We saw elephants.

monday we went to the “Elephant Walk” i posted earlier about. we got down there around noon thinking that we should get there just in case the train came early. NOPE! not the case. we waited and waited and waited.

well, we asked the police who had all been driving back and forth about a hundred times, and they said the train broke down and it would be up and running at 2:30. so we thought we’ll leave for a bit and come back at 2:30. we did, no train.

then the police said it would still be longer, they had to get another engine to tow the train….so we waited some more. we were now determined to see the elephants.

guess what…4 o’clock rolled around, and FINALLY the train arrived!

and then the elephants were unloaded and brought down the street.
cool huh! they walked down the street quickly. much faster than i would have thought. and even held each others tails. such beautiful creatures.
overall….our kids did awesome. it was a really long wait. (i am so sorry for saying it started 12:30….who would’ve guessed the train would be late.) not sure about the 4 hour wait, but we were excited to see the elephants arrive. welcome to town!!!!


  1. I still can’t believe I waited 4 hours!!!! But I was excited. How long did you wait Maria?

  2. Anonymous says

    we were there!!! We waited and waited…we finally got to see the wonderful elephants. It was worth the wait.=)

  3. We were there! We waited and waited and then left… around 3, then we went home and watched the news reel from last year. 🙂

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