continue that!
Last year we had lots of fun and sandy toes and popcicles asked me to share!
We woke up an read the book “Green Eggs and Ham” and ate green eggs and ham while watching the movie!
Then we got dressed in our “Sneetches” with “stars upon thars” shirts that we made the night before. If you have never tried freezer paper stenciling, you need to!
We read the book “Bartholomew and the Oobleck”, which is long so we paraphrased, but then we made oobleck. I love this! My dad used to make it with us when we were kids. It is amazing. You can hand it to someone in a ball and it will melt immediately in their hands. Try it!
Recipe: cornstarch and water. Easy right?
Then we needed a snack! So we read “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,” and made the Yink’s Pink Ink Drink. Yum!
Then naps and the baking began! HOW CUTE ARE THESE!
After the scrumptious cupcakes, my husband Tyson and I took the kids down to the beach, so they could be the Sneetches on the beaches… (sorry no pics it was dark)

Then he read them “Horton Hears a Who,” and we made these adorable clovers with the who dust on top.

Last we had such a fun day celebrating Dr. Suess!
My neighbor Kristy and I thought up all these crazy ideas or got a little inspiration from the internet, but we had such a party last year, that it was hard to think of what to do this year.
We have some ideas, so come by tomorrow and see what we schemed up!”
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

thanks Jen for sharing! we always enjoy your fun and creative adventures. and i hope that we can bring a little Dr. Suess magic into our kiddies lives today too!
{be sure to check out Jen’s blog!}

Tips for Soccer Mom Etiquette

Written by our contributor Shellie Zavala

With soccer season just beginning and games quickly approaching, here are a few things to keep in mind as the season gets started!

It is very important to remember that the kids are out there to have fun and play soccer. They will win games and they will lose games. So,the best thing that we as parents can do is give them unconditional encouragement and love! And, feel free to pass that onto the other players as well!

Keep young althetes strong and fit with healthy and nutritious half-time and post-game snacks. A good idea for a half-time snack is grapes, orange slices, bananas, and apples slices (you can put orange juice on them to prevent them from turning brown). Our muscles need to heal after a hard game and this is a good reason to provide our little althetes with a low-fat post-game snack like granola bars or trail mix.
Remember to provide them with plenty of fluids! Water or Gatorade are two good choices!

A squirt bottle or cold wash cloths are always great to have on hot days!
Make sure to put sunscreen on your kids. And don’t forget that parents need sunscreen too!
Keep a survival bin in your car with items that you may need throughout the season. If you tend to live out of your car during soccer as I do, it is a good idea to keep a little plastic bin in the car with essential items. For instance, a light blanket, an umbrella, sunscreen, water, extra snacks, and anything else you might need throughout the season!
If you have small kiddies that tag along during practices and games, make sure to bring a snack and some toys to entertain them with. Don’t let them run on the field during the practice or game. They can get trampled over by the soccer players.And just remember that the most important thing is that our kids are having fun and being safe! Enjoy your upcoming season of soccer!

Meet Shellie: Guest Blogger.

i’d like you to meet Shellie, a super fun mommy of three kiddies, 9 year old Tanner, their little angel who continues to bless everyone with his amazing grace and smile, 7 year old Travis who loves soccer, soccer and more soccer and little Chloe who is three. she loves dancing and doing puzzles…..and this little girlie also loves to dig in the dirt…hairbows and all.

Shellie and her hubbie, Carlos, are all about family and often enjoy family activities such as movie nights, visits to San Diego and Disneyland!!!! they also LOVE soccer. Carlos coaches soccer bootcamps as well as their son Travis’s soccer team. and Shellie is a soccer mom and their biggest fan on the soccer field.

with the soccer season in full swing and soccer games starting each weekend, i thought it would be appropriate to get some great pointers on “soccer mom etiquette.” and i have asked Shellie to help me out! so stay tuned for the next post.

Shellie…we are so excited to have you over here at
sandy toes and popsicles