St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Penny Printable


wow. i was just sitting here thinking to myself that St. Patrick’s Day is just a couple of days away. i had planned on doing a couple fun crafts to celebrate…but not sure if i will have the time now. however, this made me remember a fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day i shared on a guest post over at See Vanessa Craft. it’s a Lucky Penny gift that you can give to your friends. all you have to do is print the free Lucky Penny St. Patrick’s Day printable on a piece of cardstock, cut out the cards and attach a shiny penny! easy peasy. and BTW, Vanessa also has a lot of great St. Patty’s Day posts, so be sure to check them out as well.


so if you think this is a fun idea, head over to See Vanessa Craft to download my fun St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Penny Printable. your kiddies or their friends will feel extra lucky this St. Patrick’s Day with this fun little gift!

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Feeling Lucky Printable
Feeling Lucky St. Patrick's Day Printable copy

St. Patrick’s Day Banner Printable
St. Patrick's Day Banner Free Printable

Lucky Charms Bag Topper for St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charm Bag Topper Free Printable


Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Printable Banner | Free Printable

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Banner | Free Printable #Valentines_day #free_printables #conversation_hearts

I’m going to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year. I always forget until it is to late to bother. but i really love Valentine’s Day, especially because it gives me an excuse to bring some pink into the house. With all these boys, that rarely happens. So I decided to create a Valentine’s Day printable around my favorite Valentine’s Day candy….conversation hearts!

Conversation Hearts Printables

This banner is super simple to create.  All you need is some ribbon, colored card stock and a printer, I’ve created the free printable for you to use. And if you don’t have room for a banner, you can just print out the hearts and put them up on the wall.

Valentine's Day Banner Craft Tutorial

It turned out super cute…much better than I thought it would. I especially think the bows made it look so adorable.

DIY Valentine Banner
how to make a valentine's day banner

What you need
• Colored cardstock (7)
• Ribbon or string ( I used 1/2″ white satin ribbon )
Free printable Valentine’s Day banner PDF
• Hole punch
• Scissors

Conversation Hearts banner

• print out conversation heart messages onto colored card stock. i used colors true to real conversation heart candies.
• cut out the hearts
• punch a hole on each side of the heart where you will run your string through.  if you wish to hang them differently, punch your holes accordingly.
• use ribbon or string to tie the hearts together. i thought bows were cute, so i tied a bow between each heart.  also tie a piece of longer ribbon to each side of the banner so that you can hang it up. your banner is now finished!

ALSO….if you are interested in having your Valentine banner printed in spanish, you can head over to my BFF Pattie’s website, and print out the spanish version of this banner! check it out…


Kleenex and Homemade Sore Throat Jelly for Colds, Coughs and Flu | Free printable


cold and flu season is in full swing right now, and it seems like everybody is getting sick. i heard this years flu is especially nasty…many of my friends’ have had their entire family knocked down with the flu already this season. knock on wood….we haven’t gotten sick over here yet, in fact we practically never get sick. i do everything in my power to keep the flu bug away from my family.

but when my kids do get sick, i can usually assume the germs came with the home from school. i know the teachers at my children’s schools do everything they can to protect the classroom from germs. the kids wipe down their desks, use hand sanitizer and many of the teachers use essential oils in the classroom.

every year, just because i’m a kiss-up, i like to make a gift pack of flu season essentials to give each of my children’s teachers. among the items included in the pack are: boxes of Kleenex, hand sanitizer and air sanitizer spray so that the teachers can combat the germs before the kids spread them to each other. Kleenex is and always has been my go-to brand of facial tissues that i’ve come to trust. kids are sometimes messy at school and often not careful about spreading their germs…especially my boys. they seem to wipe their hands on everything. with Kleenex tissues, i am confident that they are capturing their germs in the strong, thick soft tissues, containing germs away from others.  that’s the key!


when my kiddos DO get sick, i stock them up with Kleenex tissue…because it is soft and won’t rub their little noses raw. i also like to make them a warm tea with a homemade sore throat jelly. each year i try to make a bunch of this jelly and keep it on-hand for when i need it. i love that it is an all-natural remedy to soothe sore throats and warm your tummy and achy body up.

this year, i also included a jar of this sore throat jelly in the gift packs for our teachers along with a cute mug and spoon. i created a little card with instructions on how to use the  Sore Throat Jelly that i tied onto the jar. with all those kids, our teachers are bound to get sick at some point.


