The Most Hilarious Family Game – PIE FACE!!!

I’m sharing the #PieFace game in my life as part of a paid Hasbro series for Socialstars
Funny-Pie-Face-Game-Moments copyi am happy to say that the boys and ihave been doing a great job of playing more board games and having less screen time. it makes me happy to see them all playing together and having a fun time with something other than electronics. i have recently shared our love for the Hasbro games – Hungry Hungry Hippos and Monopoly Empire games. now, i just have to share the Pie Face game with you!!!! if you are looking to have a hilarious time of belly laughs and smiles bigger than your face…then you are going to want to play the Pie Face game.

Pie Face Game Review copy if you haven’t heard about it before, the Pie Face is a game of whipped cream roulette. this wacky game allows you to get messy with a face full of whipped cream. and may i add that it’s also yummy as well. All you need is the game and a can of whipped cream (whipped cream not included), and you’ll be ready to play. start by filling the hand with a dollop of whipped cream.

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now, each player will take turns passing around the apparatus, spinning the spinner as they rest their face on the game piece.

Pie Face Game Rules copyPie Face Whipped Cream Game copythis is the fun part! anticipation is at an all-time high, as each player turns the handles as many times as the number they spun on the spinner. who will get smashed???? you never know until it’s your turn. 1…..2…..3…..4…..???? and smash!

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we have played this game at parties, after school, for family game night. i don’t think we have laughed so hard playing a game before. It may be simple, but you’ll play over and over again. plus, you can also get creative with the Pie Face game! like how about using it to decide who has chore duty in the household. whoever gets smashed has to do the dishes or take out the trash!

the Pie Face game is meant for children ages 5 and up and is great for kids and adults alike. spring and summer get togethers are coming up, and the Pie Face game is a great game to have on hand for entertaining.

are you ready to get you game on?

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Fun with Hungry Hungry Hippos, the Game I Always Wanted

I’m sharing #HungryHungryHippos in my life as part of a paid Hasbro series for Socialstars™

Fun-Hasbro-Games-for-kids #adthe weather has been pretty whacky here in Southern California. one minute its hot and sunny, and the next minute it’s pouring rain. the only problem is that we aren’t used to having to stay indoors. so when it rains, the boys automatically reach for their electronics and video games. of course, i don’t want them wasting the day away playing on their tablets, so we’ve been trying to craft, cook and play some fun board games when it isn’t typical OC weather. one game that i always wanted as a kid was Hungry Hungry Hippos Game. i played it many times as a kid and LOVED it, but i never had the game myself. i’ve always wanted it, so it was very exciting to get it for my boys. there’s just something fun about this classic Hasbro game of chompin hippos.

our family game time just got a whole lot hungrier with the Hungry Hungry Hippos Game. and the boys, especially my five year old, Vann, have loved getting to know and play it.
Best-Board-Games-for-Kids #adPlaying-Hungry-Hungry-Hippos #admy boys enjoy anything with animals, so the Hungry, Hungry Hippos game is perfect. who doesn’t love a hippo!

Green-Hungry-Hippo-#adplus, it’s easy and fun. each round can get pretty intense…which is perfect for my little boys who are balls of energy. it’s a game of speed…..just fill each hippos’ section with marbles, start the game, shoot the marbles into the playing field and get chompin. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP as fast as you can. the player who’s hippo gets the most marbles is the winner.How-to-Play-the-Hungry-Hungry-Hippo-Game #adFun-Games-for-Kids #adFun-Games-for-Rainy-Days #adyou can also change it up. there is a gold marble in the bunch. so if you want to play a different version, have the person who gets the gold marble be the winner. or have it count as more points. there’s no right or wrong way to play. just have fun! 

How-to-Play-the-Hungry-Hippo-Game #ad The-Yellow-Marble-in-Hungry-Hippos-Game #adthe Hungry Hungry Hippos game is meant for children ages 4 and up and is fun for even adults. i really love playing with my boys. plus, clean up is easy. there is a special holder for the marbles that attaches to the bottom of the board. 
Hungry-Hippo-Game-Storage-#adPlaying-Hungry-Hippos #adwith El Niño coming to California, you never know when you will be stuck inside with bad weather. so it’s a great idea to have some fun games on-hand. Hasbro has a great selection of family favorites and classic games. two of my favorites are the Hungry Hungry Hippos and Elefun and Friends games, plus a few others i can’t wait to share with you soon.

what are your favorite games?

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