Happy Earth Day. | Free Earth Day Printable

earth-day-free-printableHappy Earth Day! it’s April 22, and the day we celebrate Mother Earth, better know as Earth Day. it doesn’t have to be a big of celebration, it can just be a dray that you reflect on the beauty and the special gifts the Earth gives to us. it is also a great day to think of ways that we can better take care of our world. whether it be recycling, planting a garden or just being more careful with our resources, there are a thousand and one ways we can do our part just a bit better.

for your own Happy Earth Day 8 x 10″ print, click here to download the Free Earth Day Printable. just print it out and place it into a frame to display on Earth Week.

have a wonderful day!

Homemade Earth Crayons for Earth Day

today, we made earth crayons out of all our broken blue and blue crayons in honor of Earth Week. so simple to create, but they turned out amazing. it’s just another way we can
things, instead of throwing them away.
what you need:
 blue & green crayons
 muffin tin
step 1
take the paper off your crayons and break them up into small pieces. i like to use light and dark greens and blues. you can also add white if you’d like.
step 2
arrange crayon pieces in muffin tin. try to place the colors to next to different colors. fill about 3/4″- 1″ full.
step 3
place into 300º degree oven just until they fully melt. (about 20 minutes) don’t let them stay in there too long or else the colors will mix up into one color and the wax will start to smoke.
step 4
let completely cool. i let mine cool on the stove top for 15 minutes and stick in the fridge for 15 minutes and they pop right out. whala!

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Homemade Bubble Wands

baby loves bubbles…actually, i think all kids love bubbles. they can go from screaming and crying to giggling and laughter with the “pop” of a bubble. in fact, bubbles also have many developmental benefits such as gaining eye contact, learning patience, hand eye co-ordination when you pop them, developing spatial awareness & exercise as little bodies stretch, reach and run to catch the bubbles.

so i’ve been wanting to make some fun bubble wands for baby to make bubble blowing extra fun! bigger bubbles are always better in my book. and since it is Earth Week this week, i wanted to show my kiddies that you can

things, instead of throwing them away.

so, i had a bunch of wire hangers just sitting around….about to be thrown away. i thought, why not make bubble wands from them instead of filling up a landfill.  so, i did. and here is how you can make your own handmade bubble wand:

what you need:
• needle nose pliers
• wire hanger
• beads with holes big enough to string onto the wire (optional)
• spray paint (optional)
• glue gun (optional)

step 1
using needle nose pliers, untwist and straighten out a wire hanger. (the whole bending process of the hanger was a bit harder than i thought, but the job got done.)

step 2
using needle nose pliers, twist the wire hanger into the desired shape. make sure one end is at least a 12″ long straight length for the handle, and the other end has a 1″ straight length that you will connect. to make curved shapes, it helps to use a metal canned food can to shape the hanger around.
step 3
connect your shape together like the picture below. use yourneedle nosed pliers to twist the wire around, making sure that there are no sharp edges sticking out.

step 4

if you would like to spray paint your bubble wand…now is the time to do it. once dry, move onto step 5.
step 5
string beads onto the handle of your wand. i found these great colorful painted wooden beads at Michael’s Craft Store.
step 6
using needle nosed pliers, twist the end of your bubble wand into a spiral to keep the beads on. make sure the end is not poking out too scratch anyone. see the picture below.

step 7
if you put beads onto your bubble wand, it’s a good idea to glue them down….or at least the top one so they done slide up and down the handle.  i just lifted the beads up, put some hot glue onto the handle and slid the beads down again. then they were stuck.
step 8
tada! you are finished. now enjoy your bubbles. you will need quite a bit of bubble solution though. i bought a huge jug at Target for $3.50.  even two would be better.  you can make your own solution by finding a recipe online though too. and when your done blowing bubbles, use a funnel to pour the unused solution back into the container.
wrapping a pipe cleaner around the entire shape on the top of your bubble wand can allow the bubble wand to hold more bubble solution. which = more bubbles.

Happy Earth Day! freebies and other stuff

woulda, coulda, shoulda done some fun projects for Earth Day. oh well! but i will at least leave you with some Earth Day finds and freebies from around the blogesphere. see….i guess i didn’t quit blogging 🙂

get your free tree at Lowes. click here for details.
love this earth tie dye shirt from the Etsy store twirlytoes.
free reuseable shopping bag at the Disney Store. click here for details.
i really want to make some reusueable snack bags. you can too with one of these tutorials found on Sew Mama Sew!
free cup of coffee or tea at Starbucks. click here for details.
a fun Earth Day packet full of fun for the kiddies from Family Fun. print yours for free here.
free reuseable bags from Kelloggs. click here for details.
and lastly, i will need to make these because all the handles on my reuseable bags have broken. love this tutorial by MADE.
and that’s about all i can post for now! Happy Earth Day.

Earth Day Cookies for Earth Week

Easy Earth Day Cookies Recipe
it’s the beginning of Earth Day week. Earth Day is April 22.  i love earth day because it reminds me of all this planet has to offer, the beauty of nature and the creatures and habitat that surrounds me.

last year i brought cookies to my son’s class for earth day.  if you want your kiddie to think you’re the awesomest (is that even a word?) on the earth….all you have to do is bring this treat to their classroom!  the whole class and even the teacher loved them.

these Earth Day cookies are very easy to make. i just used store bought sugar cookie dough. i cut it into circles. baked and then frosted them with blue and green icing.  first, frost them with blue icing, then dribble green icing and swirl it around with a toothpick. i then added white sprinkles….(clouds i guess!)