Whole Foods Kids Cooking Classes.

a couple weeks ago i took my kids to the Whole Foods Market kids cooking class that i posted in the activities of the week. i wasn’t sure what to expect, but we were bored and needed to get out- of-the-house! so me and my friend took our kiddies. wow…we were pleasantly surprised, it was so much fun. and i can’t believe it was free!

it was very well organized, they had a table set up for the kids and all the ingredients ready for the kids to make a “breakfast sundae,” yummy! all the kiddies took a turn getting ready by washing there hands, and organizing their space with prepping utensils, and placemat.
then they learned about healthy foods, and how to make their “breakfast sundae.” they cut the fruits, scooped some other ingredients in their bowls and topped off their sundaes with the best blueberries i have ever eaten. (please ignore the plastic knife in my kiddies mouth, aye yai yai)
the the best part was enjoying their creations and storytime. they read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle.
it was a fun afternoon. and even better, the mommies got to sit back and relax in the air conditioning while watching our kiddies cook.
if you would like to attend, be on the lookout for dates in the weekly activities posts, or visit their website here. be sure to rsvp via email if you plan on attending so they have enough spaces set-up.

and on another note….i have actually never been to a Whole Foods Market. the product is amazing, and i am still dreaming of the dessert counter…too good for words to describe!


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