Meet Shellie: Guest Blogger.

i’d like you to meet Shellie, a super fun mommy of three kiddies, 9 year old Tanner, their little angel who continues to bless everyone with his amazing grace and smile, 7 year old Travis who loves soccer, soccer and more soccer and little Chloe who is three. she loves dancing and doing puzzles…..and this little girlie also loves to dig in the dirt…hairbows and all.

Shellie and her hubbie, Carlos, are all about family and often enjoy family activities such as movie nights, visits to San Diego and Disneyland!!!! they also LOVE soccer. Carlos coaches soccer bootcamps as well as their son Travis’s soccer team. and Shellie is a soccer mom and their biggest fan on the soccer field.

with the soccer season in full swing and soccer games starting each weekend, i thought it would be appropriate to get some great pointers on “soccer mom etiquette.” and i have asked Shellie to help me out! so stay tuned for the next post.

Shellie…we are so excited to have you over here at
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