here is how you make Sore Throat Jelly


you will need lemons, ginger root, honey (organic is best) and a jar or container(s) to hold your jelly.


first, clean and slice 2 lemons, plus slice 1-2 inches of ginger root very thin,


next, pour a small amount of honey in the bottom of your jar. then fill up the jar(s) with the lemon and ginger slices, layering them all the way to the top.


while you are layering the lemon and ginger, pour some honey between the lemon and ginger slices as you fill your jar. or, you can just add the honey after you have filled up your jar. make sure that the honey covers the top, bottom and in between of all the slices to keep everything preserved.


place the jar in the fridge. in 1-2 weeks, a marmalade like jelly will form and you can start using it.


when you need to make some tea, place a tablespoon or two of the sore throat jelly into a mug. pour boiling water over it and stir until mixed. you can add more jelly “to taste.”   (jelly will stay preserved for 2-3 months in the refrigerator.)


and if you would like to give  Sore Throat Jelly as a gift, i have included my printable gift tag for you to use. just download the sore throat jelly free printable here. if your friend or teacher is feeling under the weather, pair the Sore Throat Jelly with a box of Kleenex, and the recipient of your gift will think you are the best friend ever.


DIY Thankgiving Turkey Bread Loaves and Free Printable

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Bread Loaves | Free printable #printable

today i made some pumpkin spice bread for my kids teachers to enjoy on their holiday off from school. i wanted to dress them up a little and didn’t have any Thanksgiving plates or bags. so i designed a fun printable to dress up my mini bread loaves as turkeys. they turned out much cuter than i thought they would, and were super simple to make.

and now that i made the printable….i might as well share it with my awesome readers. now you can make some bread loaf turkeys too! all you need is some cardstock, glue and toothpicks and in minutes you will have yourself your own turkey breads.

here is how to make a Thanksgiving Turkey Bread Loaf….

what you need:
mini loaves of bread (i used 3-1/2 x 5″ bread…but i am sure you can use any smaller sizes)
1 piece of colored cardstock
1 piece of white cardstock

step one print out the turkey printable onto white cardstock.

step two glue the colored card stock to the backside of your printed turkey pieces.

step three cut out your turkey pieces

step four slip a toothpick in-between the colored cardstock and printed cardstock of the turkey head and turkey feathers. (see below)


step five carefully wrap your loaves of bread with plastic wrap….then insert the turkey head and turkey feathers. if you want to add a ribbon or twine, it adds a nice touch.

and there you have your Bread Loaf Turkey. they make a nice Thanksgiving gift for your friends, neighbors or party hosts. and since you can make quite a few mini loaves of bread with one recipe, you can make some to save and some to share in no time flat.



click here to download the free printable Thanksgiving turkey printables.

Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble

Free First Day of School Printables

First Day of School Free Printables

my boys go back-to-school in less than a week. i totally bummed and excited at the same time. i don’t want summer to end….(most days hee hee). but they are very excited, especially to see their friends and wear their new clothes. new clothes are a big thing around here, as my boys are really into fashion. they decided to throw me a fashion show wearing all their back-to-school clothes, and while doing so, i decided i needed to make some signs to document the first day of school.

so i decided to created these fun Back-to-School signs for them to hold up in their first-day-of-school pictures. you know the ones that everyone takes as their kids leave the house on the first day. i have seen so many creative ways to take first-day photos on instagram, from their kids holding up chalkboards, magnet boards signs, to full on photo shoots…i’ve always wanted to do something special. i guess these signs will have to do! simple and to the point. my kids are growing up way too quickly. i can’t believe that i have a fifth grader.


and as a special gift to my readers, i have created a set of Free First Day of  School Printables. the set includes grades up to 6th, including preschool, pre-K and kindergarten. all you have to do is print out the year that you need and snap a picture of your kiddie on their first day of school.


Here is where you can find the PDF files that contain the Free Back-to-School printables.
Click here for the Back to School Printable set without #backtoschool
Click here for the Back to School Printable set with #backtoschool

and check this out! i know that there are kids who attend bilingual schools. in fact my bestie blogger friend Pattie’s son is going to a Spanish bilingual school. so i made her a set of Spanish Back-to-School printables. if you have a child at a school who language is other than English or Spanish, email me and i will create a set for the language of your choice. i would love to have sets in many languages to share with my  readers.

Click here for the Spanish Back to School Printables

hope you enjoy your first day of school!