We went to Peter Pan.

and had a lovely time!

i have been waiting all month to get to take the two older boys and my hubby to threesixtyº presents JM Barrie’s Peter Pan which is playing at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. it was the first professional play that i took my four year old to. i was a little worried about the boys being good and sitting still, but we had no problem at all. they loved it.
threesixtyº presents JM Barrie’s Peter Pan is not the typical “Disney Peter Pan” that we are all used to. it’s not a musical. it’s the stage play, and features the classic story of Peter Pan, written by author J.M. Barrie.
the show was thrilling. a 360º experience, where a digital landscape is projected around the audience and stage. you feel as if you are actually flying through London, dodging canon balls, aboard Captain Hooks ship, swimming with mermaids and hiding in the lost boy’s hideout. we also got to experience wonderful puppetry and acrobatics.
our family so enjoyed the show very much. and i am such a fan of making sure my kiddies get to experience cultural events like this. my boys have been begging to go again.
threesixtyº presents JM Barrie’s Peter Pan
show runs until January 2nd, 2011
tickets $40-$100
(but go to Goldstar and get them for a great bargain!)
click here to learn about threesixtyº JM Barrie’s Peter Pan.
click here for ticket information at the Orange County Performing Arts Center.
{i thought i should mention: in this play, Tinkerbell is played by an adult….and she does act a bit nasty or mean might i add. she does say the “A” word a couple of times. however, i am pretty sure my kiddies missed those parts as it was a little hard to hear.
do not expect the “Disney” or “Musical” version of Peter Pan. some may say this play is better suited for older children and adults, so use your best judgement. i did take my 4 and 7 year olds. they were fine. but since my blog is geared for kiddies….i thought i needed to mention it.}
now, off to Neverland!!!!!

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